Rookie Review: 2018 2B Tyler Smith (NY)

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

 As we continue to bring you unprecedented coverage of the Empire State we are excited to release our newest feature, the Rookie Review. The Rookie Review will highlight first-time attendees that officially have landed on our "radar" with a solid showing.  

Name: Tyler Smith
High School:
Grad Year:
Ranking: No. 133 (Pos: No.6)

PBR Debut: Last Chance Preview 

The First Impression
60: 7.40
INF Arm:
76 MPH
Exit Velocity:
89 MPH

Scouting Report
Smith, a 2018 right-handed hitting middle infielder/ RHP, currently ranked 6th in the state as a middle infielder, stands at 5-foot-9 and weighs a firm 148 pounds, ran a 7.40 60. Offensively- Starts with a square lower half, knees slightly bent inward with weight centered while the hands are above and in front of the back shoulder with the barrel of the bat parallel to the ground. Gets to the launch phase of the swing with a lifting of the front foot, knee inward rotation, hands loaded straight back off the shoulder with a moderate shift of weight to the back leg. During batting practice showed a compact swing, driving the ball extremely well from the pull side gap to the opposite field gap. Shows good extension finishing with a two handed finish over the back shoulder. Simple compact movements making easy to keep the swing consistent along with the ability to recognize pitches well. Registered an impressive exit velocity of 89 MPH on the day. Defensively- Fluid athletic movements from before the pitch to the fielding of the ball. Uses a step hop prep step technique getting the body moving before the pitch. Field the ball out in front of the body off the left side using short choppy steps to create momentum towards the glove side. Moved extremely well, with an explosive first step to the glove side as well as the backhand side. Transfer is made from the chest using a thumbs down method keeping shorter arm action and keeping the lower half in sync with the upper half. Throws showed good carry and accuracy, registering an arm velocity of 76 MPH.

THOUGHTS on the Future
"Prototypical middle infield actions with a good bounce in his step. Projects very well at 2B but also the type of player that because of his offensive abilities could fill the role at on the left side of the infield as well. Love the balance and swing path; flashes some power potential with the 89 MPH exit velocity. With an uptick in footspeed, he'll improve his marketability. The skill set is already there. "