Ohio Insider: Fall Prospect Program - Week 5 at Ashland University (Teams 1-4)

We would like to thank all who participated in the Central Ohio Fall Prospect Program at Ashland University. This was an opportunity for the class of 2017-2019 prospects to be put on college radars.

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Fall Prospect Program Recap:

Teams 1-4:

Teams 5-8:

Team 1 vs Team 4


  • Logan Jones (Liberty Christian, 2017) was a workhorse behind the plate for Team 1. He caught every innings for his team and had a great defensive showing. He recorded 3 hits, an RBI and a HBP.
  • Jared Horner (Ravenna, 2017) had a good showing in the game against Team 4. He recorded 3 hits with 3 RBIs on the day. Defensively he showed quick hands and good footwork in the infield.
  • Chaz Dickerson (Berne Union, 2019) was unstoppable offensively in the game against Team 4. He showed pop in his bat and confidence in his swing with runners in scoring position. He recorded 5 hits with 2 RBIs while playing a strong 3rd base on the day.
  • Bradley Wolfe (Fairfield Union, 2017) is an athletic kid that shows confidence in his defensive play wherever he is on the field. At the plate, Wolfe shows power from the right side and recorded 3 hits with 4 RBIs and a walk on the day.

Pitcher Velo’s Team 1


  • Johnny Smith (Lebanon, 2018) shows very well defensively. He popped a 2.10 and showing a good transfer and a strong arm. At the plate, he looks comfortable and has pop in his bat.
  • Josh Brobst (Bishop Watterson, 2018) shows range in the outfield with a strong arm. At the plate, Brobst looks comfortable and relaxed with the ability to hit the ball to all fields. He recorded 3 hits with 2 RBIs and 2 walks on the day.
  • Brenden Bridenthal (West Holmes, 2018) had a nice day at the plate reaching base 3 times with one extra base hit. On the mound, Bridenthal has confidence in his pitches with a fastball up to 81mph and a good breaking ball at 62-63.

Pitchers Velo Team 4

Team 2 vs Team 3


  • Jacob Tynan, 2017, SS/2B: Exit Velo 82, Home to 1st: 4.94, INF Velo: 70, OF Velo: 75, Catcher Pop times: 2.22-2.40
  • John Marshall, 2017, OF/RHP: Exit Velo: 82, Home to 1st: 4.54, OF Velo: 78
  • Adam Stotler, 2017, 2B/C: Exit Velo: 85, Home to 1st: 4.52, INF Velo: 74, Catcher Pop times: 2.00-2.06
  • Logan Garverick, 2017, OF/2B: Exit Velo: 76, Home to 1st: 4.56, OF Velo: 71
  • Austin Metz, 2017, C: Exit Velo: 81, Home to 1st: 4.88, Catcher Pop times: 2.34-2.40
  • Jackson Rudoff, 2017, RHP/3B: Exit Velo: 79, Home to 1st: 4.70, INF Velo: 76
  • Jeremiah Lacy, 2017, 1B/LHP: Exit Velo: 87, Home to 1st: 4.82, INF Velo: 67

Pitcher Velo’s Team 2


  • Quinn Gray, 2017, C/2B: Exit Velo: 76, Home to 1st: 5.01, INF Velo: 65, Catcher Pop times: 2.27-2.43
  • Nathan Bryan, 2018, OF/2B: Exit Velo: 74, Home to 1st: 4.51, INF Velo: 74, OF Velo: 73
  • Jacob Roth, 2018, SS/RHP: Exit Velo: 79, Home to 1st: 4.61, INF Velo: 80
  • Ryan Shorts, 2017, OF/2B: Exit Velo: 80, Home to 1st: 4.49, OF Velo: 68
  • Mitchell Perry, 2017, C/1B: Exit Velo: 74, Home to 1st: 5.00, OF Velo: 76, Catcher Pop times: 2.18-2.25

Pitchers Velo Team 3

  • Jacob Roth, SS/RHP, Norwalk, 2018: FB 74-76, CB 64-67
  • Nathan Bryan, OF/2B/RHP, Gahanna Lincoln, 2018: FB 68-71, CB 63-65