Prep Baseball Report

All-State Games Analysis: Infielders

Phil Haig
Texas Scouting Director

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WACO, T.X.- On November 3rd our PBR boot-on-the-ground staff held our annual Texas All-State Games at McLennan Community College. This showcase featured some of the top prospects from around the state in the 2020-2023 classes. Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to release analysis throughout the week. 

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Top Statistical Performers
Analysis: Catchers 


Luke Bagwell, SS/ RHP, Weatherford, 2021
Frame: 5-foot-11, 160-pounds
Defensively: Fields ball out front, short arm path, starts double play well, throws across at 80
Offensively: Upright stance, no backside when hitting, uphill swing, 
Statistics:  81 Exit Velocity, 80 IF Velo, 7. 19 60 Yard Dash. 

Riley Bender, SS/OF, Kingwood, 2021
Frame: 6-foot-4, 182-pounds, long projectable 
Defensively: Fundamentally sound actions, hands work and fields ball out front, throws across diamond at 80 mph
Offensively: Upright stance, simple load into swing, uphill, attacks ball, effort in swing, ball jumped off bat
Statistics: 88 EV, 80 IF Velo, 7.85 60 Yard Dash. 

Ryan Brome, 3B/SS, Katy, 2021 
Frame: 6-foot-1, 193-pounds, sturdy frame 
Defensively: Fields ball out front, fundamentally sound actions, quick release on throws across at 80 mph
Offensively: Simple setup, slightly uphill swing, ball jumped off barrel in BP, stayed inside the ball well
Statistics: 79 EV, 80 IF Velo, 7.44 60 Yard Dash. 

JR Ceyanes,  RHP/1B, Katy, 2023
Frame: 6-foot-2, 160-pounds,  long limbs, loose, athletic frame
Defensively: Good carry and accuracy on throws across with a long arm path at 83 mph
Offensively: Simple balanced setup, late trigger to start swing, stayed inside ball well
Statistics: 80 EV, 83 IF Velo, 7.29 60 Yard Dash

Andrew Chamberlain, SS/ RHP, Hendrickson, 2023 
Frame: 5-foot-9, 142-pounds
Defensively: Athletic actions, fundamentally sound, short arm path on throws across at 78 mph
Offensively: Balanced setup, cuts off finish some, flat stroke, feel for barrel
Statistics: 78 EV, 78 IF Velo, 7.36 60 Yard Dash

Max Childress, MIF, College Station, 2022 
Frame: 5-foot-10, 170-pounds, athletic frame
Defensively: Fundamentally sound actions, fields ball out front and cleanly, throws across diamond accurately at 78 mph
Offensively: Dives to the plate some, some length, had feel for the barrel, ball came off well, strong 
Statistics: 82 EV, 78 IF Velo, 8.01 60 Yard Dash

Aidan Coleman, SS/ RHP, Reagan, 2023 
Frame: 5-foot-11, 160-pounds
Defensively: Hands and feet worked together, moves athletically, short arm path, some effort in throws across at 79 mph
Offensively: Balanced setup, rhythm in load, flat stroke, wanted to pull the ball some, slightly uphill
Statistics: 80 EV, 7.79 60 Yard Dash

Ryan Davis, 1B/OF Midway, 2021
Frame: 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, long limbs, high waist
Defensively: Long arm path, fields ball deep, accurate throws across at 82 mph
Offensively: Upright stance, simple load into swing, big barrel tip, ball came off bat well
Statistics: 84 EV, 7.93 60 Yard Dash

Weston Duncan, John H Guyer, 2022, C/SS
Frame: 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, physical frame with solid lower half
Defensively: slightly upright setup, some stiffness but it worked, throws had good carry to 2nd base at  75 mph, POP time of 2.16-2.24,
Offensively: natural rhythm in load, some length, slightly around ball at times, ball jumped off bat when it was right
Statistics: 89 EV, 7.47 60 Yard Dash

Zachary Escovedo, 2B, The Woodlands, 2020,
Frame: 5-foot-9, 165 pounds, strong lower half 
Defensively: Hands and feet work well together on Defense, made strong throws across at 84 mph with a long arm path
Offensively: Uphill some, wanted to pull in BP, ball came of the bat well
Statistics: 83 EV, 7.57 Yard Dash 

Fernando Garza, RHP/1B, 2021, Katy
Frame: 6-foot-6, 240-pounds, powerful frame
Defensively: Long arm path, hands worked around the ball
Offensively: Balanced stance, simple load, rhythm into swing, flat swing, ball jumped off bat
Statistics: 92 EV, 90 IF Velo, 7.68 60 Yard Dash

Landry Hamm, SS, Ridge Point, 2023 
Frame: 5-foot-9, 130-pounds
Defensively: Athletic actions on defense, hands and feet work well together, short arm path, accurate throws, starts double play well, handled slow roller with ease, made throws across at 73 mph, has a chance to really defend, more to come as he gets stronger
Offensively: Simple setup and load, inside the ball, not much lower half in the swing, slightly dives across body
Statistics: 71 EV, 7.83 60 Yard Dash

Rowdy Hoadley, SS/3B, Georgetown, 2021  
Frame: 6-foot, 180-pounds, athletic, twitchy, loose
Defensively: Hands and fee work well together, strong arm across at 85 mph, handled slow roller well and threw from multiple slots with ease
Offensively: RHH- Simple setup, flat stroke, drove the baseball LHH-  inside the ball well, feel for the barrel
Statistics: 86 EV, 6.89 60 Yard Dash

