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Houston Area Open: Outfield Analysis

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

Twitter: @PBR_Texas
IG: pbr_texas

The Houston Area Open took place on July 18 at Premier Baseball in Tomball, Texas. The event was open to the classes of 2018-2021, and featured players from around the south Texas area.

Outfield anaylyis

Caden McMullen, OF/3B, Klein Oak HS, 2018
McMullen stands out immediately because of his 6-foot-3, 195-pound, long-limbed, high-waisted, projectable frame, but the rising senior is super athletic for his size. He ran a 6.93-second 60-yard dash and registered an exit velo off the tee at 91 mph with wood and drove the ball through the middle of the field during batting practice. His arm strength was outstanding from the outfield at 88 mph with a clean, short, high-¾ arm stroke, and he plays through the ball athletically. McMullen also worked out on the infield, he moves with fluid actions, plays low and can throw on the run. McMullen shows all the makings of a player whose best baseball is ahead of him and could end up being a great pickup for a recruiting class. Also worth noting is that McMullen is a high-academic student.

Tommy Ivey, OF/RHP, Kingwood Park HS, 2019
At 6-feet-1, 160-pounds, Ivey has a lean, athletic, fast-twitch frame. The rising junior began the day with a 6.93-second 60-yard dash. He has a quick arm stroke in the outfield throwing 85 mph, and showed solid actions in the outfield. The right-handed hitter has fluid hack with strength and life in his hands as the ball jumps off his bat. With his athleticism, projectable fast-twitch frame, Ivey has a high ceiling and is sure to draw the attention of college recruiters sooner rather than later.

Tanner Davis, OF, Angleton HS, 2019
Davis has lean, athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 160-pounds with good aggression, both at the plate and in the field. The right-handed hitter has a tall stance with his hands set so that the barrel points toward the pitcher. Simple rhythm with a short, linear load and stride to land in an athletic launch position. Rotates his hips as he transfers his weight, barrel gets on plane early and stays in the zone, creating lift with strength at contact and a high, loose finish. In the outfield, he attacks the ball with quick footwork, clean exchange and good energy from his transfer to loose, over-the-top throwing motion. Good carry on throws at 86 mph with accuracy. On the infield, Davis has a quick first step and solid footwork, average hands, mid-line exchange and a loose, elbow dominant arm stroke.

Zachary Davis, OF, Marcus HS, 2019
Davis has a long-limbed, athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds. From the right-side of the plate he has a balanced, neutral set-up. Quick load into a short stride, hips slide forward at foot-strike. Quick hands with good strength at contact, level path and explosive bat speed (88 mph off the tee). From the left side, Davis loads his hands down and back, generating lift and power to the pull side. In the outfield, he has average hands and footwork, with a clean exchange into a long, high-¾ arm motion with accuracy and carry at 80 mph.

Chase Richter, OF/LHP, Cypress Woods, 2020
5-foot-11, 170-pound, athletic, lean-muscular frame. The left-handed hitter starts from an open, slightly crouched stance with his hands set low. Simple load, short stride, hips slide forward to transfer his weight. Short path to the ball with strong, gap-to-gap contact and a high finish. In the outfield, Richter has soft hands and plays through the ball with athleticism, quick feet and clean exchange. He throws from a high-¾ slot with a short arm stroke at 79 mph. On the mound, the left-hander works from a high-¾ slot with a short, quick arm stroke and a directional delivery. His fastball was 76 mph at the Houston Open, with a 60-62 mph curveball with 2-8 shape and gradual, downer break. Threw a straight changeup that was 65 mph.

Reagon Carter, OF, Bridgeland HS, 2021
Carter has an athletic build at 5-foot-8, 150-pounds, and showed off his speed by posting a 7.0-second 60-yard dash to start the day. The right-handed hitter has a tall setup and a handsy swing as he throws the barrel through the zone with an exit velocity of 75 mph. Solid contact during batting practice with a line-drive approach. In the outfield he plays through the ball with average hands and feet for his class. He throws from a high slot with a long, accurate arm stroke at 66 mph.

Luke Abler, OF, Kingwood HS, 2019
Abler has an athletic, long-limbed frame at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. He started the day by posting a 6.93-second 60-yard dash. The right-handed hitter has a stacked setup with a high hand position. Quick rhythm to load with a short stride, lands balanced. Gets the barrel on plane as he slots his hands with an average path and a quick finish. In the outfield, he plays through the ball with average hands, quick exchange and throws from a short, high-¾ arm stroke. Look for Abler to continue to develop as he adds strength to his athletic frame.


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