Prep Baseball Report

Evaluating Where You Fit

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

The ability to trust information is important for any evaluator.  There is not a coach, or scout alive that does not take information from trusted sources to begin their evaluation process.  As a college coach for almost twenty years, I began to build a list of people in different areas of my state, and different areas we recruited to get a jump on the process.  The hope is that I would have a name early, and be in the door prior to some other schools. 

As I became indoctrinated with Prep Baseball Report, I hammered the site to get more information on players from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland… three areas we made priorities when we left our home state of North Carolina.  I trusted the information on PBR because I used it as a starting point to get into the state’s rosters, and as I attended events, we saw the information was accurate.

At the beginning I loved the information from PBR because we were ahead of many of the southern schools and I was in the door prior to anyone else knowing about the players we were recruiting.  It did not take long for the hard-working baseball coaches of America to catch on and catch up.  It can be disheartening as a coach, when you believe you are ahead of the curve, only to walk into an event and see another 70 schools in attendance, many from your area.

If coaches and scouts are using the information to cross-check, or begin their lists, so can players.  One area players and families are always working to navigate is where do they fit.  Nobody wants to give up on the dream school, but does “Johnny” have the ability to play there.  There are several sources that can be beneficial to players and families as they work to navigate the process, and utilize their resources in the best way.  Area coaches and services like Prep Baseball Report can lead players and their families down the right road.

Using Area Coaches

Coaches that spend their time on the field helping to develop players at all times of the year are generally good people that want to help with the dream. 

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