Prep Baseball Report

Prep Baseball Report Announces PBR Limited Series

Prep Baseball Report is proud to announce the PBR Limited Series, a set of high-profile, invite-only tournaments that will be scouted by our state and national PBR Staff. After hearing the complaints about the overwhelming travel, the exorbitant cost for teams and parents, and the distance between fields, we have created regionalized, concentrated tournaments that will be held at high-profile facilities across the country.  

The PBR Staff is constantly scouting players and teams across their respective states, and have created the PBR Limited Series to bring some of these high-profile teams together play on one stage.  The PBR Limited Series will bring the top teams together in a unique setting that will provide great exposure for the athletes and participating programs.      

The PBR Limited Series will create an intimate atmosphere that will give the PBR scouting staff, as well as college and professional scouts, a setting to see top teams from their respective states and regions compete against each other.

Each player that participates in the PBR Limited Series will receive a PBR Player Profile that our staff will update with videos, scouting reports, verified stats and more following the event. The PBR Staff will write up pre-content coverage of teams attending and players to watch, as well as post-content coverage of event and player results. The PBR Staff will provide Scout Blogs and team recaps throughout the event, and a daily recap of the top performers from each day.  

Prep Baseball Report will continue to update the PBR Limited Series page as new events are finalized. Find the PBR Limited Series page on  to request your invite today.