Unsigned Sr. Showcase: Complete Player Analysis

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

On a day (Oct. 3) when the combined total of participants and college coaches (50 players and 18 coaches) outnumbered the degrees in Fahrenheit (48) on the Onondaga Community College thermometer, the Prep Baseball Report, New York  2015 Unsigned Senior Showcase mined a few hidden gems. Here's a complete player analysis from the day.

Jack Acquaviva, RHP/SS, Westmoreland HS, NY (2016)
Jack, a first time PBR attendee, made his presence made on the mound. Standing 6-foot-3 and 192 pounds with room to add physical gains. Acquaviva ran a 7.47 60 with an exit velocity of 86 MPH. Pitching- He uses a small side step and pivot to his balance point. Slight collapse on his back knee but rides his back leg into landing. Controlled stride and stays closed well. Braces up front side and is able to get downhill. Would benefit from an aggressive back leg drive into finish. Arm action is loose and long at a 3/4 slot.  FB sat 83-85 MPH with some arm side run down in the zone. Featured a slider in the 75-76 MPH range with late lateral action that he could throw to both sides of the plate. Uses a splitter as his change up at 71-73 MPH. Legitimate polish to his secondary pitches, swing and miss stuff. Offensively- Jack sets up event with his feet and slightly outside his shoulders. Uses a short take back with his hands and is up and down with his stride. Aggressive back leg and hip rotation. Showed some middle in bat speed. Sweeps through zone and finishes towards 3B dugout. Frame and bat speed are there to develop power potential, would benefit from a shorter stroke and seeing the ball deeper. Defensively- Listed as a shortstop, Jack starts from an upright position, covering ground with long strides. Projects more as a corner Infielder with his size and offensive potential. Fielded everything out in front. Would like to see more momentum taken into the ball and through his throwing footwork as he tends to slow down into his throws. Positional velocity was 75 MPH.

Rylan Baker, OF/C, Oneida HS, NY (2016)
Rylan checks in with an athletic frame at 6-foot-0 and 160 pounds. An above average runner at all prior events, he ran a 6.87 60 today in cooler and windier conditions. Exit Velocity was 77 MPH,  a notch under his personal best of 79 MPH. Offensively  starts from a spread stance with hands even with back shoulder and 30 degree bat angle. Uses a slight wrap of the barrel for a load and a heel lift for a stride, maintaining his wide setup. Aggressive with back foot and hip rotation. Barrel levels out early in hitting zone with a finish that takes him around his back. Shorter swing path into contact with a more extended finish will help use his levers through extension. Line drive type results. Defensively- As an outfielder he maintains an aggressive approach into the ball, setting up his footwork into his crowhop. Throws tend to run some to his arm side. This can easily be fixed with a more aggressive glove arm tuck to help his shoulders rotate in sync. As a catcher Rylan sets up from a compact position with throwing hand behind leg, causing for a delay in transfer. Very quick with his footwork, gains ground and stays low. Throws ranged from 2.10-2.17 today (all throws were into a steady wind). Creates good angles in the dirt and is athletic in his retrieval. Can offer something at both positions at the next level, may project better behind the plate as that type of athletic ability is not often seen there.

Matt Benko, 3B/OF, Vestal HS, NY (2016)
Matt checks in with a wiry but athletic frame at 5-foor-11 and 155 pounds. He ran a respectable 7.06 60 and had an exit velocity of 81 MPH. Offensively- Matt starts with a slightly spread stand with his weight pre-loaded to the back side and with the bat barrel at 45 degrees and head height. Gets good separation from his load and stride and is on time with every swing. Showed aggressive back foot and hip rotation while staying compact with swing into contact. Roll over on his front side carries his extension towards foul ground and takes away from any potential weight transfer. Groundball/line drive contact. Defensively- Listed as a 3B, Matt showed soft footwork into the ball. Creates good angles by getting left foot in front. Hands stay out in front. Tends to stand a bit upright into his shuffle step, losing some momentum. Uses 3/4 arm slot with shorter infield arm action. Velocity was 69 MPH but there is a whole lot more in the tank here. Suitable at 2B/3B or possibly OF if needed (listed as secondary position).

