Prep Baseball Report

Player Spotlight of the Day: Jake Woodrich OF (Orchard Park HS, NY 2016)

Dan Cevette
New York Scouting Director

Player Spotlight of the Day

Name: Jake Woodrich
High School: Orchard Park
Position: OF
Projects As: CF

Scouting Report on Woodrich
Woodrich stands 5-foot-11 140 pounds and moves well with good baseball instincts in the outfield. He shows an accurate arm at 79 mph with a fast release. At the plate Woodrich has a crouched stance with good hands and makes strong solid contact. His exit velocity off a tee is 76 mph but will improve with more wrist strength and natural growth. Plays with a next level ceiling and projection. Runs very well from the left side with home to first times at a sub 4.

Woodrich relies on his fast twitch muscles to project him in the OF at the next level. He gets above average reads on the baseball off the bat and covers plus ground in the OF. His arm is close to at 79 mph but he really needs to make that a priority, and if he does his stock will rise dramatically.

In the batters box Woodrich plays almost like a slap hitter and runs hard on contact, It works well for him now but with increased wrist and total body strength he could be a terror for opposing pitchers and defenses. He is a 2016 graduate and plays for one of the best HS programs in the State, if he can add 15 pounds of muscle in the next 18 months the sky is the limit. Right now he defines the use of the word Projection in baseball.

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