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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Midland

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The beginning of 2022 meant it was time for the Prep Baseball Report Scout Days to come into full action and that was the case once again this year.

Organizations throughout Ohio have been on display for nearly two months now as players not only hope to gain more exposure in their quest to be seen by college coaches, but also get a glimpse at their numbers to see what kind of progress has been made in the offseason.

Members of organizations in the state, from head coaches to director of player development, have been contacted and given the opportunity to provide a view of what stood out at their PBR Scout Days.

Over the next few weeks, PBR will publish a report on each of the Scout Days that have been submitted from organizations across Ohio.

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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Midland

Jeremiah Larbes talks with us about the organization.

1) How do you feel the showcase went?
Larbes: The Showcase went well as it always does with PBR, It is an incredible service for our players. We had a great showing and look forward to the Midland Scout Day every year. If you are an uncommitted player the service it provides is next to none. 

2) Who are some of the prospects that stood out to you?

  • Ethan Bosley '23 Dixie High School 
  • Johnathan Russell '23 CHCA 
  • Drew Tower '23 Lakota East High School 
  • Harper Hendrickson '23 Milford High School
  • Jared Werling 23' Loveland High School
  • Will McCullough '24 Moeller High School
  • Eddie Tanner '25 Talawanda High School

3) Any performances worth mentioning?

  • Ethan Bosley- caught and swung the bat at a very high level. He is a baseball player that is going to make a D-I program very happy.
  • Drew Tower - low-80’s fastball with two complementary pitches and great command in the zone. Has mid-90’s exit velo off the bat.
  • Harper Hendrickson - 6-3 2023 with sub-7 60 and mid-90’s exit velo. There is nothing but up for this young man and he is expected to have a great summer.
  • Johnathan Russell - 6.7 60, mid-80’s outfield velo but was off normally high-80’s with a 96 exit velo off the bat.
  • WIll McCullough - 6.6 60 with 85 off the mound.
  • Jared Werling - 6-4 2023. Nothing but up for this young man.

4) In looking at summer, touch on some highlights that are ahead and what you expect.
Larbes: Like always, we expect to compete at a very high level and help develop these young men into great baseball players. We are 16-time Connie Mack Champions and are looking for our 17th title. We look for some of these uncommitted players to make great jumps this summer and find good homes at very good universities. 

5) Are you registered for any PBR tournaments and, if so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?

  • 15U PBR Great Lakes Underclassmen
  • 15U PBR Kentucky Summer Classic
  • 16U PBR Classic (Emmerson, Ga)
  • 17U PBR Grand Park Summer Championship
  • 17U PBR National Championship (Emmerson, Ga.)
  • These are just our premier teams; we have other house teams playing in other events.

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