Jeremy Bereza, 2B/SS, Rome Free Academy, NY (2016)
Jeremy is a compact 5-foot-9, 153 pounds with athletic actions. He ran a 7.72 60 and had an exit velocity of 68 MPH. Offensively- Jeremy starts from a slightly spread stance with his weight 50-50. Hands are elevated and close to the head. Uses a take back for his load and a controlled toe tap for a stride. Pulls hands through ahead of lower half but stays short to the ball. Extension is cut off towards 1B side. Can use middle of the field. Would benefit from some additional back foot/hip rotation. Defensively- Very active with his preparation footwork into the ball, creates positive angles and fields everything out in front. Controlled and free actions. Quick release may be taking away from overall velocity (73 MPH) but yet still effective. Listed as a SS but projects as a next level 2B and possible 3B with improved arm strength.

Alex Betz, RHP, Ward-Melville HS, NY (2016)
Alex stands in with a prototypical pitcher's frame at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds with room for additional physical gains. Pitching- Alex starts with both feet on the rubber and uses a controlled side step building momentum up to a compact balance point. Takes advantage of his long legs, gaining ground to the plate, landing softly with aggressive core rotation to the plate. Gets good arm extension while throwing over a firm front side. Arm works long and clean with little restriction from a 3/4 slot. Repeats delivery and has the foundation that will support additional velocity gain over the long term. FB sat 78-79 MPH while he worked in a 2S FB that had good action at 77-78 MPH. CB was 63-67 MPH while the change checked in at 71-72 MPH. Not afraid to use all of his pitches, will be a good pick up at the next level.

Kyle Canavally, 2B/SS, Mohonasen HS, NY (2016)
Kyle is a slender 5-foot-11, 145 pound middle infielder who ran a 7.60 60 and had an exit velocity of 76 MPH. Offensively- Kyle starts from a slightly open stance with a slight crouch. Gains ground with and aggressive stride that also brings him back to even. Hands work away from shoulder during load with a 40 degree bat angle. Aggressive back foot/hip rotation against an extended front leg. Takes weight to and through contact with a high finish out in front. Relatively short swing with some inside-out tendencies to the opposite field. Groundball/line drive contact. Defensively- Kyle showed athletic middle infield actions, creating good angles on the ball and keeping his feet moving. Hands stay out in front of body. Could benefit from left foot staying further in front and eating up more ground with an aggressive shuffle step towards 1B. Arm strength at 70 MPH but showed adequate carry.

Jonathan Catapano, OF, McQuaid Jesuit, NY (2016)

Jonathan is an athletically built 5-foot-10, 160 pound switch hitting OF/RHP that ran a 7.24 60 and had an exit velocity of 82 MPH. Offensively- Jonathan showed a smooth and controlled stroke from both sides of the plate with line drive contact. From the right side he starts with his weight towards the back leg, using a short stride forward and a controlled take back with his hands, keeping the bat at 30 degree angle. Aggressive back foot hip rotation and stays short into the zone with and elongated finish out in front. From the left side almost identical to the right aside from a slightly flatter bat barrel during the timing phase that produces some leveling earlier in the zone. Repeats efforts from both sides of the plate. Projects as a table setter at the next level.  Defensively- Jonathan sets up well behind the ball and stores up his momentum properly into his receiving. Aggressive with his crowhop and his arm showed accuracy and carry, reaching 79 MPH on a cool/blustery day. Pitching- On the mound Jonathan uses a short drop step and pivot to reach his balance point. Slightly closes off with stride while collapsing on front knee (absorbing his energy as he lands). Slight recoil of his arm as he stands up into his finish. Arm action is long and loose and works through a high 3/4 slot. FB sat 73-75 MPH. CB showed good spin at 64-66 MPH with some slurve like action. Positive spread on his change at 66-67 MPH.

Jesse Chester, 3B/2B, Westhill HS, NY (2016)
Chester is a slightly built 5-foot-10, 145 pound infielder who primarily plays 3B. He ran a 7.27 60 and his exit velocity checked in at 72 MPH. Exit Velo and arm strength (74 MPH) both down a bit from a mid-summer event in 2014. Offensively- Jesse starts in a slightly spread stance with his weight pre-loaded towards the back leg. Hands are just off the shoulder and shoulder height with a 40 degree bat angle. Uses a controlled take back with his hands and a bit of an elevated leg kick (lands in time). Aggressive back foot/hip rotation with a short swing into the zone and a an elevated finish out in front. Groundball/pull side line drive contact. Defensively- Good bounce with his preparation footwork into the ball, fields everything out in front with soft hands. Takes one extra shuffle step during the transfer of the ball from glove to throwing action causing a bit of delay. Easily corrected with one aggressive shuffle step that carries him into and through his release. Adequate left side arm as we have seen him up to 79 MPH in the past. Cool/blustery conditions may have played into some lower numbers today. Has made noticeable adjustments to his game both defensively and at the plate.

