Q and A with Chris Melillo C/1B, LaSalle College HS

Chris Mellilo

Q and A with Chris Mellilo, a 6-foot-1, 205-pound C/1B, LaSalle College HS, Class of 2013

PBR:  Where are you in the process of deciding on a college?
Mellilo:  I have a few offers, and I’m currently in contact with coaches from other schools. I don’t think I will commit until the summer after my junior year, when I think I am fully ready to make a commitment to playing college baseball for a school.

PBR:  What schools are you currently considering?
Mellilo:  The schools that are recruiting me are: Stanford, Wake Forest, Maryland and Delaware, with a few others in the mix.

PBR:  Is distance from home a factor in your decision?
Mellilo:  For the most part, no. I want to go to the school that fits best for both academics and athletics, regardless of location. That being said, if my future college is close to home, I would love to be near my family.

PBR:  Where have college coaches been able to see you?
Mellilo:  I have exposed myself to colleges in three main ways: Showcases in both the summer and winter, AAU tournaments during the summer, especially down south, and individual college camps. A few coaches have been able to make it to my high school games as well.

PBR:  What position do you see yourself playing in college?
Mellilo:  I expect to be a catcher in college, and that’s the main position I’m being recruited at. However, I play some first base for my high school team, so if I’m needed there, I would be capable of playing some first. Wherever is best for my team.

PBR:  What is your biggest strength as a player and how do you feel that will help your team?
Mellilo:  I really feel that my ability to hit for power is my biggest strength. I think that I can consistently give my team a chance to win with myself in the lineup, with the ability to get on base and drive in runs. If I can get an at bat with runners on, I think I can make the most out of that chance to help the team win.

PBR:  Who do you play for in the summer and what was your most memorable experience from this past summer?
Mellilo:  Last summer, I played for the Philly Whiz Kids. However, this summer I’ll be playing for the Evoshield Canes, a team based out of Virginia. I would say that my biggest moment was going to Florida with the Whiz Kids and beating the Canes, my future team, who recruited me to play for them from that game. They were ranked something like 9th in the country at the time, and I caught well and had a big home run. That was a lot of fun, and I’ll remember those moments for a long time.

PBR:  What is your current GPA?
Mellilo:  My current GPA is a 3.75, my cumulative GPA is around a 3.6.

PBR:  What are your plans for your junior season and the summer of 2012?
Mellilo:  As an individual, I hope to earn all-league honors or possibly all- area. As a team, we want to win the Catholic League and eventually earn a spot in the state playoffs. LaSalle hasn’t won the league in a few years, so it’s a big season for us.

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