Prep Baseball Report

Top Performer Spotlight: 2019 OF Drew Bristow (NY)

Name: Drew Bristow Alex Bish
High School: Cicero-North Syracuse
Grad Year: 2019
Position: OF
State Rank: No. 24 (No. 1 OF)
Event Standout: Last Chance Preview

Scouting Report
Bristow, an impressive 2019 right-handed hitting outfielder who quickly became a high follow, stands at 5-foot-9 and weighs 160 pounds, ran an impressive 6.69 60. Offensively- Starts with a crouched base with knees turned inward toward each other and a front foot pigeon toe while the hands are in front of the back shoulder with the nearly straight up and down. Uses a shift of weight to the back side while a moderate stride is created with a slight load of the hands straight back. Showed an impressive approach at the plate driving the ball where it was pitched during BP. Drove the ball with authority to both gaps, which would result in extra base hits with the speed he possesses. Hands are quick and compact through the zone, while getting plus extension finishing high and over the lead shoulder with a two hand finish. Recorded an exit velocity of 85 MPH on the day. Defensively-  Athletic and fluid movements to the ball. On the ground fielded the ball to the glove side creating positive momentum. Throws showed good accuracy and carry with an arm velocity of 81 MPH. An adjustment to the front side, keeping the lead arm tighter from the transfer to release would create better extension on the throws, which would create more velocity and carry on the throws. Impressive tools and should be fun to watch develop over the next few years.

What We Like
"Above average speed, suitable arm and respectable exit velocity. The numbers all grab your attention as a 2019 graduate. Composure in the batter's box with a balanced, repeatable stroke. Ball jumps off the bat staying through the middle and can work the gaps. Under control in the OF with an accurate arm. Centerfield mold through and through. Top of the order, table-setter who may develop into a #3 hole type."