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2017 Eastern PA College Prospect Showcase Analysis: Class of 2019 Pitchers & Two-way Prospects

By Greg Williams
Pennsylvania Director of Scouting

Western PA Top Prospect Games - INVITE ONLY

The summer rush of PBR events in Pennsylvania continued this week with the 2017 Eastern PA College Prospect Games on June 27. Fourty prospects from Pennsylvania and Delaware gathered to display their abilities at Cooper Park on the campus of Millersville University. Today we continue our analysis of the prospects in attendance by taking a look at those pitchers & two-way prospects that participated as a member of the Class of 2019.

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Class of 2019


James PetrikJames Petrik, 2019, SS/RHP, Pennridge HS (PA)
5-foot-10, 160-pound SS/RHP displayed solid abilities with the bat and defensively as a shortstop, but saved his best for last when he moved to the mound to complete his day. Getting every bit out of his average size frame, the righty sat 84-86 with a quick arm and armside run and sink from a 3/4 arm slot. Petrik's curveball sat 72-74 and it its best showed late, 10/4 slider break. Petrik also flashed a solid changeup with armside run at 81-82. Though a bit undersized, Petrik should draw interest as his frame continues to develop.

Right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and displayed a short stroke with solid lower half actions.  He displayed a feel for the barrel and a bat exit velocity of 89 mph.  Petrik displayed active feet defensively with a quick release and accurate 80 mph arm strength across the diamond.  He ran a 7.12 60-yard dash.

Remainder of Pitchers: (in alphabetical order)

Brett Bottinger, 2019, LHP, Plymouth Whitemarsh HS (PA)
6-foot, 160-pound left-hander sat 73-74 out of a high 3/4 arm slot with a bit of hip coil to his delivery. He also displayed a pair of breaking balls as secondary offerings including a rolling curveball at 57-60 with 1/7 shape and a slider that is currently his best pitch.  The slider sat 62-64 with later, sharper break and comes out of the same window as his fastball and curveball.

Steven Gallagher, 2019, RHP, Roman Catholic (PA)
5-foot-7, 135-pound right-hander sat 71-74 from a mid-3/4 arm slot with a short arm stroke.  The fastball shows armside run and some sink.  Curveball has frisbee rotation at 58-62 mph.  Changeup was often spiked on this day, but did show some lat sink with near fastball arm speed at 60-64 mph.

Cole Sinnott, 2019, RHP, Kennard-Dale HS (PA)
6-foot, 170-pound right-hander impressed by pounding the strike zone, down in the zone with a fastball that sat 81-84 mph. Displayed a long arm motion with some whip to his delivery out of a 3/4 arm slot.  Curveball showed 10/4 rotation at 66-67 mph and changeup sat 72-73.  Tends to slow delivery on changeup.

Tommy Tracey, 2019, RHP, Caravel Academy (DE)
5-foot-9, 140-pound right-hander gets a lot out of his currently undersized frame with a repeatable, efficient delivery.  Sat 78-81 with some arm side run to his fastball out of a high 3/4 arm slot. Displayed good tempo and balance throughout his delivery.  Curveball has tight 11/5 rotation at 67-70 and his changeup is thrown with good sell at 74-76.  Continued strength gains and physical maturity will likely lead to additional velocity moving forward.

Seth Winters, 2019, RHP, Lancaster Country Day (PA)
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-hander sat 72-74 topping at 76 mph out of a 3/4 arm slot with a bit of armside run to his fastball. Curveball has 11/5 rotation at 64-66 while his changeup is thrown at near fastball arm speed sitting 65-66.  Winters has a solid frame and fairly clean arm action that projects for velocity gains in future years.

Remainder of Two-way Prospects: (in alphabetical order)

Chris Douglass, 2019, RHP/OF, Methacton HS (PA)
6-foot, 190-pound primary pitcher stood out with a solid across the board skill set.  The right-hander sat 80-83 out of a high 3/4 arm slot with a fastball that is fairly flat, while working down hill efficiently. As he works to become more directional to the plate elevated velocity should follow.  Curveball has tight 10/4 rotation at 71-73 acting more like a slider at this point in its development.  Had difficulty commanding his changeup at 75-77 on this date.  The right-handed hitter hits with a high back elbow which creates a pronounced loop in his swing.  Displayed 92 mph bat exit velocity and the ability to create backspin in a round of batting practice that displayed occasional pull side power.  Ran a 7.26 60-yard dash and showcased very athletic actions in the outfield with accurate 83 mph arm strength. Definitely a prospect to follow in this class moving forward.

Ryan Jacobs, 2019, LHP/OF, Susquehanna Township HS (PA)
6-foot-2, 180-pound primary pitcher sat 77-80 from a 3/4 arm slot with a bit of hook in the back and a quick arm action out front.  Fastball showed some armside run when Jacobs stayed directional to the plate.  Curveball has slider shape, with short 1/7 break at 67-69 mph. Changeup is thrown with fastball arm speed at 71-74.  The right-handed hitter starts from a square stance with a high hands load but drops hands from load point as he initiates his swing.  Displayed a feel for the barrel with some length to his swing and a bat exit velocity of 75 mph.  Ran a 7.19 60-yard dash and showed athletic actions defensively with solid carry on throws of 84 mph.

Pierce Rucci, 2019, 2B/RHP, Twin Valley HS (PA)
5-foot-11, 150-pound two-way prospect ran a 7.64 60-yard dash and displayed a middle of the field line drive approach at the plate.  The right-handed hitter has some arm bar action to his swing that is created in the load phase of his swing.  He showed a solid feel for the barrel with a bat exit velocity of 73 mph.  A failure to play through the baseball and allow his backside to finish his throwing motion leads to 68 mph arm strength defensively.  The right-hander sat 71-73 on the mound with a short arm stroke out of a high 3/4 arm slot.  Also displayed a curveball at 62-65 and a changeup at 69-71.

Adam Schultz, 2019, OF/RHP, Fleetwood Area HS (PA)
Solidly built 5-foot-11, 170-pound two-way prospect ran an event best 6.75 60-yard dash and showcased 85 mph arm strength defensively with an ability to play through the baseball. The right-handed hitter starts from a square stance with a deep, high-hands load that creates length in his swing.  Strength in his upper half creates 84 mph bat exit velocity that would be significantly higher with better utilization of his lower half.  The right-hander sat 77-79 from a 3/4 arm slot on the mound. He also displayed a curveball at 65-68 with 10/4 rotation and a changeup at 70-73.

Cole Whitton, 2019, RHP/3B, Perkiomen Valley HS (PA)
5-foot-11, 180-pound primary pitcher sat 75-76 with some armside run to his fastball out of a high 3/4 arm slot.  Arm action is short in back and long out front and Whitton gets downhill well. Slider with short, late break at 70-72 is best secondary offering at this point in his development. Also displayed a curveball with 11/5 rotation at 67-69 and a changeup at 67-69. Whitton ran a 7.57 60-yard dash and registered 75 mph arm strength across the infield defensively, a number that will improve as he works to play through the baseball.  The right-handed hitter starts from a square stance and utilizes a short, lift-and-replace stride to initiate his swing.  Ties himself up at times due to tendency to stride and hit at the same time. Showcased a 75 mph bat exit velocity.

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