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Ontario Scout Blog - CPBL All-Star Game

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Ontario Scout Blog - CPBL All-Star Game

With three days of action in Dorchester for the CPBL All-Star game, we were on site for all of the 27 innings and offer thoughts on all kinds of players that stood out and made an impact on the weekend.

This is a must read as we keep it pretty simple but give you the goods you need to understand what happened.

Say no more, dig in to the deep dive from All Star Weekend.

  • Mitch Bratt continues to stay consistent. 3 innings, 3 pitch-mix, strikes, competitiveness with a curveball that has chance to be a separator for him. 

  • We don’t know yet where he ends up, but Sam White can hit, that is evident with some of the best swings we saw all week. Is it behind the dish, is it an offensive second baseman, one thing we know, put his name in the lineup as it’s knock city. 

  • Core Jackson seemed upset, and he was upset at the baseball cause he pounded it from line to line over the 3 days with barrels and balls jumping off the bat. We can’t say for sure, but willing to bet he had some of the highest exit velocity in game. 


  • Adam Shoemaker looked even taller and bigger on the mound. Best we’ve seen out of him so far in 2020, quality strikes and was putting hitters away with the breaking ball. 

  • Cameron Chee-Aloy came to Dorchester and walked out with MVP honors. Two tank shots, active on the bases, but it’s his speed and bat to ball skills, not his power which is going to make him one of the top uncommitted 2022’s in Canada. Coming out party to say the least for Chee-Aloy. 

  • Ben Roberts is going to throw hard, and there is going to be a breaking ball to go with it. Not sure when, but when it’s 94 mph with a hammer, don’t be surprised.

  • Turner Spoljaric is uncommitted. Turner Spoljaric is only getting better. Turner Spoljaric will make you look smart if you’re a recruiting coordinator and you get him on campus. Up to 91 mph with life and action. Pay attention to Turner Spoljaric. 

  • Myles Naylor was the youngest player on the field all weekend and did not look out of place. He did not look overmatched or fooled once in the box, and made plays most 15 year olds don’t make on the left side of the diamond. 

  • Jordan Woods can pitch. 5 punch-outs over 3 innings of work, mixing speeds and keeping hitters off balance. The actions play and Woods makes the ball go both ways. A definite 22’ who is going to have a lot of success here in Ontario and is that lefty who will give you something every time out. 


  • We are pretty confident that Brando Leroux is going to get at least two hits to left-field every game, make plays at shortstop and have fun while doing it. Competitive at-bats, can handle velocity, going to be a good player at Chipola. 

  • Kurt Barr is going to be just fine. He had some command issues in the first, came back in his second inning like nothing had happened. Ran the fastball up to 87, the actions play, it's repeatable and there is room for lots of projection with this one. 

  • Caden Shapiro may be one of the most improved players in the province. A good example of what getting stronger can do to your game. The approach at the plate, ability to use the whole field and hard hit balls are up over the last two months here. Chance to be a real two-way player at Princeton

  • Speaking of two-way players, Caleb Clark is one of them. Left on left, the swing plays with some juice in the bat, he handles the bag really well at first and is athletic enough for left field. On the mound, it is a tough arm slot for lefties and is going to help a winning ball club at school. Lots of weapons with Clark. 

  • Andre Wojtarowicz. Learn this name. Remember it, and recruit it. Why? It’s a left-handed arm that was up to 89 mph, came out the hand with some life to it and he is still new to the mound. Chance to be something real here with the athletic southpaw who was recently spending most of his time in the outfield. 

  • Brysen Vernon is going to hit. There is some raw power there and strength in the swing. He looked a lot more comfortable on day 3 and this kid is still baby faced with a frame that suggests he is going to carry more size and strength. Don’t sleep on this one. 

  • Jacob Miller is going to be just fine. We think it probably plays in the outfield when all is said and done. The catch and pitch are fine here, but the bat is going to play, and he is just scratching the surface offensively. He runs enough and  throws the ball well to profile as a right-field arm is going to be a solid player at the next level.