Prep Baseball Report

DFW Fall Prospect ID: Top Prospects

Phil Haig
PBR Texas

McKINNEY, T.X. - On Sunday, November 8th, our PBR Texas staff hosted the DFW Fall Prospect I.D. to a much anticipated showcase and trials on the confines of Diamond Kings Baseball Academy. This event featured a highly talented group of prospects in the 2022-2024 classes from the DFW and surrounding areas. Today we conclude our post-event coverage with a in-depth look at the top prospects from the event. 


Dane Burns LHP / 1B / Allen , TX / 2023

6-foot-3, 175-pounds with long levers and plenty of room to add size and strength. Burns has shown well in multiple PBR events, and most recently showed a tick more velocity, up to 85.4 mph, and was able to throw quality strikes during his bullpen. The delivery has an athletic tempo, clean arm path, and creates some natural deception with the front side and long limbs coming at you. The breaking ball is a true curveball at 71-73 mpn that spun at an average RPM of 2656 with a max spin rate of 2731, showed late action with depth. Burns has quite the high ceiling as an arm and we look forward to seeing how he develops in games this coming year.

Dante Cano LHP / 1B / Abilene Wylie , TX / 2022

Stands 6-foot-4, 205-pounds with a sturdy frame. Cano was up to 89.6 mph on the day and averaged 87.4 mph. He shows plenty of arm strength from the left side and creates an uncomfortable at bat for anyone in the box. There is some funk in the arm path but when it was synched up you could see a tough angle on the FB and it jumped out of the hand. The breaking ball was up to 69 mph with curveball type shape. Cano has plenty of room to develop but shows the makings of a quality arm from the left side.

Brooks Gay RHP / Abilene Wylie, TX / 2022

Another long lever pitcher that showed really well on the day. Standing 6-foot-3, 160- pounds, Gay pounded the zone throughout his bullpen with 4 pitches. The fastball was up to 86 with tilt down in the zone, and threw quality strikes to both sides of the plate repeatedly. Both breaking balls showed different shape and had a speed difference with the slider up to 74 mph and curveball up to 69 mph. Gay also showed a quality changeup that had good arm speed and deception and late arm side action. All four pitches played well together he had command of the zone throughout the bullpen. Gay is a natural strike thrower and proved it on the day.

JC Davis 2B / SS / Argyle, TX / 2023

Standing 5-foot-8, 140-pounds, Davis a natural defender that moves to the ball well in all directions, showing hands and feet that work around the ball with a quality transfer and accurate throws across. Davis showed an improvement at the plate with a quality round of BP, hitting line drives up the middle of the field with a balanced simple swing. Davis is already a high level defender but with added strength and explosiveness, he will only turn himself into more and more of a prospect.

Tanner Sever SS / 2B / Coppell , TX / 2023

6-foot, 187-pounds, once again showed a pretty swing from the left side and had a quality round of BP on the day. Sever was able to hit many back spin line drives to all field and showed some added pull side pop. In the field, the hands and feet work together throwing 82 mph across the diamond. Sever has been one to improve each time out and we look forward to him adding strength and explosiveness as he develops into even more of a prospect down the road.

Evan Harbach C / RHP / Argyle , TX / 2023

At 6-foot-2, 175-pounds Harbach filled up the zone with a fastball up to 86 mph, averaging 85.1 mph. The delivery is a tick stiff but the arm path was short and consistent and he repeated his release point well, resulting in lots of strikes. The breaking ball was up to 77 and would flash late glove side action when it was right. Harbach also mixed in a quality changeup that he threw for strikes with quality arm speed. Harbach duals as a catcher but on this day he seemed to stand out a bit more on the mound. We look forward to seeing how he develops with time.