Jayson Jones, SS/3B, Braswell, 2022 
Frame: 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, physical athletic frame 
Defensively: Athletic actions on defense, unconventional arm path but much shorter than previously seen, strong accurate throws across at 86 mph, hands and feet work well. 
Offensively: Athletic setup, rhythm in hands in load, barrel works well through the baseball, ball jumps off bat, backspin line drives to all fields in BP, Big time hitter and bat is his calling card now
Statistics: 92 EV, 6.76 60 Yard Dash

Joshua Jones, C/IF, V.R. Eaton, 2022 
Frame: 5-foot-10, 185-pounds, stocky frame
Defensively: Slightly upright in setup, receives ball well, quick transfer and accurate, throws down to 2nd base at 77 mph and POP times of 2.07-2.18, also made accurate throws across the diamond at 78 mph as in infielder.
Offensively: Athletic setup, some rhythm in load, lots of barrel movement pre swing, uphill and around the ball some
Statistics: 82 EV, 7.29 60 Yard Dash

Trajan Lee, 1B/RHP, John Paul II, 2021
Frame: 6-foot-4 , 200-pounds, long limbs projectable frame
Defensively: Long arm path on throws across at 86 mph, hands worked around the ball, good carry on throws
Offensively: Uphill, spins on backside some, some rhythm in load into swing 
Statistics: 92 EV, 7.83 60

Edward Mendoza, RHP/1B, Eagle Pass, 2021 
Frame: 6-foot, 170-pounds, strong lower half
Defensively: Short arm path on throws across diamond at 81 mph, fundamentally sound 
Offensively: Balanced setup, simple load, repeatable swing, flat stroke, ball came off bat well
Statistics: 82 EV, 7.5 60 Yard Dash

Ethan Mendoza, 2B, Southlake Carroll, 2023 
Frame: 5-foot-7, 140-pounds 
Defensively: Hands and feet work together, long arm path on throws across at 79 mph, handles slow roller well
Offensively: rhythm in load, flat stroke, feel for barrel, attacks ball
Statistics: 78 EV, 7.8 60 Yard Dash

Chase Mora, SS/RHP, Tomball, 2022 
Frame: 5-foot-10, 145-pounds, athletic, loose 
Defensively: Athletic actions, feet work well around the ball in the infield and outfield. Throwing velocity from OF - 87 INF - 84 mph
Offensively: Simple athletic setup, Rhythm in load, gets solid extension through the ball, handled the barrel well
Statistics: 80 EV

Blake Morrow, 3B, Frisco Wakeland, 2021 
Frame: 6-foot-1, 175-pounds 
Defensively: Long arm path on throws across at 80 mph, long strides into fielding the ball , accurate throws
Offensively: Moving parts pre swing, ball jumps when its timed out right, uphill some, effort in swing
Statistics: 81 EV, 7.86 60 Yard Dash

Caedmon Parker, SS/RHP, The Woodlands Christian Academy, 2021 
Frame: 6-foot-4, 175-pounds, athletic, projectable, long and loose frame
Defensively: Athletic actions, hands and feet work well together around the ball, good carry on throws across at 89 mph
Offensively: Simple setup, small leg kick, small load, flat stroke 
Statistics: 80 EV, 7.85 60 Yard Dash

Ryan Pehrson, SS/RHP, Southlake Carroll, 2021
Frame: 6-foot, 170-pounds, athletic, strong frame
Defensively: Hands worked well around ball, longs strides into the ball, accurate throws across at 83
Offensively: Balanced setup, ball jumped off barrel when right, wanted to pull during BP, barrel worked well through the baseball 
Statistics: 84 EV 

Chase Pendley, SS, Prosper, 2021 
Frame: 6-foot, 170-pounds, athletic frame
Defensively: Hands work around the ball, starts double play well, long arm path on throws across at 89 mph
Offensively: Balanced setup, simple load, dives across body some, slightly cuts self off on finish
Statistics: 85 EV, 7.79 60 Yard Dash

Jack Pruitt, 3B/OF, Reedy, 2020 
Frame: 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, strong physical frame
Defensively: Hands and feet worked well together, fielded balls cleanly, made accurate throws at 80 mph across the diamond
Offensively: Simple setup and load into swing, flat stroke, lot of line drives in BP
Statistics: 84 EV, 7.32 60 Yard Dash

Landon Pyles, SS, New Braunfels Canyon, 2021 
Frame: 5-foot-7, 145-pounds 
Defensively: Some effort in throws with a short arm action at 78 mph 
Offensively: Uphill, wants to pull, feel for the barrel, ball jumped off bat in BP
Statistics: 82 EV, 7.59 60 Yard Dash

Brayden Randle, C, Rockwall, 2023 
Frame: 5-foot-7, 135-pounds, twitchy, athletic 
Defensively: Quiet setup behind plate, short arm path on throws down to 2nd base, overall made accurate throws at 77 mph, POP time of 2.12-2.19, INF - accurate throws at 78 mph, hands work well around the ball, slightly stiff but athletic actions in the field
Offensively: Balanced simple setup, dives some, hands work directly to ball, stayed inside the ball well
Statistics: 81 EV, 7.23 60 Yard Dash

Jagger Schattle, 1B/LHP, Richardson, 2021 
Frame: 5-foot-7, 140-pounds 
Defensively: Hands and feet work together, long arm path on throws across at 79 mph, handles slow roller well
Offensively: Rhythm in load, flat stroke, feel for barrel, attacks ball, 
Statistics: 78 EV, 7.80 60 Yard Dash