Central Catholic at Clackamas

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Clackamas, OR - As we continued coverage of the Oregon HS playoffs, we were treated to one of the best pitching match-ups we’ve seen all spring. The host team Clackamas sent ‘19 RHP Nick Vaughn to the mound while Central Catholic turned the ball over to recent Purdue commit, ‘20 LHP Dylan MacLean. In total, there was only 1 run scored and the 7 inning, sprint of a game lasted a brief 1-hr and 20 minutes.

Lets start things off with ‘19 RHP Nick Vaughn from Clackamas. The senior righty showed a high level of polish throughout his entire 7 innings of work. He was dialed in with his 3-pitch mix right out of the gate and never wavered with his approach while attacking hitters. The FB at 76-80 isn’t overpowering, but he keeps it down in the zone and avoids elevating it over the middle of the plate. Breaking ball sits 67-69 and has 11/5 shape to it. Best utilized early in the count when he needs it for a strike. Lastly, the CH came in at 71-72 and was his biggest weapon on the night. He consistently delivers it with FB intent and the speed differential was just enough to keep hitters off balance. Only allowed 1 run across 7 complete innings and on most days, would find himself on the winning side of things. Unfortunately, Clackamas was up against Dylan MacLean and a stout defense from Central Catholic.

‘20 LHP Dylan MacLean (Purdue commit) was up to the challenge of matching zeroes with Vaughn. Working from a high ¾ release with a fluid, repeatable delivery, MacLean filled up the zone with all 3 of his offerings. The FB held 83-85 throughout the entire game and he showed an ability to work it to both sides of the plate. It’s a relatively straight offering but he generates steep downward angle with his release. The CB his tight, 2/7 shape at 69-71 and routinely finds the bottom of the zone. He didn’t need to go to his CH often, but when he did it showed late arm-side fade at 73-74. Overall, MacLean has command of an advanced arsenal with a frame/build that still has projection left.

‘20 3B Charlies Steuer had the game winning hit for Central Catholic after he flared a 2 strike offering right between converging defenders from 1st, 2nd and RF. Also had a stellar day on defense and showed off quality arm strength from the hot corner.

For Clackamas, ‘19 SS Alex Claxton (Lane CC commit) continued to play with noticeable energy and made all the routine plays on defense. He had 2 hits in the game but ended up getting stranded both times. Keep an eye on ‘22 INF Jackson Jaha, the young frosh has an advanced offensive game and is showing the ability to consistently produce hard contact against quality arms. He has a relaxed set-up in the box with a quiet head and loose hands. Barrel whips thru the zone with easy effort and he shows quality pitch recognition skills.