Rookie Review: 2018 RHP Wesley Cuevas (New Dorp)

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

Name: Wesley Cuevas
High School:
New Dorp
Grad Year:
PBR Debut: Long Island Top Prospect

The First Impression

FB Velocity:
76-78 MPH
CH Velocity: 65-66 MPH
CB Velocity:
59-60 MPH

Scouting Report
Cuevas, a 2018 RHP from New Dorp HS in Staten Island, stands at  a lean 6-foot-2 weighing a solid 190 pounds.
Pitching- Starts from the center of the rubber with the pivot foot toe angled open towards the arm side and lead foot directed at the catcher while the hands are held together just above the waist. Gets to the gathered phase of the delivery using a subtle step to the first base side while the pivot foot remains in the center of the rubber and the hands are lifted upward to the right ear as well as the lead knee elevating above the waistline with no inward rotation. Sticks the landing well, with the lead toe pointed towards the catcher keeping the lead elbow tight to the body with minimal horizontal movement. Gets to a quality power position, but loses some leg drive when the back foot starts to elevate before the rotation of the hips. The fastball, thrown from a ¾ arm slot, showed some life as well as arm side run and sink, sitting between 76-77 while topping out at 78 MPH. The curveball showed some 11-5 shape with early action while topping out at 60 MPH. Possible to get more bite and tighter rotation on the curve with more extension and getting longer back leg extension. Change up differential was a bit much (65-66 MPH) but that will improved with consistent arm speed. Has a projectable frame and should add some more velocity as well as improve command with some minor mechanical adjustments.

THOUGHTS on the Future
"Mid-January bullpens can be a frustrating experience at times. Fastball command, arm speed, feel for secondary pitches can waiver.  Cuevas showed flashes that caught our attention despite his command not being there yet. Prototypical pitcher's build with easy effort. Fastball demonstrated plenty of movement and his CB and CH will improve as he goes. Plenty of upside here, glad there will be another look on Feb. 12th at Sullivan CC as dual position player (1B). Looking forward to see his progress but catch a glimpse of him as a position player as well." 

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