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A little bit about Chris Burke:

  •  ESPN College & Little League Baseball Analyst
  •  2001 SEC Player of the Year (league leader in batting avg., hits, runs, triples, slg %, OBP, and total bases)
  •  Holds 6 Single Season Hitting Records and 8 Career Hitting Records at the University of Tennessee
  •  2-time Consensus First-team All-American
  •  Hit Walk Off Home Run in 2005 NLDS vs. Atlanta Braves
  •  Professional Hitting Instructor


*Robbie Corman – University of Virginia Catcher*

When coaches or teachers are trying to get a point across, sometimes it’s helpful to make out of the box comparisons. In this case, Chris Burke is comparing the 4 parts of the swing to hitting a punching bag. At first the comparison seems a bit far-fetched, but as he goes through this week’s tip of the week it becomes much more visible.

Take a look at the picture of Robbie Corman above, who is now with the St. Louis Cardinals. If you were to take the bat away, his right hand would be in a great punching position. This position is the first step of the swing: Separation.

From there, his elbow would come tight to his body: The Slot Position.

Thirdly, he will be making contact with the ball (hitting the bag): The Impact Position.

Lastly, he will need to finish the swing, which is the equivalent of punching through the bag: Extension.

After hearing Chris Burke talk about the 4 parts of the swing while walking through the process of punching a bag, you will begin to see the similarities. It’s a great way to work on your swing, so take a look at this week’s tip of the week and give it a try!

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