First Look - 2023 Oregon Prospects

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

With our recent release of the initial 2023 overall rankings, we take a look at the short list of OR players in the ‘23 class we’ve had the chance to see at events thus far. While no one from the state cracked the Top 200 for now, players from cold weather regions typically take a big longer to develop and get onto the national scene. 

The 2023 class is the first group that we will have the opportunity to scout throughout the duration of their HS career. Our variety of events, boots-on-the-ground scouting staff, daily coverage and multimedia platforms work in tandem to create a powerful of HS baseball in each state. 

With 4 full years of HS baseball left and various Prep Baseball Report showcases and events on the horizon, it won’t be long before this list expands and talented up-and-coming prospects begin to assert themselves into the mix of national prospects. 

For more information on Prep Baseball Report or if you have any questions, email Pacific Northwest Scouting Director, Dan Jurik - [email protected]

2023 prospects

The following list of young prospects show an exciting blend of versatility to go with promising baseball actions that should allow them to continually develop as they physically mature. While these 4 prospects all worked out at multiple postiions, we're focusing on their primary positions on this look. 

Blake Sehorn SS / C / Glencoe , OR / 2023

Wiry, projectable athlete with clean actions & body control in everything he does. Simple, relaxed stance with feet square to pitcher and slight bend in posture. Front foot stays low as he loads weight into back hip and begins forward stride. Hands stay at back shoulder & allow hips to open up before working to the ball. Quick, aggressive swing with high 2-handed finish. Defensively, advanced receiver with strong catch & throw skills behind the plate. Gets out of stance quickly and into exchange with no wasted movement. Stays behind the ball with loose arm & consistently put throws on the bag. Also showcased at SS and has the ability to stick on the INF long-term as well. Light, active feet  Hips sink as he funnels ball in with slight hinge to keep chest/head over the ball. High exchange into throwing motion. Arm action stays short, bent. Gets momentum behind throws from high ¾ release

Benjamin Christensen SS / RHP / Grant, OR / 2023

Advanced size/frame for age at 6-foot, 175 pounds. Narrow, upright stance in the box. Starts slightly open to pitcher. Hovers on backside as he gets into leg lift prior to forward stride. Shows loose, easy rhythm with lands. High finish thru contact. Hits against firm front leg. Leverage in swing should translate to in-game power down the road. Defensively, stays balanced throughout while displaying control of a soft glove hand. Funnels ball in from an athletic base with feet underneath him. Arm action is clean/loose. Ball shows consistent carry out of hand. Bigger bodied defender who may end up at a corner spot due to size.

Max Mansfield 1B / RHP / Grant , OR / 2023

Athletic stance in the box with slight knee bend and weight pre-shifted onto back leg. Takes short, quick forward stride as hands slowly load into hitting position. Barrel gets on plane early & stays connected as he works thru the zone. Flashed best contact to the middle of the field with the ability to lift the ball to his pull-side. Defensively, handled everything hit his way at 1B while showing consistent footwork around the bag. Head works behind the ball. Quickly gets into exchange while resetting feet to get into his throws. High ¾ release with full arm path.

Armand Lettiere RHP / C / Central Catholic, OR / 2023

Pitching - Worked exclusively out of the stretch from the center of the rubber. Stays balanced at leg lift while keeping level shoulders and eyes locked on target. Knee drives up to waist height before striding out. Slight cross action in landing. Glove side stays in after front foot gets down, allowing for considerable hip & shoulder separation. Smooth arm action into ¾ release. Aggressive finish out front on all of his offerings.

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