Prep Baseball Report

Central Texas Open - Quick Hits

Brandon Gowins
Scouting Director

This past weekend, PBR Texas made its way to St. Edwards University for the Central Texas Open.  Today we start our post event coverage by looking at 5 of the standouts from this Saturday’s event.



Quick Hits

Evan Janner OF / New Braunfels Canyon , TX / 2023

The 1st thing you notice about Janner is the physicality to the frame. He is 6’1 with a strong lower and upper half. On top of the physicality, Janner ran an event best 6.87 60 to show off the athleticism as well.  He was 88 from the OF and did a good job of attacking every ball during defensive drills. At the plate, Janner showed his power potential with a max exit velocity of 94.6, and  had above average blast numbers, with a max bat speed of 71.3 and rotational acceleration of 19.2.  He has a natural inside out swing, but if he learns to go pull side, Janner could grow into some serious power.


Antonio Limon RHP / 3B / Buda Johnson, TX / 2025

Limon had one of the most well rounded days of the event.  First thing you notice about Limon is he has a plan for everything he is doing. From the beginning to the end, Limon knew exactly what he was trying to accomplish.  In the batters box, he showed some pull side potential with back spinning multiple balls deep to Left and Left Center.  He had a max exit velocity of 95.4 with above avg. Blast numbers.  Limon was also impressive during his bullpen session.  He sat in the low to mid 80’s topping out at 86.  He worked predominantly out of the stretch and showed a quick arm w/ good extension out front.  He also flashed a breaking ball that had good shape that will continue to improve as the strength and power keep improving.  Limon is a physical ‘25 and as he gets stronger, he will be on everyone’s radar.


Kaedin Bankhead RHP / 3B / Weiss , TX / 2023

Doesn’t take long to notice Bankhead, as he is a physical presence.  He stands at an athletic 6’3 230.  At the plate, he produces mid 90’s exit velocities, while topping out at 96 on Saturday. He has a simple set up without any extra movement. It is a short, repeatable swing for his size, which should allow him to get into his power consistently. Bankhead also hopped on the mound and impressed there, showing 2 way ability.  He threw predominantly from the stretch, with a short quick arm.  His fastball got up to 86.9. There is some head movement as he gets down the mound that if he can quiet down will help improve his command.  The slider plays well off of the FB and comes out of the same slot as his fastball.  Bankhead offers a lot of physicality and power to his game, and he keeps improving everytime we see him.


Braddock Raven SS / RHP / Victoria East, TX / 2026

One of the younger prospects on hand was Raven, and he more than showed he was ready for the challenge.  The rising Freshman from Victoria did everything well and has the frame to add a lot of physicality. Raven has all the actions in the infield to become an elite defender up the middle with soft hands and a strong arm.  At the plate, Raven showed a compact swing geared for line drives in the big part of the field. He showed good bat speed and had + rotational acceleration.  He also hopped on the mound where he showed a good arm and a nice 3 pitch mix.  He sat in the low 80’s that he commanded to both sides of the zone.  He flashed a curve that had great shape, and as he gets older will be a true swing and miss pitch. The change up also showed some promise, had good arm side run and threw it with conviction. 


Grant Moore OF / LHP / Southlake Carroll, TX / 2024

The Southlake Carroll product found his way down to Austin and had a complete day on the field. The sophomore showed off a good arm from the outfield, topping out at 90 mph with good carry.  He also showed his arm strength on the mound, where he topped out at 84 and consistently sat in the low 80’s.  He has a quick, short arm swing in the back he hides well making the FB play up.  His change up had good ASR and the bottom fell out when he kept it down.  At the plate, Moore showed off his athleticism with some elite metrics.  He had a max bat speed of 73.7 and a rotational acceleration max of 30.3.  As his swing continues to mature, Moore could grow into some more power.  Moore has a lot of athleticism in his game, and as he continues to gain experience should continue to see his stock rise


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