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Prep Baseball Report Partners With Driveline to Help Players Turn Data into Actionable Feedback

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Furthering its commitment to deliver amateur athletes the nation’s most comprehensive scouting and event platform, Prep Baseball Report announced a new strategic partnership with Driveline Baseball, the global leader in data-driven player development.

Driveline Baseball is at the epicenter of the data-driven player-development movement, and works at the highest levels of professional baseball. As the Official Player Development Partner of Prep Baseball Report, Driveline will bring cutting-edge insights, data analysis and developmental expertise to players attending PBR events through its proprietary TRAQ and EDGE systems starting this summer.

Putting Players’ Data Into Action

Through the partnership with Driveline Baseball, athletes who attend events featuring PBR Technology Partners will receive a Player Development Snapshot after the event, utilizing all the data collected.. The Snapshot will help players understand the information, what it means in their specific case, and most important: How to use it to get better. 

Driveline will deliver the personalized Snapshot via its  in-house training software, TRAQ. Athletes will also find additional resources and visualizations to educate them and make them better players.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with Driveline Baseball,” said Prep Baseball Report President Sean Duncan. “When it comes to player development, Driveline is at the forefront of Major League Baseball, international leagues and collegiate baseball. They are the trailblazers of the industry.

“Now, players attending our events will not only receive unparalleled data of their performances, but they will also strengthen their knowledge of what that data actually means so they can improve.”

Pioneering The Data-Driven Age

In addition to benefiting athletes attending Prep Baseball Report events, Driveline will also provide support and education for Prep Baseball Report staff across the country, similar to the services provided to MLB and international clubs around the world. 

Driveline Baseball has rooted its history and success in research and development. From optical tracking and biomechanical analysis, to monitoring and utilizing baseball physics, the Washington-based company has become the foremost expert in the application of data into actionable training.

Driveline’s founder, Kyle Boddy, is the pioneer of the data-driven age. Boddy now also serves as the Director of Pitching Initiatives for the Cincinnati Reds, one of the eight employees Driveline shares with major league clubs. Jason Ochart, Driveline’s Director of Hitting, serves as the Philadelphia Phillies Hitting Coordinator. Driveline also has more than  20 former employees in pro ball, becoming the industry’s finishing school for the progressive baseball coach, analyst or trainer. 

“The way baseball athletes are assessed and scouted in today’s game is evolving,” said Tosh Semlacher, Driveline’s Senior Business Manager. “Therefore the product and information one receives from a PBR event must evolve with it. This partnership with Driveline is one of the many initiatives PBR is taking to provide the best, most illustrative showcase product for every PBR athlete moving forward.”

With Prep Baseball Report’s recent partnerships with TrackMan and Blast Motion, Duncan said Driveline completes the circle of providing the most comprehensive experience to help prospects advance to the next level.

“It’s one thing to have access to the data; it’s another thing to actually understand what it means and how to use it to improve,” said Duncan. “That is what Driveline does at the highest levels of baseball. Certainly, Driveline is the industry leader in this space, and I am grateful for the partnership. But what pumps me up the most is that their company’s ethos aligns with ours.” 

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