Top Prospect Games Spotlight on RHP Ricky Dennis

                               Ricky Dennis

Ricky Dennis, ranked No. 52 in the Class of 2013 is a BIG addition to the list of players who will be participating at the PA Top Prospect Games in October. Dennis (Central Bucks South), who stands 6-foot-8, and weighs 220-pounds will be easy to spot among the prospects at the event.

Dennis throws hard with an upper 80's fastball, but it his size that makes him such an interesting prospect. At 6-8, his 87mph fastball is going to reach a hitter quicker than the same 87mph fastball coming out of the hand of a pitcher six or seven inches shorter.

Dennis is committed to Monmouth, but is continuing to work extremely hard for his senior year of high school and beyond. His goal is to get his velocity into the mid-90's.

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