Preseason All-State Showcase Analysis: Corner Infielders (Class of 2016)

By Jacob Gill
Philadelphia Region Director of Scouting

Prior to embarking on their junior season, 12 corner infielders descended on Keystone State Baseball Academy in Manheim to showcase their skills at the Preseason All-State Showcase. They are listed below in reverse alphabetical order. Why? I always felt bad for the guy in my elementary school with the last name Zyvert.

Dominic PeroniDominic Peroni, 6-1 185, R/R, 3B, Laurel Highlands
93-mph exit velo, 86-mph arm, 7.14 60-yard dash
Peroni impressed with his simple, balanced approach and ability to repeat his swing. He starts from an open stance and strides to square with his hands in a good launch position. His head stays still throughout his swing and he flashes solid bat speed. He was equally impressive defensively, showcasing good feet and a soft glove hand accompanied by a strong accurate arm and ability to make plays on the move.

Michael LeriMichael Leri, 6-0 220, R/R, 3B/1B, Scranton Prep
78-mph exit velo, 74-mph arm, 8.11 60-yard dash
Leri starts from a square stance and takes a short stride to slightly closed. He loads his hands deep and has some loop to his swing, while he showed an ability to drive the ball toward the oppo gap. Defensively, Leri showcased solid feet and hands, while he will need to improve his range and arm strength in order to prevent finding a permanent home at first base.

Briar LauerBriar Lauer, 6-3 190, R/R, 3B, Red Lion Area
82-mph exit velo, 82-mph arm, 7.30 60-yard dash
Lauer, a primary pitcher, starts from a slightly open stance and takes a short stride to square. As he loads his hands, he creates a slight armbar and wraps the barrel behind his head, necessitating some length in his swing to get the barrel into the zone. Defensively, Lauer fielded the ball in toward his body, but showed solid arm strength from an over-the-top slot.

Bayley JamanisBayley Jamanis, 6-0 180, R/R, 3B, Lancaster Catholic
90-mph exit velo, 84-mph arm, 7.37 60-yard dash
Jamanis starts slightly open and takes a short stride to square with his hands in a good launch position. His approach is simple, he keeps his head still throughout his swing, and he did a nice job generating backspin. Defensively, Jamanis exhibits solid hands and very good feet to go along with his strong, accurate arm. His prospect status will continue to improve as his footspeed continues to improve.

Noah HansenNoah Hansen, 6-0 210, R/L, 1B, Kiski Area
82-mph exit velo, 72-mph arm, 7.81 60-yard dash
Hansen hits from a square stance, takes a short stride, and gets his hands to a good launch position. He has some strength in his frame, some length in his swing, and showed gap power to the opposite field during his BP round. Defensively, he would benefit from fielding the ball out away from his body and he showed solid feet around the bag.

Sean FlynnSean Flynn, 6-4 175, L/R, 1B, Malvern Prep
88-mph exit velo, 76-mph arm, 6.96 60-yard dash
Flynn starts from an open stance and strides slightly closed with some dive toward the plate and some loop in his path. He holds the bat deep in his hands creating stiffness in his wrists and it would be interesting to see what would happen if he would hold the bat further out in his fingers, as he is a quality athlete in a tall, lanky frame. Flynn, a primary pitcher, exhibited solid hands and feet defensively.

Keith FlahertyKeith Flaherty, 6-2 195, R/R, 3B, St. Joseph's Prep
83-mph exit velo, 83-mph arm, 7.25 60-yard dash
Flaherty hits from a square, wide stance and incorporates a big leg kick, which didn't always have his foot down on time. He loads his hands deep and has some length in his swing, but showed an ability to stay through contact to the opposite field. Defensively, Flaherty exhibited solid feet and hands with whippy arm from a low slot that allowed him to complete the slow roller play with relative ease. [Note: Flaherty is in the process of learning to translate his low-3/4 slot to the mound. Based on a bullpen session he threw a few weeks ago that I had an opportunity to view, he is making solid progress on that front.]

Frank CrestaFrank Cresta, 6-3 230, L/R, 1B, The Haverford School
82-mph exit velo, 72-mph arm, 7.59 60-yard dash
Cresta hits from a square stance and takes a short, simple stride. Still, he struggled with his timing on this day, as he was late getting his foot down, which, coupled with some armbar and a barrel wrap, didn't allow him to tap into the power that his physical frame suggests. When he was on time, his swing had looseness to it and his hands were able to work through contact. Defensively, Cresta showcased solid hands and good feet around the bag.

Brian CasperBrian Casper, 6-0 195, R/R, 3B, Moon Area
85-mph exit velo, 76-mph arm, 7.34 60-yard dash
Casper hits from a square stance and takes a medium-length stride. He holds his hands neck-high and lowers them as part of his trigger prior to launch. His path is uphill and has some length to it, while he showed some pop when he was able to get to full extension. Defensively, Casper tended to field the ball deep, while doing a solid job incorporating his feet into his throw.

Connor CaseyConnor Casey, 6-1 185, R/R, 3B, Upper Moreland
82-mph exit velo, 78-mph arm, 7.13 60-yard dash
Casey hits from a square, balanced stance, takes minimal stride, and loads his hands deep. There's some stiffness in his swing and he could incorporate his lower half better, but he kept his head extremely still and got the barrel to the baseball on virtually very swing in BP. Defensively, Casey would benefit from fielding the ball further out front, while he exhibited solid feet and an ability to make plays on the move.

Alex BurmanAlex Burman, 6-1 195, L/L, 1B, Episcopal Academy
84-mph exit velo, 76-mph arm, 7.80 60-yard dash
Burman starts slightly open, strides to square and loads his hands deep. He attacks the baseball with an uphill path intended to create lift and shows an ability to barrel it up with some pop to all fields in BP. Defensively, Burman features solid feet and continually improving arm strength.

Billy BrittinghamBilly Brittingham, 6-0 210, L/L, 1B, Germantown Academy
87-mph exit velo, 69-mph arm, 7.73 60-yard dash
Brittingham continues to exhibit the loose wrists and smooth stroke that give him the potential to be a solid power hitter at the next level. He starts slightly open with a relaxed set-up and strides to square. He did a much better job than the last time we saw him of hitting the ball where it was pitched in BP and driving it to all parts of the field. Defensively, Brittingham has solid feet around the bag and would benefit from fielding the ball further out front.

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