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PA Top Prospect Games: Class of 2016 RHP

By Jacob Gill
Philadelphia Region Director of Scouting

The 2015 PBR Pennsylvania Top Prospect Games took place on June 16-17 at Hank DeVincent Field on the campus of La Salle University. 88 prospects from around the state showcased their abilities in front of nearly 40 college coaches in attendance. Today is the first of six installments of player evaluations from the event.

Mason Abate, 2016, RHP, Malvern Prep
Slight frame (5-foot-9, 150-pounds). Pitched out of a high three-quarter arm slot with short arm action and hip coil over rubber. Good direction and front foot strike. Two-pitch mix included a fastball at 79-80 with occasional cut and an 11/5 curveball at 69-70. Did not allow a hit in three innings of work.

Brett Alaimo, 2016, RHP, Manheim Township
Pitched one inning, facing four hitters. Medium frame (6-foot, 170-pounds). Low three-quarter arm slot with whippy arm action that projects for additional velocity. Fastball sat 80-82, touching 84, while showing some late tail when thrown armside. Also featured an 11/5 curveball at 67-68 and occasional change-up at 69-70.

Connor Bair, 2016, RHP, Manheim Township
Smallish frame (5-foot-9, 175-pounds). Pitched out of an over-the-top slot from a compact delivery. Fastball was fairly straight and sat 76-78. Also utilized an 11/5 curveball at 65-67 that was soft early, but tightened up at his two-inning stint wore on.

Kyle Ebersole, 2016, RHP, Lancaster County Christian
6-foot-2, 190-pounder coming off state championship winning performance five days earlier. Created an interesting crossfire angle out of a low three-quarter slot with a long, loose arm action and some funk in his delivery. Worked fast, pounded zone. Got swing-and-misses on a deceptive fastball at 81-83. Also showed command of an 11/5 curveball at 70-71.

Dillon Good, 2016, RHP, Ephrata
Strong, medium frame (6-foot, 200-pounds). Pitched out of a high three-quarter slot with clean arm action and good tempo in delivery. In two one-inning stints, threw strikes with a fastball at 82-84. Still developing secondary stuff, including a curveball at 65-66 and a split at 74-75.

Greg Grandelli, 2016, RHP, Roman Catholic
Medium build (6-foot, 185-pounds). Led with high front side and pitched out of a low three-quarter slot with fastball sitting at 80-82. Worked down in the zone and induced groundballs. Change-up at 70-72 had some sink when thrown armside. Also utilized a breaking ball at 61-62 with sweeping 10/4 action.

Jacob Kinsell, 2016, RHP, California Area
Projectable frame with some present strength (6-foot-1, 175-pounds). Pitched out of a three-quarter slot from a slightly crossfire delivery. Threw strikes with fastball that sat 79-81. Curveball at 63-65 varied in shape from 10/4 to 11/5 early in outing, but had more consistent 11/5 break as he found the feel, in addition to throwing it for strikes more consistently.

Nick Lehman, 2016, RHP, Garden Spot
Medium frame (5-foot-11, 205-pounds) with strength in lower half. Pitched out of a high three-quarter slot with fastball at 80-82. Employed two distinct breaking balls: an 11/5 curveball at 64-65 and a slider with short cut action at 67-68.

Danny Long, 2016, RHP, Pennridge
Strong, medium frame (5-foot-11, 180-pounds). Pitched in attack mode out of high three-quarter slot with near max effort delivery. Fastball sat 87-89 and touched 90. More comfortable at the lower end of that range; came out of delivery early and ball tended to sail on him at the higher end. Good feel for curveball that varied from 11/5 to 12/6, but had depth at both shapes.

Tim Miller, 2016, RHP, Conestoga
Strong, athletic build (6-foot-2, 190-pounds). Overhead rocker and swings lead leg into slight hip coil over rubber. Pitched from a low three-quarter slot with low elbow and slightly crossfire delivery. Located down in zone well with fastball that sat 85-87. Occasionally mixed in an improving curveball with 11/5 action at 73-74.

Alex Myers, 2016, RHP, Central York
Lean frame with room to add strength (6-foot-2, 175-pounds). Pitched one inning out of a high three-quarter slot with high front side and back shoulder tilt. Fastball sat 77-78, while he also utilized a slow curveball at 63-64 that varied in shape around 11/5 and a change-up at 69-70.

Isaac Neal, 2016, RHP, Parkland
Medium frame with wiry build (6-foot, 175-pounds). Pitched out of a low three-quarter slot with quick arm. Fresh arm who did not pitch this spring and will ideally sharpen his command with more consistent mound time. Fastball sat 83-85, touching 86, with some life and occasional armside sink. Also flashed a solid slider with depth at 73-74 on which he maintained his fastball arm speed.

Nick Sacoman, 2016, RHP, Northern York
Lean, medium frame (6-foot-1, 170-pounds). Pitched out of a low three-quarter slot with a hesitation at the top of his delivery. Stayed off the barrel by predominantly using a fastball at 76-78 with slight tail and a slow, sweeping slider that broke across the width of the plate.

Dante’ Vaniel, 2016, RHP, McKeesport
Medium frame (6-foot, 180-pounds). Pitched out of a high three-quarter slot from a drop-and-drive delivery. In one inning of work, his arsenal featured a fastball at 77-78 that was fairly straight and a curveball at 66-68 with a big 11/5 break when he got on top of it.

Austin Wacker, 2016, RHP, Cumberland Valley
Pounded the zone out of a high three-quarter slot and got downhill well, especially for someone of his stature (5-foot-6, 160-pounds). Worked fast, incorporating a fastball at 80-82 and showing a legitimate feel for spinning his solid curveball at 68-70 with 11/5 action.

Aaron Zechman, 2016, RHP, Selinsgrove Area
Medium frame (6-foot, 170-pounds). Pitched out of a high three-quarter slot with low elbow. Good rhythm in wind-up with high leg kick and bow-and-arrow arm action. Fastball sat 74-75 and was complemented by a slurvy, sweeping breaking ball with 10/4 action at 63-64 and the occasional knuckleball at 64.

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