Prep Baseball Report

Preseason Southern-Tier: Pitching Analysis

Anthony Goncalves
VP Scouting

The 10 day, eight preseason event tour has finally finished here in New York. Nearly 600 players attended events over that 10 days making this the biggest preseason week in PBR New York history. Over the next six weeks, measurable stats, headshots, and videos are all being edited and added to players profiles. We will break down the events by positions with full player analysis. Today we take a deeper look at the Feb. 15 (Southern-Tier) Pitchers.


2022 LHP/1B Zachary Fike (Medina)
Projectable 6-foot-0, 170 pounds with wide shoulders.. Pitching- The LHP pitches with a quick tempo and repeatable delivery. Use a high leg kick to generate power down the mound. Smooth hand separation with a ¾ arm slot and command of a 3 pitch mix. FB peaked at 78 MPH with arm side run, CB 63-65 MPH, and feel for a CH at 68-69 MPH. The 2022 graduate has a high ceiling and is someone to follow in the future.

2020 1B/RHP Nikolas Bistrovich (Westhill)
Physical 6-foot-0, 245 pounds 1B/RHP. Pitching- has a slow repeatable delivery, uses the lower half generate power when making a pitch. Shows FB command which topped out at 77 MPH. Showed a CB with some depth at 62-64 MPH, and a feel for a CH at 67-71 MPH. The 2020 graduate will continue to improve as he develops this upcoming season.

2020 1B/RHP Jonathan Haines (Arkport)
Physical 5-foot-11, 180 pounds.  Pitching- Stays balanced through a repeatable delivery and hand separation. Stays on the backside and uses lower half to get downhill. Will fall off 1B side with an aggressive finish. High ¾ arm slot. FB topped out at 80 MPH, mixed in sharp CB (71-74 MPH), SL (70-74 MPH), and feel for a CH at 73-74 MPH. The bat of the 2020 graduate will make him a player to watch and an impact player at the next level.  

2020 3B/RHP Zach Taro (Susquehanna Valley)
Athletic projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds. Pitching- Smooth balanced repeatable delivery. High leg lift, smooth hand separation when working towards the plate. High ¾ arm slot. Topped with the FB at 78 MPH and mixed in a CB 68-70 MPH and feel for a CH 72-73 MPH. The 2020 graduate has a projectable frame to follow going forward.

2021 RHP/3B Connar Hoehman (Williamsville North)
Physical 5-foot-11, 175 pound RHP/3B. Pitching- The RHP has a repeatable drop and drive delivery down the mound. Leads with the front hip towards the target and finishes on the 1B side of the mound. FB peaked at 77 MPH, CB 60-62 MPH, and a CH 67-68 MPH. The 2021 graduate has the body to continue to improve his stats across the board.

2020 RHP Ronnie Contrata (Vestal)
Projectable 6-foot-2, 180 pounds RHP. Pitching - The RHP has good presence and tempo with a  repeatable delivery. Gets to the good balance point and smooth hand separation before getting downhill. FB has a good downward angle at 77 MPH. CB is an effective pitch when the arm doesn’t slow down at 62-65 MPH. Has feel for the CH at 70-72 MPH. The 2020 RHP has a projectable frame to increase numbers in the future.

2020 RHP John Arnold (Fayetteville- Manlius)
A projectable 6-foot-3, 165 pounds RHP. Pitching- The RHP starts off on the middle of the rubber and will slide to the 1B side. Has a repeatable delivery and mechanics, smooth transition to the balance point with good hand separation. Finishes balanced and downhill. Throws from a ¾ arm slot, FB topped out at 78 MPH with some sink and arm side run on the 2 Seam FB. The CB (66-68 MPH) is an above average pitch and has feel for a CH (69-70) with some sink. The 2020 RHP has a frame that can develop into a good pitcher at the next level.

2022 RHP/SS Michael Mancini
Athletic 5-foot-9, 150 pounds RHP. Pitching- From the windup, RHP has a repeatable delivery with good tempo. Gets downhill and on a plane with smooth hand separation. From the stretch, will set up from a wide base. Has command of the FB (79 MPH) and CB (66-68 MPH) with a sharp 11/5 break down in the zone.  Feel for a CH (71-74 MPH). The 2022 graduate has a lot in the tank with an athletic frame that will only get better at the plate and on the mound. The dual guy is a must follow going forward.

