Please check back frequently as this page will be updated with new questions and answers as they are posed to our staff:

+ What color pants should be worn? 
Players should where white or grey baseball pants with a dark colored belt & socks of their choosing. A PBR hat and shirt will be issued at check-in

+ Will batting practice be off of a live pitcher? 
All hitters will take their live round of batting practice off of a live BP pitcher. Live BP will take place on the field and will be part of the live stream

+ Do pitcher onlys need to stay for the rest of their team's double header after they have finished throwing their innings? 
Pitcher onlys are welcome and encouraged to stay until the end of their team's scheduled games, but it is not a requirement. We do ask that the pitcher onlys speak to one of our staff members before departing to make sure there is nothing more that they need to complete (example: a photo or interview for social media)

+ Where should my son report when we arrive? 
All position players are to report directly to the field where there team will begin showcase workouts on the first day of the event 
for check-in upon arrival. Pitcher onlys should report directly to the field where they will be pitching on the day that they are scheduled to pitch.

+ Are spectators permitted inside the parks? 
Spectators are permitted at all three fields.

+ What equipment does my son need to bring? 
Position players should plan to swing BBCOR bats, not wood. All position players need to supply their own batting helmets. Catchers need to supply their own gear. Players may not wear METAL SPIKES. Players need to supply their own snacks and drinks. No seeds, colored drinks allowed on the turf fields. 

+ Will my son have time to eat? 
The schedule involves a short period of time between the end of the workout and the start of game play. There will also be short periods of time during game play where a player is not participating defensively. During these times it would be acceptable for players to get some food in their systems. Small snacks that can be consumed on several occasions is a better plan than one full size meal. We have been told that a concession stand will be open at Showers Field. At this time we are not aware of any concessions at Stern Family Field or DuBois Central Catholic HS.

+ What happens in the event of bad weather? 
We have extra time worked into the schedule all three days in preparation for potential weather delays. In the event of weather a day could be extended to as late as midnight. Our staff is very adept at planning and preparing for these types of issues and will provide your son with the best possible experience should weather become an issue.

+ Where should we look for updates during the course of the event? 
Players and parents will want to bookmark our PA STATE GAMES information page on the website. Additionally we will be very active on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us at the following locations.

Twitter  //  Instagram  //  Facebook

+ How will playing time work? 
All 16 teams have 15 position players on their roster. Each position player on the roster will bat 2 times per 6 inning game and 3 times in a 9 inning game for a total of 7 at bats over the course of the event. Defensive innings will be divided as equally as possible with players sharing innings by position based on the structure of their team's roster. Pitcher onlys will all throw 3 innings (5 batters per inning). Two-way players will throw 1-3 innings depending on their team's needs. Two-way players that are pitcher first, position second, will in most cases throw more innings than a player that is a secondary pitcher.

+ Why does my son's team have 19 players while other teams have 16 players? 
A team that has a larger number of total players on the roster has more pitcher onlys on the roster. All rosters have the same number of position players (15).

+ If a college coach has questions about the event who can they contact? 
Coaches are encouraged to reach out to our staff at any time regarding a player or event. Our contact information is available at: PBR Pennsylvania  //  PBR New York