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The Year In Review: Top 15 Exit Velocities From 2015

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

If you have been following MLB this past year you should recognize the term 'exit-velocity'. Broadcasters, analyst, scouting departments and GM's are all using the term to help evaluate a hitters performance.  In the big-leagues they have this down to a science. If a baseball leaves the bat at a certain velocity, at a certain angle, it's a homerun - simple physics. For us, we test off a tee vs. off a live-arm, and it's just another tool for our toolbox of player data.

Does a big number mean your a great hitter? Unfortunately no, but the data does show a trend that is hard to debate. The No. 1 on our list of Top exit velocities in 2015 is a sophomore who recorded an impressive 100 mph off a tee, and oh by the way, he committed to Clemson this summer. Or how bout last years first-round pick OF Garrett Whitley (Niskayuna HS, NY) who routinely measured over 100 mph.

Here's a look at the Top 15 in 2015.

Top 15 Exit Velocities Of 2015

SS Charles Mack (Williamsville East HS, 2018)
Exit Velocity: 100

OF Leugim Castillo (Lancaster HS, 2017)
Exit Velocity: 97

C Chris Dutra (Iona Prep, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 95

1B Paul Hansut (Highland HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 94

3B David Judge (Troy HS, 2018)
Exit Velocity: 94

3B Parker Hendershot (Tioga HS, 2017)
Exit Velocity: 93

OF Colin BeVard (West Genesee HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

1B Timothy Buchek (Windsor HS, 2018)
Exit Velocity: 92

OF Kenny Cruz (SOTA HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

OF Zach Durfee (Ballston Spa HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

3B Zachary Fritz (East Meadow HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

C Trevor Henneman (Corning HS, 2018)
Exit Velocity: 92

C Dominick Herald (CBA Albany HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

1B Kobie Punchard (Thomas Edison HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

C Sean Putnam (Fayetteville-Manlius HS, 2016)
Exit Velocity: 92

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