Prep Baseball Report

Sneak Peek: Pitchers Attending Feb. 15th All-State Event

Dan Cevette

Director, New York

We are only 10 days away from the biggest and most anticipated preseason event to hit Upstate New York, ever. The Preseason All-State Invite-Only will be used as a springboard for these athletes as they enter their high school season. Top Performer lists - Updated Rankings - Plus Content - all to be expected from this preseason showcase. This event will highlight the Who's Who in Upstate New York providing long-lasting exposure to the talented players attending. Here's a sneak peek at the pitchers coming Feb. 15th.

last summer PBR event pitchers to keep an eye on Feb. 15th

+ Dylan Jones, RHP, Averill Park HS, NY (2016)
Jones stands 5-foot-10, 175-pounds and built very solidly. From the mound he uses a high knee lift, hands stay high, fast tempo, hands separate over rubber. Drops and drives hard towards home, hip opens up early, shoulders stay level. Arm action is down, back and quick with signs for above average velocity. He uses a long stride, throws from a mid-3/4 slot, long finish. He broke off a few curveballs that showed next-level spin, and bite. He finishes well over his front side. Velocity up to 84-86 mph.

+ Danny Madden, LHP, Corning HS, NY (2016) 
Madden stands 6-foot-2 180-pounds with size and strength. On the mound uses good balance over the rubber bringing his knee lift back and rotates his shoulders. He has great extension throwing from a high ¾ slot with a fastball sitting 80-82 mph with more projectable velocity in his arm. He throws a circle changeup at 74 mph with good hand speed and a 71 mph curveball. His arm action is long and back towards the SS and his finish is strong over his front side.

+ William Frank, RHP, St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, NY (2016)
Frank stands 5-foot-11 180-pounds with the frame to hold more size. On the mound he stays over the rubber on his knee lift, tucked and in a power position. His arm action is straight out by shortstop very short and quick from a mid 3/4 slot. Fastball has action to it running down and away at 80-83 mph, very deceptive, needs to finish more over his front knee. His curveball was 67-68 mph with sharp 10/5 shape, from his arm angle its a very strong pitch.

+ Stephen Centorani, RHP, Windsor HS, NY (2016)
Centorani stands 6-foot-5 169-pounds with a projectable frame with a lot to like. He starts from the stretch with his hands high, uses a quick tempo and breaks hands as he starts forward. He drops hard on his back side, front shoulder lined up with home, arm action is long and towards 2B, throws from a low 3/4 slot with natural arm side run sitting 79-81 mph with his fastball. Changeup has arm fade with fastball hand speed sitting 71-72, his fastball does have some late life but if he stays taller on his backside and keeps his hands more on top of the ball he will see even better results. Interesting prospect to keep an eye on.

+ Cody Kaestle, RHP, Baldwinsville HS, NY (2016)
Kaestle stands 5-foot-11 170-pounds with a lean athletic build. He stays tucked over the rubber with a good tempo. He keeps his shoulders pointed towards his target, drives off his back leg with a strong front side. His arm action is quick and he throws from a mid 3/4 slot. His fastball sat 80-82 mph with some downward angle, his curveball has late sharp action with 10/4 shape at 65-67 mph. He shows a 70 mph changeup with fastball hand speed. During his delivery he finishes upright on a stiff front side, he needs to work on getting out in front with more extension.

+ Wyatt Conklin, LHP, Bloomfield HS, NY (2016)
Conklin stands 6-foot-2 172-pounds with a projectable body frame. On the mound he uses a high knee lift and drops some on his back side before pushing forward. His hips open up slightly too soon taking some potential velocity away. His shoulders are in solid alignment and he uses a longer arm action (towards SS) but keeps it clean. He throws from an over the top slot with natural arm side run on a fastball sitting 77-79 mph with more in projection. He shows a promising curveball with some late 1/7 shape with good downward spin at 64 mph. He needs to work on finishing his pitches more over his front side, his ceiling could be high.

Player Position High School
Cody Kaestle RHP Baldwinsville HS
Haydn Demers-St. Hilaire LHP Brasher Falls
Kurt Forsell RHP Shenendehowa
Kyle Bailey LHP Saratoga Catholic
Wyatt Conklin LHP Bloomfield HS
Dan Yankowski RHP Ichabod Crane HS
Alec Teska RHP Cato-Meridian HS
Dylan Jones RHP Averill Park HS
Micheal Diehr RHP Elmira HS
Maddux Minton RHP Livonia HS
William Frank RHP St. Joe's Collegiate Inst.
Tanner Cooper RHP Canandaigua Academy
Robert Gruber LHP Frontier HS
Nathan Kruger RHP East Aurora hS
Irvin Cespedes RHP Lajara Baseball Academy (DR)
Stephen Centorani RHP Windsor HS
Reid VanScoter LHP Livonia HS
Kobie Punchard RHP Thomas Edison HS
Danny Madden LHP Corning HS
Steven Rossi RHP Corning HS
Zachary Turner RHP Corning HS
Evan Plante LHP CBA
Kenneth Howe RHP Mount Morris
Mike Zimmermen RHP Canandaigua Academy
Scott Neu RHP Churchville Chili
Danny Hobbs RHP Saratoga Springs HS
Ryan Marketell RHP Webster Thomas
Chris Ewing LHP Niagara Falls HS
Jason Downs RHP Albion HS