2022 LHP Owen Hoyt (Union-Endicott)
A lean projectable 5-foot-10, 150 pounds LHP. Pitching- The LHP has repeatable delivery from a ¾ arm slot. Slight turn from the front hip with good hand separation. Stays balanced throughout the pitch and finishes in a good fielding position. Has command of a FB (73 MPH) with some arm side run. The CB (59-62 MPH) and CH (63-65 MPH) are two secondary pitches around the zone that will get outs. The freshman LHP has room to grow as he develops and strengthens going forward.

2020 RHP/3B Tyler Kensey (West Genesee)
A physical 5-foot-11, 195 pounds RHP. Pitching- Repeatable effortless delivery. Loads up on the back side at the balance point and drives downhill towards the target. Displayed good command of the FB 84 MPH and sharp CB 71-74 MPH. The 2020 graduate has a high ceiling and is definitely worth following. The RHP has been up 87 MPH in past events and continues to show power potential with the bat.

2022 LHP/1B John Marshall (Union-Endicott)
A lean 6-foot-0, 150 pounds LHP. Pitching- Repeatable slow delivery. Has good hand separation from the balance point and strong finish down the mound. Has good command of a three-pitch mix around the zone. The FB topped at 66 MPH, CB ranged from 52-54 MPH and had a feel for a CH with sink at 55-56 MPH. The 2022 LHP has the frame to increase numbers and has the tools to gain some attention down the road.

2021 RHP Jimmy Scherer (Marcellus)
A lean projectable 6-foot-0, 155 pounds RHP. Pitching- The RHP has a max effort delivery with good balance on the back side, creates shoulder tilt and drives down the mound. Has a high ¾ arm slot, finishes downhill with intent. The FB peaked at 76 MPH, CB 62-64 MPH was sharp down in the zone and CH 66-68 MPH was above average with some sink. The 2021 RHP has a projectable frame and mechanics to increase his numbers going forward.

2020 RHP/3B Patrick Walters (Shaker)
A projectable 6-foot-2, 175 pounds. Pitching- Repeatable delivery, generates power from the balance point down hill. FB (81 MPH) has some life and is around the zone. CB (68-70 MPH) has a sharp break down in the zone and the CH was 72-73 MPH. The 2020 graduate has a projectable frame and a live FB that will get outs at the next level.

2022 OF/RHP Riley Loomis (Horseheads)
A physical 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. Pitching-  A quick tempo and repeatable delivery. Balanced and under control down the mound. Smooth hand separation. FB (78 MPH) has some arm side run, will tend to get around the CB (63-66 MPH) has late break. The freshman has a strong build and is someone to follow going forward.

2020 1B/RHP Jacob Okulewicz (Williamsville North)
Athletic 6-foot-1, 180 pounds with broad shoulders. Pitching- Starts with hands at the belt. Smooth balanced repeatable delivery and hand separation. Has FB (72 MPH) command and feel for a CH (62-64 MPH). The 2020 graduate has an athletic frame to increase numbers. Ran a 7.07 60 yd dash.

2022 OF/RHP Kevin McGovern (Vestal)
Lean 5-foot-11, 150 pounds dual player. Pitching- Smooth repeatable delivery. Works with a high leg kick and drives downhill when delivering the pitch. Smooth separation with the hands and throws from a high ¾ arm slot. Feel for all two pitches around the zone. FB (68 MPH) had some arm side run and a CB (58-62 MPH). The 2020 graduate has a frame to increase numbers with some added strength.

2021 LHP/OF Itai Spinoza (Fayetteville Manlius)
Pitching- Works with a quick tempo, high leg lift, drives off his back leg down the powerline, uses a three pitch mix, fastball peaked 82 mph with clear signs of more in the tank, curveball was 69-71 with 1/7 shape, changeup was 76-77 on one plane. 2021 to keep eyes on.

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