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Unsigned Seniors: Top 10 Available Catchers From This Summer's Events

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

The Prep Baseball Report has made its way to New York producing eight top flight events between June and Sept. In that time we have seen over 50 class of 2015 catchers come through the door and with that came some next level talent. With 20 players already making verbal commitments, here's a look at the top 10 catchers in the class of 2015 still available from this years events.

1. Brett Guay, C, Starpoint HS, NY (2015)
Guay stands 5-foot-11 187-pounds with a strong, compact built frame. Behind the dish he receives the ball clean, uses great footwork getting in position to throw from a high ¾ slot, 80 mph arm strength to a 1.98 pop time. At the plate he starts balanced and remains balanced throughout his entire swing. He uses a small stride on the pitch with a slightly inclined bat path, extension through the ball with a shoulder high finish. He shows signs of next level power barreling up balls deep in left center gap with an 86 mph exit velocity off a tee. He ran a 4.21 home to first time.

2. Brad Pearson, C, Shenendehowa HS, NY (2015)
Pearson stands 5-foot-10 175-pounds with a frame that projects more size. Behind the dish he moves his feet laterally fast with plus blocking instincts. He receives the ball clean with a good transfer and throws from a high ¾ slot with arm strength at 76 mph, pop time 2.11. At the plate his approach is upright with his hands slightly above his shoulders. He uses a back front knee for timing with a small load. His hips drift forward before the swing, his swing path is slightly inclined through contact with a shoulder high finish. His exit velocity was 82 mph off a tee and he ran a 4.2 home to first time.

3. David Baskerville, C, Eden HS, NY (2015)
Baskerville stands 6-foot-0 175-pounds with an athletic body. At the plate he uses a wide stance, shifting his weight back before the pitch and a very small toe lift. His bat path is slightly inclined through the zone with a nice high extended finish. Impressed in BP. Exit velocity was 84 mph.Catching he throws from an over the top slot with a clean transfer. His are action goes a little behind his back and if he gets that shorter and more straight back he will see decreased pop times. His times were 2.19-2.25 and pretty accurate. He blocks well staying big and over the ball.

4. Lorenzo Horvath, C, Christian Brothers Academy, NY (2015)
Horvath stands 5-foot-8 170-pounds with a stocky build. Behind the plate his setup is wide, receives the ball soft in the game. He uses quick, slightly opened footwork (7.14 60 time), clean transfer, ball to ear, high 3/4 slot. Arm strength was 70 mph, 2.1 pop time. His winter focus needs to be on developing more arm strength. At the plate his setup is wide, weight back. On the pitch transfers weight forward driving hands inside the ball, short path, bat plane level through contact, extension with a shoulder height finish. Exit velocity was 82 mph.

5. Sawyer Packard, C, Bradford HS,  (2015)

Packard stands 5-foot-11 180-pounds with a lean athletic frame. Behind the dish he receives the ball with a nice wide target, transfer is fast but footwork is open creating his throws to sail arm side. His pop time was 2.23 but showed much better 7-15-14 with 2.18 accurate throws to second. At the plate he uses a back load and knee lift on the pitch for timing, hands stay inside his body with an inclined swing plane, long extension with a one handed high finish. His exit velocity was 81 mph off a tee and he ran an impressive 4.2 home to first time.

6. Ryan Richer, C, Horseheads HS, NY (2015)

Richer stands 5-foot-10 175-pounds and has nice footwork behind the plate with a quick release and 2.16 - 2.28 pop time. His velocity is average at 76 mph but accurate, he needs more time behind the dish to receive more comfortable. With the bat Richer wraps some on his load but gets inside the ball nice. His exit velocity is 84 mph showing signs of some pop. He shows a short stride and some balance in his approach.

7. Kevin Kudelka, C, Dobbs Ferry HS, NY (2015)
Kudelka stands a solid 6-foot-0 172-pounds with room for additional weight. Behind the dish he presents a big target, slightly open stance, with good footwork and alignment. His transfer was clean, ball to ear, short arm action, throws from high 3/4 slot with 71 mph arm strength. Pop time was a 2.15 with accurate throws. At the plate his setup is wide with some weight shifted back slightly, hands relaxed by his chin. On the pitch he uses a leg kick, short stride, back load all for timing. Hands drive inside the ball, short path, slight inclined bat plane with a high finish. Exit velocity off a tee was 78 mph.

8. Marshall Kiesow, C, Saratoga HS, NY (2015)
Kiesow stands 5-foot-11 175-pounds with good size behind the plate where he is learning the new position. His catch to hand transfer is average using quick footwork to line himself up with second base. He throws from a mid ¾ slot, accurate throws with a 77 mph arm and a 2.13 pop time respectively. At the plate his approach is back and balanced using a down bat load with a small toe lift for timing. He shows very quick hands inside the ball with a balanced swing, slightly inclined through contact, drives back side through the ball and uses a high finish, exit velocity was 84 mph off a tee. He ran a 4.43 home to first time.

9. Cameron Buckley, C, Clarence HS, NY (2015)

Buckley stand 6-foot-1 170-pounds with a frame you can build on. At the plate he stands a little bent at the knees with his hands high. He uses a small back load and a stride before the pitch, bat path is level through the zone with his bottom hand elbow leaking some. His bat exit velocity was 76 mph. Catching he has a nice size and gets big behind the dish. He uses good proper footwork, clean transfer, and throws from a high 3/4 slot with a 2.19 pop time at 70 mph.

10. Jacob Schlegel, C, Eden HS, NY (2015)

Schlegel stands 5-foot-11 167-pounds and has a lean frame. At the plate he has a wide approach, using a small leg lift before the swing for timing. His bat path is on the incline through the zone with a nice high quick finish. His exit velocity was 81 mph. Catching he throws from a mid 3/4 slot with a 2.19 pop time. He needs to work on his release and getting his feet more square towards second. Arm works clean and quick hand speed.

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