Central Texas Open: Pitchers

By Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

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On Sunday December 11th, Prep Baseball Report and its staff converged on East View High School to workout a group of players from across Texas.  Each player was run through a full pro-style workout, with extended offensive, defensive, and bullpen sessions. The PBR staff was able to record stats and video on each player in attendance. PBR will continue to work to be the #1 news source for all of high school baseball across Texas.  Continue to check back for updated reports, video, and events.

We are proud to bring you our coverage from the inaugural event of Prep Baseball Report Texas. Below is a complete breakdown of all the pitchers.  Each player has an updated profile with stats, a player write-up, and video from the event. 

A total of 10 pitchers attended our event, some of which were two-way players. Each pitcher is listed in this article and each one threw a 20-25 pitch bullpen on the game mound. Listed first are the top performing pitchers from our event, including two uncommitted seniors, two freshman and one sophomore.  

+ Omar Alzer, RHP/3B, Cedar Park HS, 2017

 The 5-foot-10, 190-pound, strong framed senior was impressive only a couple of weeks removed from football season. The right hander works from a high-¾ slot, compact arm stroke in the back and does a good job of getting extension in front at release point. Aggressive delivery and good leg drive down the mound. Fastball ranged from 84-86 mph with good feel for zone. Curveball has good 11-5 break ranging from 73-77 mph. His third best pitch is a dancing knuckleball with good depth at 72 mph.


+ Gage Boehm, 3B/RHP, Hutto HS, 2020

The 6-foot-2, 240-pound, 2-way player has a strong, advanced frame with broad shoulders and well defined lower-half. Works from a ¾ slot with quick arm stroke from back to front. Good hip mobility at leg lift into a short stride length that should lengthen out with future development. His fastball ranges from 81-82 mph and comes out of the hand well flashing arm-side run. The slider is a good pitch with 10-4 shape that flashes tight spin and depth at 68-70 mph. Shows the ability to maintain arm speed on his change-up which he throws 69-72 mph.


+ Nicolas Hernandez, LHP/OF, Bishop HS, 2019

5-foot-6, 135 pound frame. Works from a ¾ slot with natural, fluid arm-action. Compact, cross-body delivery. Generates momentum down the mound. Fastball velocity ranges from 77-79 mph with some arm-side run. Circle change-up has deception out of the hand, slight arm-side run and significant vertical drop at 71-73 mph. The slider is a good pitch, thrown with tight spin, good feel and 2-8 shape at 70 mph.


+ Steven Gallardo-Morris, SS/RHP, Burnet HS, 2017

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound, 2-way player works from a high-¾ slot on the mound, slow delivery to leg lift then good tempo to foot-strike with some effort. Fastball ranged from 83-84 mph with slight sinking action. Threw his breaking ball at 74 mph with slurve-type action showing some depth with late break. Third best pitch was change-up at 72-74 mph.

+ Jarek Wells, RHP/3B, Smithson Valley, 2020

5-foot-10, 160-pound, projectable frame with long limbs. Works from a ¾ slot with long, whip-like arm action. Good hip turn down the mound creates some deception in delivery. Fastball ranged from 74-76 mph with arm-side run and sink. Changeup is straight with some late downward action at 69 mph. Curveball has depth at times from 62-64 mph and shows signs of becoming a solid pitch. Intriguing prospect to follow on the mound with the projectable frame, long limbs and solid arm-action.

BEST OF THE REST (Alphabetically)

+ John Bartlik, RHP/2B, Vista Ridge HS, 2017
5-foot-8, 160-pound frame. Works from a ¾ slot a slight downward reach out of the glove and good energy down the mound. Fastball ranged from 77-79 mph occasionally turning the ball over with some sink. Curveball ranged from 60-61 mph with 11-5 shape. He threw his changeup at 61 mph.

+ Chase Carson, 1B/LHP, Smithson Valley HS, 2019
5-foot-11, 140-pound, wiry frame. The left-hander has works from a low-¾ slot with a long arm stroke and reach out of the glove. Good mobility in his lower-half with high leg lift and average tempo in delivery. His fastball ranged from 66-67 mph. Flashed some feel for his curveball at 67 mph, while the changeup was 61-63 mph. 

+ Mario DeLeon, SS/RHP, Holmes HS, 2018
5-foot-9, 175-pound frame. The two-way player works from high-¾ slot with compact, elbow dominated arm action. Fastball ranges from 74-75 mph with some cut-type action and good feel. Curveball has 11-5 shape with average depth at 60 mph. He threw his changeup 65 mph.

5-foot-11, 139-pound, lean, projectable frame. The right-hander works from a ¾ slot with clean, elbow dominant arm stroke from back to front, compact stride length and front side. Fastball ranged from 78-79 mph. Curveball has 11-5 shape and flashed late movement at 70 mph. He threw his changeup with with some feel at 74 mph. Swain's frame and arm action suggest that fastball velocity and action on off-speed pitches will improve with increased leg drive in delivery.

+ Caden Walton, 2B/RHP, Vista Ridge HS, 2019
5-foot-10, 165-pound, strong frame. On the mound, the right-hander works from a high-¾ slot with a short arm stroke and quiet mechanics landing into a stiff front leg. His fastball comes out of the hand well at 77 mph. His curveball has 12-6 action at 65 mph with average depth. Changeup show some arm-side fade at 71 mph. 

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