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Trackman, PBR Come Together to Deliver Unparalleled Baseball Experience

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This summer, Prep Baseball Report events across the country will be powered by TrackMan’s industry-leading Portable system to capture pinpoint accurate, actionable data from player performances. Prep Baseball Report and TrackMan are dedicated to recognizing talent and unleashing potential, so the partnership was a natural step – and it is greatly valued by both parties.

"At TrackMan, it is our mission to work with the leading organizations and individuals in every sport, which helps us develop our products and knowledge,” TrackMan Baseball VP Sales Matt Frelich said. “I’m pleased to report that our Portable system customers include the top professional teams and PBR.  PBR is making a huge statement in baseball by making TrackMan Portable available at their events.”  

 “TrackMan is the pioneer of the data-driven age,” said Prep Baseball Report President Sean Duncan. “They created the market and they are still the industry leaders in ball tracking capabilities. TrackMan is the gold standard. Their portable unit is packed with groundbreaking technology and is the most reliable and accurate portable system in the world.”

Baseball Performance Revealed

Following an event, all players get unrivaled access to their data in the TrackMan app, where they can create custom dashboards that unlock both hitting and pitching data. The TrackMan app also integrates with high-speed video, managing external cameras and capturing video clips directly into the app automatically – and pairing the video with each pitch. Pitchers can see the complete pitch trajectory in 3D, create defined tags to label and compare pitches, pin pitches together to create tunneling visualizations between different pitch types, and much more. Pitchers will have access to release speed, spin rate, spin axis, release height, extension, horizontal and vertical break and location on each pitch. Hitters can see exit speed, distance traveled, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, contact depth and contact side/height for each swing.

 Key ball flight metrics will also live inside player profiles at for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level. TrackMan’s advanced data metrics will augment what players already receive from a PBR showcase, which includes an edited video of their performance, personalized scouting reports, verified statistics, run times and positional velocities. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to have these units at most Prep Baseball Report events across the country,”  said Duncan. “For the players, they will receive unmatched access to their data so they can understand and improve their skills. This is such an incredible benefit for both the players and our scouting staff.”

 Tried and Trusted Technology

TrackMan Stadium units are embedded in all but a handful of professional stadiums around the world, making them the undisputed industry standard in ball tracking and player evaluation. The TrackMan Portable unit is based on the same optically enhanced dual radar technology, so measurements captured during events and in-game are directly comparable. As the world’s best players have all been measured by TrackMan, PBR players can see how their data compares, offering them a unique opportunity to learn and improve. 

 Whether indoors or outdoors, the Portable tracks every ball with equal reliability to eliminate the necessity for guesswork. It combines the best of image tracking, radar technology and video analysis to output the most accurate data in every environment. 

 “Smart combinations of technologies applied the right way will mitigate or fully eliminate weaknesses while also improving the strengths,” TrackMan CTO Frederik Tuxen said.

 Thanks to its winning combination of TrackMan accuracy, instant feedback on the app and high-speed camera integration, the Portable unit is taking over the highest levels of baseball. The fact that Prep Baseball Report will have it at their events across the country is a true differentiator for the players. 

 “With our new TrackMan Baseball Portable system, we’re delivering proven accuracy and data quality in a reliable system that can be set up and calibrated in minutes, to be used everywhere baseball is played or practiced,” TrackMan CEO Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen said.

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