Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Player Spotlight: Jake Woodrich, OF, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016)

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

Jake Woodrich
High School: Orchard Park
Position: OF
Projects As: CF

Scouting Report
Jake Woodrich, OF, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016)
1-3-15 - From the outfield he shows sound mechanics and one of the quickest releases we saw at the "Winter Combine".  He's very efficient in getting rid of the ball both on his fly balls and ground balls.  Though his arm strength is average right now, his quick release and consistent arm action make him a next level outfielder.  He is a prototypical CF at the next level as he showed an explosive lower half during the combine with a 26" vertical, an 8'51/2" Broad Jump.  He also tested in the top 5 in both the Pro agility shuttle where he had the 2nd best of the day at a 4.44 as well as a 1.81 10 yard dash. At the plate swings swings from the left side and starts with a wide base and simple load.  He has an opposite field first approach right now staying inside the ball nicely.  Though he lacks some gap power right now, he shows good bat speed.  Adding 15-20lbs to his frame, along with his already good bat speed should give him some increased power at the plate. This 2016 OF also attended some PBR events during his sophomore summer and showed a very dynamic and unique style. He utilizes the bunt very well and shows great bat control.  He's a low strikeout, high contact guy that gets down the line under a 4.0 consistently. He projects as a CF and leadoff hitter at the next level.  He'll be one college coaches will want to keep an eye on as he fills out and plays through his junior summer


Woodrich stands 5-foot-11 140-pounds with a frame that projects. From the OF he moves quick to the ball showing athleticism, proof during his home to first time which was 4.0. He fields the ball to his glove side with his glove out in front. Uses a high crow hop staying in line with his target, has a clean transfer to a long arm action, over the top slot at 81 mph getting his body through his throws on the finish. At the plate he bats from the left side with a wide stance and weight on his back side. On the pitch he uses a small leg lift and stride with a back load, hands stay inside the ball, bat path is slightly inclined through the zone, extension through contact and uses a one handed high finish.


Woodrich stands 5-foot-11, 140-pounds and moves athletically with baseball instincts from the  outfield. He shows an accurate arm at 79 mph, fast release. At the plate he has a crouched stance, good hands and makes strong solid contact. His exit velocity off a tee is 76 mph but will improve with more wrist strength and natural growth. Plays with a next level ceiling and projection. Runs very well from the left side with home to first times at a sub 4.

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