Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Showcase Analysis: Outfielders (Class of 2016)

By Jacob Gill
Philadelphia Region Director of Scouting

Prior to embarking on their junior season, 14 outfielders descended on Keystone State Baseball Academy in Manheim to showcase their skills at the Preseason All-State Showcase. They are listed below in reverse alphabetical order. Why? I always felt bad for the guy in my elementary school with the last name Zyvert.

Connor WilsonConnor Wilson, 5-10 175, R/R, Radnor
6.56 60-yard dash, 85-mph exit velo, 81-mph arm
Yup, the kid can scoot. Wilson hits from a square stance with minimal stride and hand load. His hand path to the ball is short and he stays inside well. While he works a tad uphill, especially for someone with his jets, he absolutely has the strength in his frame to drive a gap. Defensively, Wilson didn't get to display his best attribute, his ability to run down fly balls, at this indoor facility. Speaking with him after the event, we learned that he is a high-caliber student as well.

Austin WackerAustin Wacker, 5-6 160, R/R, Cumberland Valley
7.03 60-yard dash, 79-mph exit velo, 78-mph arm
Wacker starts from a slightly open stance and employs a toe-tap to get to square, with his hands in a good launch position. His body goes forward with his stride, he uses an inside-out approach, and cuts off his finish a bit. Defensively, Wacker (also a pitcher who spins a quality curveball) showed athletic feet and good direction toward his target when throwing.

Jared UrbanJared Urban, 5-10 170, L/R, Coatesville Area
7.25 60-yard dash, 86-mph exit velo, 81-mph arm
Urban starts from an open stance and strides to square. He takes a short, simple stride, uses a bat wiggle trigger with his hands getting to a good launch point, and his head stays still throughout his swing. He consistently takes a short path to the baseball with a gap-to-gap approach. Defensviely, Urban profiles as a corner guy at the next level.

Peyton SchultzPeyton Schultz, 5-8 180, R/R, St. Mark's (DE)
6.88 60-yard dash, 84-mph exit velo, 80-mph arm
Schultz starts from a slightly open stance and strides to slightly closed. He has strength throughout his frame, particularly in his forearms. He loads his hands to a good launch position, works down into the zone, and employs an inside-out stroke. Defensively, Schultz moved well and appeared to have solid carry on his throws from and over-the-top slot.

Matt ReinertMatt Reinert, 5-11 155, R/R, Souderton Area
7.01 60-yard dash, 78-mph exit velo, 80-mph arm
Reinert starts from a wide open stance with almost all of his weight on his back leg and strides slightly closed. The 5-foot-11, 155-pound right-handed hitter keeps his head stays relatively still and he flashes some bat speed. An uphill path is preceded by a high back elbow prior to launch. Reinert moved well defensively and gained ground toward his target on his throws.

Aidan PlantsAidan Plants, 5-7 175, R/R, Montoursville Area
7.37 60-yard dash, 83-mph exit velo, 78-mph arm
Plants starts from a slightly open stance and strides to square and wide. He launches the bat from over his shoulder with the bat flat and bat head pointed away from his back, which added length to his path and caused him to not always get the barrel into the zone on time, despite getting his foot down early. Defensively, Plants profiles as a left fielder at the next level.

Lane PalmerLane Palmer, 6-0 195, R/R, Seneca Valley
6.93 60-yard dash, 90-mph exit velo, 83-mph arm
Palmer is a raw, toolsy, physical hitter. He starts from a square stance with his top hand over-rotated on the bat and weight heavy on his back leg. He takes a late, quick stride that doesn't always allow him to get off his backside or be on time to unleash his above average bat speed. When he is on time, however, the ball comes screaming off his bat. Palmer's outfield actions are raw as well, and, despite his speed, he is ticketed for a corner at the next level.

Isaac NealIsaac Neal, 6-0 175, R/R, Parkland
7.07 60-yard dash, 89-mph exit velo, 88-mph arm
Neal starts from an open stance with weight on his back leg and strides to slightly open, getting up on his toe and rolling his front knee in. He flashes above average bat speed, while struggling to stay through contact due to his front hip spinning off the ball, which also doesn't allow him to fully incorporate his backside into his swing. Defensively, Neal's arm strength will play up more when he shortens his time from catch to release.

Alex MyersAlex Myers, 6-2 175, R/R, Central York
7.10 60-yard dash, 80-mph exit velo, 82-mph arm
A primary pitcher, Myers starts from square stance and employs a short lift-and-replace stride. He loads his hands deep, while flashing some bat speed and barrel whip with a top hand roll at contact. His eyes stay level and his swing is repeatable. Defensively, Myers struggles to get consistent carry on his throws, as he strides open on release.

Langston LivingstonLangston Livingston, 6-3 185, L/R, La Salle
6.86 60-yard dash, 88-mph exit velo, 80-mph arm
Livingston starts from a slightly open stance and takes a knee-to-knee stride to slightly closed. His swing has good rhythm and he keeps his eyes level throughout. His stroke is smooth and easy with some length in it due to wrapping the barrel behind his head. Defensively, Livingston's speed will play well in the outfield and his arm strength, which could see additional carry if he gets his front foot squared up to his target, continues to improve.

Jack LariniJack Larini, 5-10 170, R/R, Abington
7.18 60-yard dash, 85-mph exit velo, 86-mph arm
Larini starts from a square stance and takes a medium-length stride. There's a touch of length in his stroke, which is forced by loading his hands behind his head slighly, but he attacks the baseball and hits through contact, creating backspin, fairly well. Defensively, Larini features a javelin-throw arm action and played the the baseball well.

Jackson LakeJackson Lake, 6-3 185, R/R, La Salle
6.84 60-yard dash, 74-mph exit velo, 83-mph arm
Lake starts from a slightly open, wide stance and takes a parallel stride to square in which he rises on his toe and balances with his heel off the ground for a beat. He sits hard on his backside with a deep load and upright barrel. His frame portends power potential, which he will better be able to tap into when he learns to better incorporate his lower half and get extension through contact. Defensively, Lake's speed should play well in the outfield.

David JuechterDavid Juechter, 6-1 185, R/R, Perkiomen School
7.37 60-yard dash, 87-mph exit velo, 83-mph arm
Juechter starts from a slightly open stance and takes a short, parallel stride in which he gets up on his toe and rolls his front knee in. His strong frame generated some bat speed, even though a deep load created some stiffness and length. His head stayed fairly still and he worked back through the middle of the field well. Defensively, Juechter moved well and had good carry on his throws from an over-the-top slot.

Corey DowerCorey Dower, 5-9 150, R/R, Archbishop Wood
6.96 60-yard dash, 76-mph exit velo, 71-mph arm
Dower starts from a slightly open stance with a relaxed set-up and takes a medium-height leg kick with his weight loading on the backside. A slight barrel wrap and the fact that he isn't a physical monster lead to some length in his swing. As he gets physically stronger, he should be able to take the barrel on a straighter path into the zone. He showed good balance and extension through contact when he was on time. Defensively, Dower exhibited athletic feet and played through the ball well.

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