Scout Blog: PSAL Junior Showcase

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

On Saturday October 8th the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) of New York City held their 14th Annual Junior Showcase at scenic MCU Park in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. Several players caught our attention over the course of the day and are highlighted below.


2019 RHP Douglas Flug (Bayside)
Sturdy/athletic frame at 5-foot-11 193 pounds. Worked a heavy fastball at 82-84 MPH complemented by a 12-to-6 late action CB at 71 MPH. Durable lower half; works from a ¾ slot.

2019 RHP Edwin Almanzar (Francis Lewis)
Lean 5-foot-9 155 pound frame. Sat 78-79 MPH with an easy arm; 68 MPH down action CB.

2019 RHP Jason Jimenez (Lafayette Educational Complex)
Wiry/lean 6-foot-0 150 pound frame with room for gains. Overall the best command at the event; 78-79 MPH with late arm side life from the FB. Lateral action slider at 69 MPH; above average feel for change up at 71 MPH. Threw all three pitches for strikes.

2019 LHP Jeyco Grullon Arno (Fort Hamilton)
Best projection out of the group. Effortless, repeatable delivery with loose arm. Athletic 6-foot-0 170 pound frame. Fastball sat 80-82 MPH; 1-to7 shape to breaking ball at 73-74 MPH. Flashed a late fading change up at 76 MPH.

2019 LHP Jose Ramirez (JFK Campus)
Sleeper pick of the bunch. Lean with long levers at 6-foot-3 165 pounds. High end athleticism as he ran a 6.88 60. FB was 75-76 MPH with late down action CB at 61-63 MPH. Change showed some arm side fade at 65 MPH.


2019 Daniel Perlo (Midwood)
Physical 5-foot-11 180 pound right-handed hitter who ran a 7.27 60. Pop times ranged between 2.03-2.08. Inside-out approach at the plate; showed some tools at the plate that need to be ironed out.

2019 Michael DeLuca (New Dorp)
Compact /athletic 5-foot-8 155 pound right-handed hitter with a short, line drive stroke. Pop times ranged 2.12-2.17 with accuracy. Good looking athlete.

2019 Ulysses Luciano (Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy)
Raw athletic ability at a wiry/strong 5-foot-11 150 pounds Last two throw downs were both 2.08 on the bag with easy carry. Flashed some bat speed during BP. Ran a 7.46 60. Intriguing athlete, that with some polish, could really stand out.

First Baseman


2019 Hazel Martinez (John Adams)
Compact 5-foot-7 175 pound frame. Line drives ability to all fields; easy effort with gap potential. Run producer.

2019 Casey Press (American Studies)
Possibly the most polished player at the event. Athletic 5-foot-10 180 pounds with smooth defensive actions; glove is soft and showed carry on throws across the diamond from 1B. Balanced, line drive stroke at the plate. Will hit for average and drive the gaps. 6.97 60 allows him to be flexible with his secondary position (OF).

2019 Juan Maldonado (West 50th St. Campus)

Physical 6-foot-2 200 pounds. The left-handed hitter showed a balanced gap-to-gap approach. Glove works defensively, arm could stand to improve.

Middle Infielders

2019 2B Adrian Paulino (Morris)
Clean defensive actions with average arm. Compact/physical frame at 5-foot-6 140 pounds. Contact approach at the plate with ground ball/line drive results. Chance to be a front line player.

2019 2B Isaiah Diaz (Richmond Hill)
Slight frame at 5-foot-7 140 pounds. Average arm with clean hands. Ran a 7.02 60. Consistent contact. Added strength will help the offensive game.

2019 2B Jose Imbert (West 50th St. Campus)
One of the better defensive workouts with a slightly above average arm and glove. Smaller frame at 5-foot-7 125 pounds. Struggled in batting practice, defensive game is already there.

2019 2B Joseph Cornielle (Francis Lewis)
5-foot-5 135 pounds with an offensive approach that plays larger then that. Short stroke, balanced at the plate with line drive/groundball results. Strong arm that could handle SS; able to make the play on the move.

2019 2B Ranfrey Perez (South Bronx)
Athletic 5-foot-8 150 pound right-handed hitter with an inside out approach at the plate producing average contact. Serviceable arm; solid defender who ran a 6.94 60.

2019 SS Carlos Vera (Manhattan Center)
Sleek defender at 5-foot-9 155 pounds. Showed good range, especially to his glove side. Can make the play on the move; left side arm. One of the best BP rounds the day; aggressive hacks with line drive results. Ran a 7.14 60.

2019 SS Daniel Fichtl (Bronx HS of Science)
Lean frame at 5-foot-8 145 pounds. Consistent contact in BP, as he gets stronger results will carry over. Showed active feet defensively, solid glove and accurate arm. Ran a 7.14 60.

2019 SS Jordi Mercedes (Murray Bergtraum)
Highly athletic build at 5-foot-7 163 pounds. Short stroke in BP using all fields. Serviceable arm with a soft glove.

2019 SS Michael Lara Martinez (Bryant)
Oppo approach with a short swing. The 5-foot-8 125 pound SS ran a 7.19 60 showing more of a 2B arm then left side. Another quality defender with glove.

2019 SS Raldy Gomez (Sunset Park)
Fast twitch actions for the 5-foot-7 140 pound right-handed hitter. Line drive results through the middle of the field. Suitable arm from short, strong all-around defender.

2019 SS Randy Diaz (Mott Haven)
Best arm defender of the day on the left side of the infield, showed a quick release and strong arm. The 5-foot-9 140 pound right-handed hitter showed a compact line drive stroke. Ran an impressive 6.83 60.

Third Baseman

2019 Allen Santana (South Bronx)
Physical 5-foot-11 210 pound frame. Plenty of barreled up balls during his BP; power potential is there. Showed solid range with a adequate arm from the hot corner.


2019 Brandon Prescod (Lafayette)
Strong, athletic frame at 5-foot-8 175 pounds. The right handed hitter showed quick hands at the plate with a balanced, line drive approach. Fundamental defender with a quick release and carry on his throws. Ran a 7.12 60.

2019 Damani Wallace (Graphics Campus)
Rangy, athletic frame at 5-foot-11 152 pounds with room for physical gains. Above average arm from the OF with a 6.88 60. Found the barrel on a few swings during BP, with the ball jumping off the bat. Intriguing player to follow.

2019 Jared Croft (John Bowne)
5-foot-9 right-handed hitter who ran a 6.95 60. Middle of the field, line drive stroke with carry on throws.

2019 Johan Cepeda JR (HS of Health Profession/Human Services)
Above average arm with a controlled setup behind the ball. The slight framed right-handed hitter (5-foot-9, 130 pounds) ran a 7.00 60. Sweeping swing with below average contact in BP. Physical gains and a shorter approach will help the offensive game.

2019 Julian Lightburn (Midwood)
Lean 5-foot-10 170 pound frame. Easy effort swings with groundball contact. Skilled defender with a steady arm

2019 Miguel Toribio (James Monroe)
One of the more highly touted players in attendance. Athletic frame at 5-foot-8 165 pounds. As fundamental as they come in the OF with a strong/accurate arm; effortless. Explosive through the zone with above average bat speed, can pepper the gaps. The left-handed hitter ran a 7.10 60.

2019 Ryan Castillo (Harry S. Truman)
Strong frame at 5-foot-9 155 pounds. Narrow setup at the plate with an opposite field line drive approach. Flashed some arm strength during the OF workout.