2022 Organizational Spotlight: Ohio Longhorns

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The beginning of 2022 meant it was time for the Prep Baseball Report Scout Days to come into full action and that was the case once again this year.

Organizations throughout Ohio have been on display for nearly two months now as players not only hope to gain more exposure in their quest to be seen by college coaches, but also get a glimpse at their numbers to see what kind of progress has been made in the offseason.

Members of organizations in the state, from head coaches to director of player development, have been contacted and given the opportunity to provide a view of what stood out at their PBR Scout Days.

Over the next few weeks, PBR will publish a report on each of the Scout Days that have been submitted from organizations across Ohio.

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2022 Organizational Spotlight: Ohio Longhorns

Aaron DeBoard talks with us about the organization.

1) How do you feel the showcase went?
DeBord: It was a very well run and productive night. The turnout was a little low from our end, but I thought our guys showcased their abilities well.

2) Who are some of the prospects that stood out to you?
DeBord: Casey Stuart (2024 RHP), Jeriah Davis (2024 RHP), Trevor Vojtkofsky (2023 C), Logan Poole (2023 RHP/3B), Jake Holmes (2023 3B), Donovan Daetwyler (2023 MIF).

3) Any performances worth mentioning?
DeBord: Above mentioned players.

4) In looking at summer, touch on some highlights that are ahead and what you expect.
DeBord: We have a competitive travel schedule for our guys and are excited to see how they compete.

5) Are you registered for any PBR tournaments and, if so, which ones and what are your thoughts on them?
DeBord: I plan to register for one/two with each team. We have attended in the past and have been very pleased with the events.

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