Evaluating the Outfielders from the Western PA Top Prospect Showcase

By Greg Williams

Of the 12 prospects who showcased their abilities for college coaches during defensive evaluations at the Western PA Top Prospect Showcase, six hit 80mph or better on throws from the outfield. The top arm of the day was Collin Fantaskey (Warren), ranked No. 33 in the Class of 2014. Fantaskey, who represented Team Pennsylvania earlier this month at the Prep Baseball Report Midwest Future Games, showed a live arm at 85mph with carry.

A look at the top outfielders at the event:

1) Adam Bleday (Titusville), ranked No. 6 in the Class of 2013
While Bleday did not have the top outfield velo, his 84mph was second best at the event. Bleday showed the best carry of any outfield arm and his 6.97 60-yard dash is evidence of his ability to track down a fly ball.

2) Nathan Neiderhiser (Bishop McCort), Class of 2014
Neiderhiser also showed a strong arm (84mph) and had good carry. He took precise angles to the baseball and played through the ball consistently.

3) Collin Fantaskey (Warren), Class of 2014
Fantaskey continues to impress with his ability to play multiple positions well. He displayed the top outfield arm at 85mph and the top infield arm at 82mph. Fantaskey uses his body well to gain added velocity at both positions by working through the ball regularly.

4) Matt Rafferty (Seneca Valley), Class of 2014
Rafferty turned in one of the top 60-yard dash times of the day at 7.00. His speed and arm strength (80mph) project him as a center fielder.

5) Jake Laskey (Seneca Valley), Class of 2014
Combined with Rafferty, Seneca Valley appears to have the makings of a solid outfield. At 5-foot-8, 185-pounds, Laskey is more projectable as a corner outfielder. He had excellent carry on his throws (82mph) and took solid routes to the ball.

6) Tanner Cook (Huntingdon), Class of 2014
Cook showed very well in the outfield with precise routes to the ball and good carry (79mph). The 5-foot-8, 140-pound right hander has solid fundamentals and exhibits a real desire for the game.

7) Corey Lazor (Bethel Park), Class of 2013
Lazor is a 5-foot-11, 160-pound right hander who showed well in all facets of the game. He threw 80mph from the outfield, ran a 7.47 60-yard dash and had one of the better bat exit speed velos of the day.

Best of the Rest:

William Morris Jr. (Ringgold), Class of 2013
Morris is a physical outfielder at 6-foot-1, 215-pounds. He threw 74mph from the outfield and had the 2nd best bat exit speed velo of the day at 87mph.

Caleb Thorn (Knoch), Class of 2014
Thorn threw 74mph from the outfield and showed solid fielding mechanics. He used an over the top throwing motion to deliver throws with good accuracy and consistent carry.

Brandon Stiehler (Springdale), Class of 2013
Stiehler threw 70mph from the outfield, ran a 7.38 60-yard dash, and had a bat exit speed velo of 79mph. The 6-foot, 160-pound right hander showed soft hands and the ability to play through the ball.

Alex Sobecky (Bishop McCort), Class of 2014
The 6-foot-2, 170-pound Sobecky ran a solid 7.28 60-yard dash, had a bat exit speed velo of 79mph, and threw 71mph from the outfield. With some mechanical tweaks he should be able to increase throwing velocity and maximize carry.

Daniel McLaughlin (Youngsville), Class of 2013
McLaughlin is a 5-foot-8, 160-pound right hander who threw 61mph from the outfield, ran a 7.78 60-yard dash and had a bat exit speed velo of 68mph.

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