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Recruiting Essentials: Top 10 Most Read Articles

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

Over the past 6 months, we have worked to make Recruiting Essentials a place where parents and players can get a look “behind the curtain” at recruiting.  Often, when speaking with parents, many are overwhelmed by the process and I have made the comment that they will be experts in the process the day after their player commits.  Recruiting Essentials is a place where we hope to peel back some of the layers of NCAA rules, along with some of the thought process of college coaches.

The Recruiting Essentials articles actually began in 2014, covering a lot of information over 18 months.  The re-boot in March of 2017 allows us to address the ever-evolving world of the NCAA and recruiting.  It is amazing though… many of the issues from three years ago are still issues today.  Recruiting Essentials is space that can help current players and parents learn from past

Today we will look back at the re-boot of the Recruiting Essentials articles and some of the most viewed articles from the past 6 months.

1. Recruiting Essentials: Showcasing Pitchers

A look at what evaluators or grading and projecting in pitchers.  Several ideas for pitchers in live game settings, and bullpen settings, to make sure they are putting their best foot forward and giving coaches an accurate look at their skill set.

2.  Recruiting Essentials: The Science of Scholarship Management

One of our first articles in the re-boot, and one I, personally, am very proud of.  In this article, we tackle the difficulty of managing a roster, within NCAA limitations on scholarship allotment and roster size caps.  The article includes a look at some different depth charts and some of the flexibility coaches can have in building their roster.

3.  Recruiting Essentials: Important Fall Dates

A nuts and bolts look at NCAA dates and regulations that may affect a player’s schedule when trying to be seen by college coaches.  Also gives some important dates on Quiet Periods, Dead Periods, and Singing Periods.  Some differences between the Division I level and other NCAA levels are addressed as well.

4. Recruiting Essentials: Making Contact with Email

When a player sends an email to a coaching staff, his email may be one of 50+ emails received that day.  The first thing a coach may see is the email address and a coach may lose interest in that player based on that address.  This article addresses how to build emails and make an impression with coaches through a professional medium.

5. Recruiting Essentials: Commitment Trends

This article was part I of several articles that will follow, looking at some commitment numbers in the current high school classes vs. the 2017 graduated class.  If the number of commitments across the country remains similar, what is the actual percentage of players in the 2018 or 2019 class that have committed already.  Is the recruiting and commitment process really moving at a fast pace?  As we approach the November Signing Period, we will build part II, where we can continue to see the pace of commitments in specific states and across PBR.

Other articles inside the Top 10 most viewed include:

6. Parents at Events
7. Make Phone Calls Count
8. Walking-On
9. Showcasing Tools (Position Players)
10. College Prospect Camps

Moving forward we plan to continue to look at trends across recruiting at various levels.  We will also continue to update players and parents on NCAA rules and guidelines.  Parents and players should feel free to reach out and ask questions as they pop up.  We have been able to help several players and families in the past six months and we look forward to providing assistance as needed.  Question and Answer articles may be formed from these emails, but we will look to tackle broad subjects that may help numerous people.

Finally, thank you to the parents, players, and coaches reading these articles.  I spent 20 years at the Division I level coaching.  The baseball side of PBR, and what we do daily, comes somewhat naturally.  The writing aspect takes time and I like to believe, it has continued to develop with each week that we post an article.  We are here to help and I hope the tone of the articles pushes that point across to all those that are reading each week.


Prior to becoming the PBR North Carolina Scouting Director, Hall spent 18 years coaching at the Division I level in North Carolina. Raised in Raleigh, Hall coached 14 years at UNC Charlotte, including seven years as associate head coach and 11 seasons as the recruiting coordinator. Prior to joining the coaching staff at Charlotte, Hall spent four seasons as an assistant coach at his alma mater, UNC Wilmington, where he also worked with the pitchers. In his 18 seasons as an assistant at the two schools, Hall's teams have won eight regular-season championships and seven of his pitching staffs have been ranked nationally in ERA, including the top spot in the nation in 2007 (at 2.64). 

For questions dealing with the recruiting process, please direct them to [email protected].  Future articles will deal with “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Question and Answers” about anything dealing with recruiting.  Brandon Hall will work to answer individual questions in a timely manner.

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