Eastern PA Open ID Showcase (Session 2): Outfielder Analysis

By Greg Williams
PA Director of Scouting

ConnahanWhile the final Open ID Showcase of January did not produce an outfielder with a plus arm, it did showcase a host of talented outfielders with strong arms and the ability to swing the bat. Following is an analysis of all the outfielders at the Eastern PA Open ID Showcase (Session 2).

OF Shane Connahan, Midd-West HS, Class of 2014
Connahan has put on ten pounds since we last saw him and showed improvement in what was already a strong arm from the outfield. He had the best arm of all outfielders at the event at 84 mph. The left-handed hitter, who played for Team Pennsylvania at last summer's Midwest Future Games, also showcased an 83 mph bat exit speed. Connahan has a level swing plane allowing him to stay in the hitting zone for a long period of time. His swing produced consistent line drives to all fields.

OF/RHP Ryan Malloy, Holy Ghost Prep, Class of 2015
Malloy was one of the most impressive position players at the event. The 6-foot, 180-pound sophomore showed athletic actions in the outfield with an 81 mph throwing arm. He also showcased one of the top bat exit velocities on the day at 91 mph. Malloy displayed very quick hands and the ability to consistently drive the baseball during his round of batting practice. With slight adjustments to his lower half, he could develop legitimate power in his swing.

OF Ben Bomberger, Manheim Central HS, Class of 2014
Bomberger participated solely as a hitter at the workout and had an impressive round of live batting practice. The 5-foot-7, 145-pound junior showcased a solid 84 mph bat exit velocity. Bomberger used a slightly open stance and a short swing plane to consistently square the baseball, spraying line drives to all fields.

OF Josh Gehman, Ephrata HS, Class of 2014
Gehman is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound junior who has a lot of potential. He is raw in a number of areas, but could really blossom if he continues to work at the game. Gehman displayed good carry and an accurate 82 mph throwing arm from the outfield. At the plate he showcased an 80 mph bat exit velocity and very quick hands. In time, Gehman has the body and the explosiveness to develop some power potential.

OF Scott Kuczala, Wyomissing HS, Class of 2015
Kuczala was impressive in all facets of the game. The 5-foot-9, 150-pound sophomore showed athletic actions and good carry on throws of 80 mph from the outfield. He showcased quick hands, and a short swing path from the right hand side of the plate with a 79 mph bat exit velocity. Kuczala also showed some potential as a left-handed hitter, but will need to continue to work to fully develop his swing from that side of the plate.

OF John Lee, Upper Dublin HS, Class of 2015
Lee showcased a strong 81 mph throwing arm and athletic actions in the outfield. His throws to home plate had good carry and were consistently accurate. Lee showcased a short swing path and good extension at the plate. He utilized a strong lower half to create barrel whip with a bat exit velocity of 80 mph. He showed some gap power and the potential to be a middle of the order hitter.

LHP/OF Dylan Cyphert, Cranberry HS, Class of 2015
One week after impressing from the mound in Erie, PA, Cyphert made the trip across state to showcase his abilities as a two-way player. The 6-foot, 160-pound lefty displayed athletic actions in the outfield and good carry on throws of 82 mph to home plate. Offensively, he used a 74 mph bat exit velocity to consistently line baseballs to the pull side.

OF Daniel Blazejewski, Phillipsburg HS (NJ), Class of 2015
Blazejewksi made an impression in his work as an outfielder. He showed athletic actions and an accurate arm. He showed good carry on throws to home plate with a top throw of 79 mph. Blazejewski, who lives in New Jersey and plays travel baseball for the Lehigh Valley Baseball Club in Pennsylvania, used his long limbs and a solid lower half to square the baseball consistently. He has a fluid swing and stays behind the baseball well.

C/OF Tommy Marrollo, Downingtown East HS, Class of 2015
Marrollo showcased well in all facets of the game. He displayed good carry on throws of 81 mph from the outfield. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound sophomore turned in a very solid round of batting practice. He used a very short, compact line drive swing to consistently square the baseball to all fields.

OF/RHP Max Mattei, Downingtown East HS, Class of 2016
Mattei had another solid round of batting practice. The 5-foot-8, 120-pound freshman consistently squared the baseball and will develop additional bat speed as his frame continues to fill out. Mattei showed athletic actions in the outfield and good carry on throws of 76 mph to home plate.

RHP/OF Alex Myers, Central York HS, Class of 2016
Myers showcased his defensive abilities in the outfield with athletic actions and good carry on throws of 78 mph to home plate. He showed an improved bat exit velocity of 76 mph in a solid round of batting practice. Myers used a short swing path to consistently line baseballs to all fields.

OF/1B Angel Rivera, J.P. McCaskey HS, Class of 2015
Rivera showcased a 64 mph arm and accurate throws to home plate. The 5-foot-7, 165-pound left-handed hitter showed a fluid swing and allowed his hands to work during his round of batting practice. He displayed the ability to square the baseball consistently with a bat exit velocity of 69 mph.

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