Michael Ciccarone, RHP, Odyssey Academy, NY (2016)
Michael checks in with a long and lean frame at 6-foot-0, 150lbs. Pitching- We've seen Michael a few times this summer and there are a few things that lead us to believe that over the long term he will be an important next level arm. His frame, as it develops, will allow for more torque. Expect to see late velocity development here has he has a quick arm.  His low 3/4 arm slot makes his FB (79-81 MPH) even more deceptive as he's shown the ability to keep it down. Breaking ball right now is a cross between slurve and slider where it may be more beneficial to take the slider path in the future due to FB arm slot. Breaking ball sits right now in the 65-67 MPH range but would be harder if Michael chooses the slider route. Would like to see more of the change up, especially as a weapon vs. LHH. Definitely a sleeper pick that could develop into a big time arm.

Billy Clifford, RHP/3B, Baldwinsville HS, NY (2016)
Billy may be one of the best overall athletes in the 2016 class, statewide. Standing in at an explosive 6-foot-0, 190 pounds, Billy put up a personal best 6.87 60 and 90 MPH exit velocity. Offensively- Billy starts with his feet just outside his shoulders and even. Uses a short take back with his hands, keeping the barrel just north of 45 degrees. Gains some ground with stride before unleashing above average torque through his lower half. Stays level through the zone with acceleration into his finish. Power potential to his pull side, ball comes off the bat with a purpose. Defensively- Billy worked out both at 3B and the OF. Projects better at 3B presently but with his speed an OF spot is not out of the question. At 3B he stays under control with his approach footwork, fields everything out in front, uses and aggressive shuffle step and maintains clean transfer. Throws show good carry at 82 MPH. In the OF Billy maintains his infielder's arm action and shuffle step. Would like to see an adjustment here to lengthen arm action and implement a crow hop. Raw here but a good enough athlete that should make changes with ease. Pitching- On the mound Billy uses a tiny rocker step and pivot up to a compact balance point with a slight curl. Lands slightly on the outside of his plant foot, causing him to finish off to the 1B side. Long, quick arm action that works from a high 3/4 slot. FB sat 81-83 with some late life. CB was very impressive with tight action at 71-73. A legitimate out pitch. Change up a bit firm at 76 MPH. Velocity continues to climb every time we see him, gaining 6 MPH in the past 13 months.

Jonathan Combes, C/OF, Hannibal HS, NY (2016)

Jonathan stands at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds with a strong lower half. He ran a 7.54 60 with an exit velocity of 76 MPH.   Offensively- Jonathan starts with a narrow stance and hands head height off back shoulder. Gains ground with a controlled stride as he drops his hands to a lower point and back off the shoulder. Bat sweeps through the zone some with some lift into his finish. Needs to take full advantage of lower half and produce some back foot/hip rotation to help get his hands through. Mostly line drive contact from left center to left field line. Defensively-  Behind the plate Jonathan starts in more of a "primary/receiving" position when throwing down. Exchanges feet well and gains positive momentum towards 2B and into his throws. Would benefit from throwing hand staying closer to the glove and finishing off his throws through the bag as he tends to stand up and stop arm. Pop times ranged from 2.26-2.40 but with adjustments should be under 2.20 consistently.

Corey DeMauro, RHP, Westhill HS, NY (2016)
Corey checks in at a slender 6-foot-0, 140 pounds with long legs and arms. Projectable frame with plenty of room for mass. Pitching-  Corey seemed to be landing more open to the 1B side in game action causing his arm to runaway from his body and not duplicate his velocity from the August event. Fastball sat 74-77 MPH with all kinds of action from his low 3/4 slot (almost side arm). Slider sat in the 67-70 range and when on top showed some late tilt. Change up a bit firm at 71-73 MPH. With his slot and deception, Corey can a valuable addition to any staff at the next level. Being able to repeat his delivery, arm slot and release point will be the biggest challenges ahead. If consistent in the zone, he'll continue to be an arm that is difficult to square up.

