2021 Mock Draft

Nathan Rode
Director, Multimedia & Scouting

Marcelo MayerEven 72 hours out, it’s still “early” to really peg specific players to teams. There is always uncertainty to the draft and one pick near the top that deviates from expectations can alter the course of the whole first round. Nonetheless, we still try to predict the future! Hard intel is still lacking at this point, but here is our stab at how the first round might shake out on Sunday night.

No. Team Pick
1 Pirates Marcelo Mayer
This has been the buzz for a while now. Mayer isn't No. 1 on our board, but he isn't unworthy either.
2 Rangers Jordan Lawlar
Texas likes toolsy athletes, which Lawlar is, and he's the local guy. But he could slide. Kahlil Watson is a strong possibility here.
3 Tigers Jackson Jobe
If somehow Mayer got this far, it's hard to see him getting past Detroit.
4 Red Sox Jack Leiter
It's hard to imagine Leiter dropping any further than this, but not impossible.
5 Orioles Kahlil Watson
While still "early", this feels like Watson's floor. If Watson goes second, Davis is an option, but don't be surprised if someone jumps up on a deal.
6 D-backs Henry Davis
Best available at this point would be Davis or Kumar Rocker. If it's between those two for Arizona, I'd lean Davis.
7 Royals Colton Cowser
If things as laid out above, a college bat might be the direction for Kansas City with Cowser or Sal Frelick being the options. If Watson goes second and Lawlar slides, he's an option.
8 Rockies Kumar Rocker
Rocker has 1-1 stuff and won't be cheap. If he doesn't go in the first few picks, this might be his next viable spot.
9 Angels Harry Ford
The Angels have taken high floor college guys the last couple years, but were all about premium high school athletes the previous two years. Ford, Benny Montgomery fit the most here on that crossed with best available. Unless they go for a deeper discount.
10 Mets Sal Frelick
The money would be tough, but Rocker would fit if he fell. Otherwise, a college bat feels like the best fit here and Frelick would be best available.
11 Nationals Brady House
Again, tough on the money, but this has to be Rocker's absolute floor right? House played on the Nationals Area Code team...is that enough of a connection?
12 Mariners Ty Madden
Would Seattle go four straight college righties with their first pick? It would hard to argue a different direction with Madden available.
13 Phillies Benny Montgomery
The easy association here is that Montgomery is a local kid, but he isn't likely to get much further than this either way.
14 Giants Matt McLain
San Francisco generally leans college with the first pick and McLain would be the best fit.
15 Brewers Joe Mack
If any of the college guys above get this far, they'd very much be in play. This is a good place to start looking at the next group of high school prospects, starting with Mack.
16 Marlins Andy Painter
Painter has exciting upside, and he's from just up the road.
17 Reds Jordan Wicks
The Reds have gone between high school upside and safer college picks the last several years so this could break either way. Wicks would fit nicely, as would Mack or Painter if they got this far.
18 Cardinals Will Bednar
When the Cardinals return to the postseason, big game experience will be necessary. You saw what Bednar did in Omaha right?
19 Blue Jays Gunnar Hoglund
Toronto doesn't have a ton of money to work with. Hoglund was looking like a top 10 pick before being sidelined. Get some upside, but at a slight discount because of injury?
20 Yankees Chase Petty
Petty craves competition. The spotlight doesn't scare him. That sounds like a fit for Yankee Stadium.
21 Cubs Sam Bachman
A college guy feels like more of a fit than high school here.
22 White Sox Colson Montgomery
Montgomery is going somewhere in the first 50 picks, more likely the first 30. There's some natural association here with his Area Code Game and the home state of Chicago's scouting director.
23 Indians Izaac Pacheco
Cleveland typically jumps on a high school guy with their first pick, even if the bonus isn't robust. It might be a tick high for Pacheco, but I think it would fit fine.
24 Braves Gavin Williams
The Braves are in the bottom five in pool money, so a college player feels like the route to go, and Williams is a fourth-year player.
25 Athletics Jud Fabian
Can you picture Fabian in white cleats, covering a spacious Oakland outfield and hitting tanks? I can.
26 Twins Frank Mozzicato
There are several college arms and a couple bats that wouldn't be surprising here, but what about jumping on a guy that had a ton of helium this spring? Mozzicato has the stuff and upside to find his way into the first round.
27 Padres Will Taylor
San Diego hasn't picked this low since 2015. They haven't taken a college player first since 2016. If they stick to a prep and look for upside, Taylor feels like the best fit at this point.
28 Rays Spencer Schwellenbach
Tampa Bay has taken a two-way player with its first pick before. Schwellenbach's pitching upside is highly intriguing, but there's some love for his ability as a position player too.
29 Dodgers Jonathan Cannon
There is a big group of guys here with a lot of similarities. Even with smaller bonus pools, the Dodgers haven't been afraid to spend on upside. Cannon is a draft-eligible sophomore and could be an even higher pick next year if things break right.

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