Prep Baseball Report

Progress Report: 2019 INF/OF/RHP Steven Rizzo (St. Anthony's)

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

Name: Steven Rizzo
High School: St. Anthony's
Grad Year: 2019
Position: SS/OF/RHP
State Rank: No. 37 (No. 8 SS)
Recent Event: Long Island Top Prospect

Crunching the Numbers
Exit Velocity:
  84 MPH (Previous: 81 MPH)
Arm Strength/INF: 79 MPH (Previous: 79 MPH)
Arm Strength/OF:  81 MPH (Previous: N/A)
FB Velocity: 76 MPH (Previous: 74 MPH)

Scouting Report
Rizzo, a 2019 right-handed hitting infielder, stands at  5-foot-11 and weighs 170 pounds, ran a 4.21 from home to first.  Offensively- Starts from a square balanced lower half, slight bend in both knees, with the hands above the back shoulder and barrel of the bat moving between a 45 degree to a parallel position. Gets to the launch phase of the swing using a subtle shift of weight to the backside while the lead foot uses a toe-to-heel movement with a slight stride forward as the hands are loaded straight back outside the back shoulder. Hands were quick and compact doing a good job of staying connected to the lower half, driving the ball particularly well from the pull side gap to the opposite field gap. Recorded an exit velocity of 84 MPH an increase of 3 MPH from last event.   Defensively- In the outfield; controlled approach on the ground, fielding everything outside his lead foot. Uses a step through shuffle vs. a back leg drive (traditional crowhop). Arm works well with some carry at 81 MPH. On the infield, moves well laterally with a slightly upright approach into the ball. Clean exchange that could be more connected to his release as their is some delay into his throw. Arm strength of 79 MPH matches previous high. Pitching- On the mound; sets up center rubber with a short drop step to a mid chest high leg drive. Arm action is long and loose with little restriction from a lower ¾ slot. FB showed late movement sitting 74-76 MPH (a 2 MPH bump from last pre-season). Breaking ball bounced back and forth between Slurve/slider action with late 2-to-8 shape at 64-65 MPH. Change up showed impressive arm side fade at 70 MPH.

What did we See?
"Over the past year Rizzo has grown an inch and added 20 pounds. He's become more efficient with his movements as a defender, tightened up his delivery on the mound and has shown some flexibility by working out as an outfielder. Exit Velocity is up 3 MPH to 84 MPH while he's added some velocity (2 MPH) to the mound and flashed an 81 MPH peak velocity from the OF. Continues to adjust his game and climb the progression ladder. "

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