Noah Dilbone, RHP, Mohonasen HS, NY (2016)
Noah stands at a strong 6-foot-0, 190 pounds with broad shoulders. Pitching- Noah uses a short drop step up to his balance point with a slight over rotation at the top. Stays under control out into his landing. Can close off some with a slight collapse on his front side but arm works well from an abbreviated arm circle and high 3/4 slot. Finishes slightly off to 1B side. FB sat 80-81 MPH with some heaviness to it. CB had more of a 10-4 shape with late biting action. Above average secondary pitch. Workhorse/Bulldog approach on the mound.

Rowan Dubois, RHP/3B, Germantown HS, NY (2016)
Dubois is a filled out 6-foot-1, 217 pounds that ran a 7.39 60 and had an exit velocity of 81 MPH. Hitting- Starts in a spread stance with a small stride to gain ground. Keeps weight back and is aggressive with lower half. Hands start at shoulder with a 45 degree bat angle but drops them as they load back causing bat to level early in the zone. Stays through the ball well and produced well driven flyball/line drives to his pull side. Defensively- Moves well as a corner infielder both in the foot speed department and laterally. Creates good angles and gets left foot in front, hands get to everything early. Needs to continue to work on quicker release and staying low through his shuffle step. Suitable at 3B but may project better at 1B at the next level. Pitching-  On the mound Rowan uses a small side step and pivot to get to his balance point. Is a bit stiff leading leg out to his landing. Finishes square to the to the plate and works from a high 3/4 slot. FB was 75-76, CB 58-61 with some 11-5 action while the change up possessed a good differential at 65-67.

Dan Freese, 3B/SS, Greece Arcadia, NY (2016)
Freese is all of 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. He ran a 7.44 60 and had an exit velocity of 83 MPH. Offensively- Extremely relaxed approach at the plate with and explosive lower half that funnels energy into his finish. Starts with a spread and slightly open stance with slight load of the hands and short stride to even. Back foot and hip rotation is aggressive and the ball stays on the bat a long time. Line drive contact with a high ceiling in the power department. Did not get fooled during live portion, squaring several balls up. Defensively- Dan moves well with his size. Is able to get low and get hands out in front. Arm (75 MPH) and transfer work from the left side. May project as an above average defender at 1B over the long term (Offensive potential may open some doors here to keep him in a lineup).

Cole Gill, INF/C, S.S Seward, NY (2016)
Gill checks in at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds with a 72 MPH exit velocity (top is 75 MPH in August) and a 7.20 60. Offensively- Cole hits with his weight pre-loaded towards his back leg and in a slight crouch. Bat barrel is around the 30 degree range and he slides his hands back off shoulder for timing. Uses a hesitated toe tap with his stride. Displayed a short stroke with line drive contact. Repeats effort swing to swing. Defensively- Cole worked out both as a catcher and infielder. Behind the plate he presents a compact target with proper footwork to 2B. Could benefit from a quicker exchange from glove to hand. Tends to get weight to far over front leg as he's releasing, creating downward action instead of carry. Pop times ranged from mid 2.1 to low 2.2 range. As infielder Cole moves well laterally and is soft with the glove. Showed a quick release but would like to see him stay through and finish his throws, 2B/3B type.

Parker Goldsmith, SS/RHP, Frankfort Schuyler, NY (2016)
Parker checks in at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds with a strong lower half. He ran a 7.19 60 and had an exit velocity of 84 MPH. Offensively- Parker showed a repeatable line drive effort starting from a spread stance. Uses a slight load of the hands, maintaining a barrel position of 45 degrees and a small up and down stride for timing. Great balance at the plate with a short stroke into the zone. Defensively- Listed as SS but may project better as a corner infielder at the next level. Tends to lose momentum once he's received the ball. Fielding approach gets him into proper positions and glove works. Arm (71 MPH) is accurate but may need to show more to stay on the left side at the next level. Pitching- Drives up to a compact and tall balance point. Slight pause once his lead leg is ready to glide out towards the plate. Either a loss of momentum or storing energy on back leg, depending on how certain coaches see it. Repeats effort with a high 3/4 slot. Throws the ball downhill with a balance finish. FB sat 76-78 MPH, CB had some 11-5 shape to it at 67-68 MPH. Change up on a cold/blustery afternoon was a bit firm at 72-73 MPH. More in the tank here as his arm action is clean and he has the frame to support additional velocity gains.

