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Sneak Peek: Outfielders Attending Feb. 15th All-State Event

Dan Cevette

Director, New York

We are only 4 days away from the biggest and most anticipated preseason event to hit Upstate New York, ever. The Preseason All-State Invite-Only will be used as a springboard for these athletes as they enter their high school season. Top Performer lists - Updated Rankings - Plus Content - all to be expected from this preseason showcase. This event will highlight the Who's Who in Upstate New York providing long-lasting exposure to the talented players attending. Here's a sneak peek at the outfielders coming Feb. 15th.

A Few Outfielders coming Sunday to keep a close eye on
+ Kenny Cruz, OF, SOTA HS, NY (2016)
Cruz stands an impressive 6-foot-2, 200-pounds with an athletic, above average body. At the plate his setup is wide and relaxed. On the pitch he strides forward, slight open toe, drives his hands powerfully inside the ball (evidenced from his 87 mph exit velocity with wood-bat) short path, barrel slightly inclined through the zone, explodes on the ball out in front. He uses great extension with a high balanced finish. Next-level with the bat. From the outfield he fields the ball glove side, clean transfer. He uses a long-back arm action, needs some cleaning up, throws from an over-the-top slot, arm strength at 83 mph with carry. Cruz is highly athletic, ran a 6.78 60 yard dash, he is still a bit raw but all the high-end tools are there. Chance to be a big-time prospect.

+ Dillan Wilkinson, OF, Liverpool HS, NY (2016)
Wilkinson has a very athletic body, 5-foot-9, 165-pounds with next-level projection. He uses above average actions in the outfield, stays behind the ball, controlled, clean transfer. He uses an over-the-top slot with 80 mph arm strength. Corner outfield projection. At the plate his approach wide with some bend in his knees, hands relaxed. On the pitch he loads back, knee lift, hands power inside the ball, barrel stays in the strike zone, great extension, high finish. Highly athletic pure swing from the left-side. Exit velocity 83 mph with more in the tank. Next-level player.

+ Jake Woodrich, OF, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016)
From the outfield he shows sound mechanics and one of the quickest releases we saw at the "Winter Combine".  He's very efficient in getting rid of the ball both on his fly balls and ground balls.  Though his arm strength is average right now, his quick release and consistent arm action make him a next level outfielder.  He is a prototypical CF at the next level as he showed an explosive lower half during the combine with a 26" vertical, an 8'51/2" Broad Jump.  He also tested in the top 5 in both the Pro agility shuttle where he had the 2nd best of the day at a 4.44 as well as a 1.81 10 yard dash. At the plate swings swings from the left side and starts with a wide base and simple load.  He has an opposite field first approach right now staying inside the ball nicely.  Though he lacks some gap power right now, he shows good bat speed.  Adding 15-20lbs to his frame, along with his already good bat speed should give him some increased power at the plate.  This 2016 OF also attended some PBR events during his sophomore summer and showed a very dynamic and unique style.  He utilizes the bunt very well and shows great bat control.  He's a low strikeout, high contact guy that gets down the line under a 4.0 consistently.  He projects as a CF and leadoff hitter at the next level.  He'll be one college coaches will want to keep an eye on as he fills out and plays through his junior summer. Recently made All-Tournament Team at the WWBA.

+ Vincent Chiarenza, OF, Canisius HS, NY (2016)
Chiarenza stands 6-foot-2, 185-pounds with a great physical build. He was a stood out throughout the position players "Winter Combine" in orchard park January 3rd.  Not only did he have the highest Vertical Leap at 30" of the day he also Broad Jumped 8 feet, tied for the fastest Pro agility at 4.41 seconds, and was tied for the 2nd fastest 10 yard dash at 1.75 seconds.  He also showed great upper body explosiveness finishing top overall with a 22'10" on the 10lb medicine ball pass.  From the outfield Chiarenza sets up behind the ball and comes through his throws with fundamentally sound mechanics.  The ball jumps out of his hand and shows good carry after release. At the plate he starts with a strong wide base and uses a very limited stride/load pattern.  This kept him compact and direct to the ball which resulted in consistent contact.  He still needs to show more consistent use of his lower half in order to really show next level power but right now he projects as a prototype outfielder at the next level with +quickness and +power potential at the plate.  He will be attending the PBR Invite Only event at Oswego February 15th.

+ Maddux Minton, OF/RHP, Livonia HS, NY (2016)
Minton stands an athletic 6-foot-0, 165-pounds. From the OF he stays behind the ball, fields on his glove-side. He uses a clean, quick arm action, throws from a power 3/4 slot, arm strength at 80 mph with carry. At the plate his setup is balanced, wide and athletic. On the pitch he shifts his weight back, small leg lift for timing. He uses a short path to the ball, barrel stays level through the zone, nice long extension out in front, high finish. Exit velocity was 78 mph off a tee. Shows signs of athleticism evidenced from his 7.1 60 yard dash time.

+ Garrett Boldt OF/RHP (Olean HS, 2017)
Boldt stands 5-foot-10 145-pounds and is very athletic. From the OF he shows great athleticism proven by his 6.78 60 time. He stays behind ball fielding in front, long arm action with good shoulder direction. Above average arm strength for his age at 84 mph with carry and run. At the plate his setup is athletic with elbow up. On the pitch bat stays slightly uphill through the zone with 78 mph exit velocity. Good long extension after contact with shoulder height finish.


Dillan Wilkinson OF Liverpool HS
Haydn Demers-St. Hilaire OF Brasher Falls
Kurt Forsell OF Shenendehowa
Zach Durfee OF  Ballston Spa
Vincent Chiarenza OF Canisius HS
Maddux Minton OF Livonia HS
Jake Woodrich OF Orchard Park HS
Russell Mistretta OF Canisius HS
Jake Smith OF Bethlehem HS
Fransico Stec OF Schenectady HS
Jacob Victor OF St. Francis HS
Reid VanScoter OF Livonia HS
Kenny Cruz OF SOTA Rochester 
Evan Plante OF CBA
Kenneth Howe OF Mount Morris
Mitchell Rosati OF Canisius HS
Bret Kelly OF Tonawanda HS
Jason Downs OF Albion HS
Garrett Boldt OF Olean HS

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