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Player Spotlight: Danny Madden, LHP/OF/1B, Corning HS, NY (2016)

Dan CevetteDanny Madden
Director, New York

Name: Danny Madden
High School: Corning HS
Hometown: Corning, NY
Position: LHP / 1B / OF
Projects As: LHP / 1B

Danny Madden, LHP/OF/1B, Corning HS, NY (2016) 
Madden stands 6-foot-2 180-pounds with size and strength. On the mound uses good balance over the rubber bringing his knee lift back and rotates his shoulders. He has great extension throwing from a high ¾ slot with a fastball sitting 80-82 mph with more projectable velocity in his arm. He throws a circle changeup at 74 mph with good hand speed and a 71 mph curveball. His arm action is long and back towards the SS and his finish is strong over his front side.From the infield he stays behind the baseball and fields in an athletic position towards the middle of his stance. He moves his feet towards his target, opens hips slightly early, clean arm action from a high ¾ slot with 80 mph arm strength. At the plate he starts upright, stance is slightly more than shoulder width apart, small back load and stride for timing, drives his hands at the ball, long swing with a bat path fairly level, extension after contact and a shoulder height finish.

Ranked 37th in our 2016 New York Rankings, Madden is a very projectable player both on the mound and at the plate. He's a strong kid with a high work ethic. Being left-handed and throwing in the low 80's he's already peaked coaches interest, especially with more velocity projection in the tank. Look for Madden to be a mid-80's guy this spring for Corning HS. He's also a terror at the plate with an athletic swing, powerful hands, and the ability to drive the baseball out of the park. He has been invited to our Feb. 15th All-State event and we are looking forward to seeing his progress from Aug. 16 to Feb. 15th.

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