Christopher Harbin, RHP, Pathogue-Medford HS, NY (2016)
Chris checks in with an intimidating mound presence at 6-foot-3, 255 pounds. Pitching- Chris displayed some of the best command of the day during his live outing as he was able to spot his fastball to both sides of the plate, sitting 79-81 MPH, touching 83 MPH. Four seam was heavy ball that worked the knees while he mixed in a few 2-seam fastballs at 80 MPH. CB checked in at 68 MPH with tight rotation and the change worked at the 70-71 MPH range. Three pitch pitcher with mound presence. Delivery wise Chris uses a small drop step, with a clean pivot and compact balance point with a chest high knee drive. Lands open and on his heel but does not disrupt the rest of his delivery. Arm works well with a shorter arm motion on the back swing into a 3/4 slot. Good arm speed late and gets arm extension into a balanced finish. Pitchability is there, no panic to his game.

Felix Hatton, INF/C, Cardinal Hayes HS, NY (2016)
Felix is an athletically built C/INF at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds with good agility both in the field and behind the plate. He ran an impressive 6.93 60 and had an exit velocity of 75 MPH. Offensively- Felix starts with his feet even and weight distributed 50/50. Uses a small wrap of the hands with the bat at a 30 degree angle for a load. Stride gains some ground towards the mound as he shifts weight to back leg. Aggressive back foot and hip rotation. Short stroke that produces line drives with good back spin and some carry. Repeatable effort at the plate. Defensively- Felix looked polish at both spots. As an infielder he showed loose lateral actions, good agility and a soft glove. Tends to take an additional shuffle step causing a delay in his release. Capable of 2B/SS or 3B. Behind the plate Felix uses a compact setup using a quick pop step and transfer. Does stand up and cut off his throwing action. Would like to see him stay extended through the release. Would bring above average physical skill set (and speed) behind the plate. Pop times ranged from 2.06 to 2.15 but can easily be improved. Intriguing player to follow up on.

Nick Horton, OF, Greece Arcadia, NY (2016)
Nick is a wiry yet strong 6-foot-2, 180 pounds that ran a respectable 7.05 60 and had an exit velocity of 76 MPH. Offensively- Nick hits from an even stance from the left side with his hand position just off the shoulder with a 45 degree bat angle. Uses a controlled load of the hands and gains some ground towards the mound with stride, occasionally hanging too long in the air. Aggressive back foot and hip rotation that could occur earlier to free the hands up to contact (some inside out swings). Gets the barrel to the ball with hard ground ball, line drive results. Table setter type approach. Defensively- Nick sets up well behind the ball in the outfield, gains momentum and uses a small crop hop. Would benefit from being more aggressive once he has the ball and exploding through his footwork to help funnel momentum up and into his release. Serviceable arm at  76 MPH with more in the tank.

Trevor Kniffin, LHP, Bethlehem Central, NY (2016)
Trevor stands in at a broad shouldered 5-foot-11, 300 pounds. Pitching- On the mound Trevor repeats his delivery with ease. Using a spread setup and short drop step, Trevor works up to a compact balance point with a slight curl away from the plate. Lands under control and closed. Would like to see him be more aggressive with lower half and core rotation. Gets up and over front side well with a slight recoil of the arm caused by standing up with the body. Uses a short arm action from a  3/4 slot. FB sat in the low to mid 70's on a cool and blustery afternoon (topping 74 MPH). CB showed above average spin at 59-61 MPH. Possessed 2-8 action with some late bite. Out pitch for him. Had a feel for the change with some late fade at 65-68 MPH. Ideal LHP for the next level that can help lengthen a staff and get outs.

Chris Kuchta, RHP, St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, NY (2016)
Chris checks in with a prototypical pitcher's frame at 6-foot-0, 185 pounds. Pitching- Chris showed a quick arm with a infielder's like arm action working through a 3/4 slot. He uses a short side step up to a controlled balance point. Chris is able to stay closed into his landing and aggressively gets up and over his front side. Repeats his delivery pitch to pitch. FB sat in the 78-80 MPH on a cool and blustery day with the CB sitting at 69-70 with some 2-8 shape and tight rotation. Good frame and quick arm should lead to additional velocity gains over the long term.

Michelangel Lopez, LHP, Mount St. Michael's, NY (2016)
Michelangel possesses an ideal pitcher's frame at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds with room for physical gains. Pitching- The LHP is as free and easy as you'll ever see. Long and loose arm action that works with little restrictions from a 3/4 slot. Delivery wise he is controlled up to a compact balance point with a slight coil. Sits a touch on back leg into landing but stays closed and works up and over front side with ease. Shows some moderate back leg drive in to finish. FB showed some later cut action and sat 79-80 MPH. Showed the ability to get in on RHH. CB was 60-61 with some 10-4 slurve like action. Change up still needs some feel at 73 MPH. Very projectable arm that is not that far away from big things.

Nicholas Wiesing, SS, DeRuyter HS, 2016
Wiesing stands 6-foot-0, 185-pounds with a thick lower half. Offensively - At the plate he uses a wide base, little if any stride on the pitch. Barrel stays mostly level through contact with a short extension – exit velocity was 73 mph. Defensively – He attacks the ball head on from his SS position, head down, fields the ball deep. Uses a longer arm-action, throws from an over-the-top slot at 70. He ran a 7.92 60.

Riley White, OF/LHP, Victor HS, 2016
White stands a lean 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Offensively – His approach is quiet and relaxed, good rhythm, slight back load, short path to the ball, barrel has some uphill tilt, longer extension.  Exit velocity was 81 mph. Defensively – Uses athleticism to glide in the OF (6.93 60), fields out in front and aggressive, clean transfer to a big, in rhythm crow hop. Arm action is back, slightly towards SS, over-the-top slot with carry (78 mph). Pitching – On the mound he uses a smooth, slower delivery, arm works clean, longer arm action, shoulders tilt north, throws from an over-the-top slot, fastball touches 72. Curveball ranges 62-63, with a fastball hand-speed changeup at 66.

Brooks Vertoske, MIF, Horseheads HS, 2016
Vertoske stands 5-foot-8, 140-pounds with a slender frame. Offensively – at the plate he uses a balanced setup, hands relaxed. Barrel gets a little flat early, short path to the ball, level through contact with extension. Exit velocity was 83 mph. Defensively – he keeps improving, mostly arm strength and foot-speed (7.13 60) and arm strength up to 82. His lower half is always moving, glove is open and fields out in front, transfer could be quicker, quick arm action, throws from an over-the-top slot.

Alec Vaules, RHP, Pittsford Sutherland HS, 2016

Vaules has a thicker, strong frame, standing 5-foot-11, 185-pounds. On the mound he uses a quicker leg lift, back and shorter arm action, shoulders tilt some before release, throws from a slightly over-the-top slot, fastball shows some present depth at 78 mph. Curveball at 67 shows 12/6 shape with late bite when he gets the ball out in front – some were very loose. Changeup at 71, which is probably a few mph too fast.

Hector Vargas, OF/LHP, Webster Thomas HS, 2016
Vargas stands 5-foot-4, 140-pounds with a short build. Offensively – at the plate his swing mechanics are sound. Hands stay shoulder height during his stride, his path to the ball is short and compact, barrel follows a level path through the ball, some extension after – 74 exit velocity which is an area he needs to work on. Defensively – he charges the ball in the OF and plays the ball to his glove side, releases from an over-the-top slot at 75 mph. Pitching – he uses a side-step, belt high knee lift, back clean arm action, throws over-the-top with a fastball touching 70. Curveball ranged 58-61 with tumbling action, change up was 61-62.

Sean Vanegas, OF, Mount St. Michael HS, 2016
Vanegas stands 5-foot-9, 160-pounds with an athletic, lean frame. He ran a 6.7 laser 60-time showing high-end athleticism. Offensively – Slightly open stance, smooth load, quick compact hands, signs of some bat-speed (85 mph) barrel stays level through contact with an athletic extension. Defensively – shows range in the OF, fields glove side, smooth transfer to an over-the-top slot. 76 mph arm strength. CF type with plus speed.

Connor Tackley, LHP, Westhill HS, 2016
Tackley stands 6-foot-0, 170-pounds with a nice pitchers build. On the mound he uses a slower leg lift, to a quick jump towards homeplate as he starts his arm circle. Front knee opens early, arm action is back and slings from a mid-3/4 slot – pulls his front side a little early. Lands on a stiff front leg, fastball ran arm-side topping 78 mph. Curveball backs up on him early at 64-67, changeup naturally fades arm-side at 68. He has made some improvements over the summer and arm strength is starting to come around, this is a huge winter for the CNY product.

Andrew Steffens, 2B, Sayville HS, 2016
Steffens stands 5-foot-8, 150-pounds. Offensively – at the plate he’s a switch hitter, from the left-side he uses a wide stance, hands relaxed. Short path to the ball, barrel gets uphill through the contact zone, short extension. From the right-side he’s a little looser, bat-speed appears faster, extension is still short – exit velocity was 74 mph. Defensively – he gets in proper position, glove open, out in front, clean transfer, keeps lower half moving, throws from an over-the-top slot at 66. He ran a 7.82 60.

Connor Siracusa, 1B/OF, Union Springs HS, 2016
Siracusa was a lanky, 6-foot-2, 170-pound frame showing athleticism running a 6.99 60. Offensively – at the plate he starts with his feet shoulder width apart, some looseness to his approach, bouncing knee lift on the pitch. Path to the ball is short, barrel is mostly level through the zone, some tilt, long extension through the ball. Defensively – at 1B he has the speed to get off the bag and move around more than we saw, stays down and wide on groundballs, stays up through his throws from a higher-3/4 slot at 71 mph.

Evan Shurtleff, LHP/OF, Liverpool HS, 2016
Shurtleff stands 5-foot-8, 145-pounds. Offensively – at the plate he uses a wide stance, knee lift on the pitch for timing, path is short, barrel stays on a level plane, shorter extension, 71 mph exit velocity. Defensively – He moves well tracking balls (7.16 60 time) gets his body in the correct position to make a play after the catch. Clean transfer to a straight back, quick high arm action, throws over-the-top at 64. Pitching – He uses a simple side-step, hips open early (work on keeping your front hip closed longer) as he drives towards home, arm action is back and high, releases from an over-the-top slot fastball ranging 65-67. Changeup had gradual slope at 59.

Sirel Sande, SS, Nottingham HS, 2016
Sande stands 5-foot-9, 150-pounds with a lean build. Offensively – at the plate his setup is slightly open, hands relaxed. Heel raise on the pitch for timing, short path to the ball, level plane, mid-range extension through contact – 82 mph exit velocity. Defensively – Lower half moves well (3B at next level – 7.43 60 time) hands are smooth, fields the ball deeper in his stance with a clean funnel. Throws from a high-3/4 slot with a quick release, not a lot on his throws (72 mph) but gets it out of his hand quick. Shows confidence.

Jacob Riddle, Canandaigua Academy, 2016
Riddle has a lean 5-foot-11 frame, weighing in at 155-pounds. The switch hitter tucks the bat inside his shoulder from the left-side, head stays down through contact, barrel gets uphill from the start through contact, shoulder height extension. From the right-side he shows a shorter more compact path, barrel stays level through contact – 79 mph exit velocity. Defensively – In the OF he charges the ball hard, quick glove to hand transfer, arm action is fluid from an over-the-top slot, chest aims high almost pushing the ball from that slot – 72 mph arm strength. He ran a 7.48 60.

Sean Putnam, C, Fayetteville Manlius HS, 2016
Putnam stands an athletic 5-foot-11, 170-pounds and runs well for his position recording a 7.06 60 time. Offensively – At the plate he uses an athletic approach, shifts weight back on pitch with a short stride and load. Short path to the ball, barrel stays level through the zone, hands are strong evidenced by his 92 mph exit velocity. Pretty balanced through extension with a one arm, shoulder height finish. Defensively – he uses a narrow stance, stays low with softer hands, and receives clean. Quick transfer, quick footwork, arm gets behind his body some with the arm action, high-3/4 release with above average arm strength at 78 mph. Putnam is an athletic backstop that will play at the college level.

Augustus Pfisterer, 3B, New Hartford HS, 2016
Pfisterer stands 6-foot-0, 190-pounds with a bigger build. Offensively – weight is slightly shifted back, relaxed upright stance. Hands stay inside the baseball, barrel gets flat early on the down-swing. Level through the zone, some lift after contact to a higher finish. Bat shows potential. Defensively – he fields the ball off is throwing arm-side, glove gets sideways at times, funnel to belt is quick. Lower half keeps moving, straight back – short arm action, releases from a high-3/4 slot at 75. He ran a 7.39 60.

Mike Perlo, C, Fairport HS, 2016
Perlo has a compact build standing 5-foot-9, 170-pounds. Offensively – at the plate he uses a relaxed approach, knee lift for timing on the pitch. Hands power inside the ball fast (84 exit velocity), barrel is slightly uphill, hands are above the ball at contact. Full extension after contact, high finish.  Defensively – appears to move well behind the plate (7.22 60) wide base with a big visible target. Quick transfer, short compact arm action, throws from an over-the-top slot – 74 mph, 2.02 was his best pop time. With his already quick hands and feet, some added arm strength will give opposing runners a hard time.

Calvin Paredes, OF, Mount St. Michael, 2016
Paredes has a lean frame at 6-foot-1, 165-pounds and ran a 7.42 60 time. Offensively – from the left side he stays with his hands above his shoulders. Straightens his from leg out on the pitch, hands are strong and quick (88 exit velocity with wood), path is short, barrel is level through the zone, lift after contact. Long extension, smooth swing that plays well at the next-level. Defensively – projects as a Corner OF, plays through the ball with good body awareness, and gets the ball out of his glove to release quickly, over-the-top slot, 75 mph arm but some carry. With his bat, he’s a help to a college lineup next year.

Michael Onufrak, C, Mattituck HS, 2016
Onufrak has good size behind the plate standing 6-foot-1, 185-pounds – athletic for position evidenced by his 7.24 60 time. At the plate a more upright approach, little stride on the pitch, small back load. Hands stay inside the ball short path, hands stay slightly above the barrel at contact, mostly level finish with short extension. Defensively – setup is slightly closed, receives clean to a quick transfer. Footwork gains ground and is smooth, throws from a high-3/4 slot with his low pop time of 2.08 – arm strength 70.

Ronmel Ocampo, 3B, Division HS, 2016
Ocampo has large build at 6-foot-1, 216-pounds and has serviceable speed running a 7.49 60. At the plate he uses a wide setup, elbow up hands by his back ear. On the pitch his weight shifts back, heel lift for timing, short path to the ball, barrel has some uphill tilt, some gap power during BP (84 exit velo), uses long extension getting back side through ball with a high finish. Defensively – gets to the side of the baseball with good actions, lower half keeps moving, hands get wide before fielding. Glove is out in front, quick transfer, glove tapper, short arm action to a high-3/4 slot (78 arm strength) some carry to first, back side gets through.

Ryan Marketell, RHP, Webster Thomas, 2016
Marketell stands 6-foot-5, 185-pounds with a lean, projectable frame. Making his biggest jump, and most impressive outing through three-events, Marketell is starting to prove he has an upper-level arm. Fastball comes out of a short, but clean arm action, pretty loose whip at 80-83 maxing out at 84 twice and 86 once - There’s more in the tank. Changeup shows good fastball hand-speed ranging in the low 70’s. Good strong athletic kid (6.98 runner) with a balanced finish.

Anthony Mantova, OF, Colonie HS, 2016
Standing a compact 5-foot-7, 165-pounds with a thick lower half, Mantova shows signs of athleticism running a 7.01 60. At the plate he starts with his hands at his shoulders, wide stance, barrel slightly flat. On the pitch he uses a heel lift, small stride, short path to the ball, barrel is slightly inclined through contact, high finish with some bat whip – exit velocity off a tee was 86 mph. Defensively – his first steps are always back on the and then playing through the ball, aggressive defender, quick transfer, uses a small crow hope to an over-the-top slot, arm strength at 80 with some carry and accuracy.

Nik Malachowski, SS/RHP, Shenendehowa HS, 2016
Malachowski stands an athletic 6-foot-1, 185-pounds and passes the next-level eye test. At the plate he uses a wide stance, hands relaxed and loose. On the pitch his weight shifts back, front leg lift into a stride. Strong, compact hands (90 mph exit velo) to a short path to the ball. Barrel is level through contact with some lift after contact, long extension to a high, one-arm finish. Defensively – actions are above average from SS, maybe a 3B at the next-level with smooth hands, lower half moves towards target, throws from a mid-3/4 slot at 82 mph. Pitching – he uses a slower pace to his delivery, hands high, as he drives towards home he swings his front hip open early (likely taking away some velo) front side also opens early. Arm circle is short and quick, releases from a high-3/4 slot, fastball sat 80-82 (but have seen him a little better), some arm-side action on fastball and change up, Slurve sweeps late at times ranging 70-73, 10/4 shape.

James Maddison, RHP, Aquinas HS, 2016

Maddison has a plus frame for a pitcher standing 6-foot-3, 200-pounds. Short, straighter leg lift during delivery, hands separate away from his body, sits hard on his back side. Arm action is deep, longer, towards 2B. He throws from a high, over-the-top slot with serious shoulder tilt, fastball jumps at 80-84 mph with downward action. Curveball sits 60-63, berried it a lot, some late action when he gets out in front, showed mostly loose action. Maddison is a strong big-bodied arm that has a unique arm-slot that creates some deception to hitter.

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