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Houston Fall ID - Quick HIts

Brandon Gowins
Texas Scouting Director

ALVIN, TX -  This past weekend, PBR Texas made its way to Alvin Community College to host the Houston Fall ID. Players from all high school classes were in attendance for a pro style workout on Sunday. Today, we take a look at some of the standouts from the day.





Quick Hits


Kolin Swindall RHP / SS / Alvin, TX / 2025

The Sophomore from Alvin opened some eyes on the mound.  He has made a velocity jump and he sat in the Mid 80’s topping out at 86.3. He moves down the mound well, and has an athletic delivery.  The arm is clean and he repeats the motion well.  His FB command is still a work in progress, but with the athleticism and cleaness of his delivery it should continue to improve. He showed two different breaking balls and they both had distinct shapes. The Slider really stood out as he threw it from the same window as his fastball and showed the ability to throw it for a strike.  He also threw a changeup that was a bit on the firmer side, but had good arm speed and was able to kill the spin. Swindall has a live arm, and with more mound time he should continue to take some big jumps.  



Fletcher Dowell 3B / RHP / Lamar, TX / 2024

Dowell showed well on both sides of the ball.  The 6’3 220 lb. Jr. had a good day in the batter’s box. He showed off good bat speed, measuring 74.9, and a short, compact stroke for his size.  He consistently got the barrel to the ball registering a 100% sweet spot percentage. He had a max exit velo of 93.8 and showed the ability to drive the balls with authority to all parts of the field. He showed off his arm during the defensive portion, registering 87 from the OF and 86 in the infield.  To end his day he jumped on the mound and showed a repeatable delivery with a shorter arm action.  The fastball topped out at 84.3 and he filled the zone up with the pitch.  He also threw a breaking ball that he could land for strikes. It had more of a slurve shape, and came out of the same slot as his fastball. Overall, a very nice day for Dowell.  



Thomas Moss C / OF / Kempner, TX / 2024

Moss was one of the standouts on Sunday.  He started his day off by running an event best 6.95 60, showing good athleticism for a catcher.  He really stood out during the defensive drills, where he threw 81 mph from behind the plate and registered a 2.0 pop time.  He has a strong arm and good feet behind the plate.  He also showed good receiving ability while catching bullpens.  Moss also stood out at the plate, maxing out at 95.1 on exit velocity and showing above avg. bat speed.  The swing is efficient, and he repeats it well.  He stayed in the big part of the field, back spinning balls from gap to gap.  Moss is an athletic catcher, who has some pop in the batter’s box.  Those are tough to find, and Moss will be one to watch in the spring.  



Lawson Behan SS / RHP / Lamar, TX / 2026

It was my 1st time to get a look at the freshman, and he is definitely going to be one to follow moving forward.  He ran a solid 7.18 60 to start his day, which should continue to improve as he grows into his body and gets stronger.  On the dirt, Behan looked the part defensively. He showed good movement skills both laterally and coming in for the ball.  He has more than enough arm strength to stay on the left side of the infield.  At the plate, Behan took aggressive swings while staying under control.  He had a max exit velo of 94.9 and really showed the ability to drive the ball from gap to gap.  As he gets stronger, he should develop some pull side power.  Behan had a good day, and it is only going to get better as he matures.  He will definitely be one to watch moving forward.  



Jayden Stewart RHP / OF / Katy, TX / 2026

 I was excited to see Steward and he didn’t disappoint.  Stewart stands 6’5 205 and moves well for his size and age. He has good body control, and filled up the strike zone with his full arsenal.  The FB was in the upper 70’s, but was up to 83 earlier in the fall.  There are going to be velo jumps in the coming future, as he continues to grow into his body and gets stronger.  He flashed a breaking ball that is relatively new to him, and showed some feel for the pitch. It was an over the top spike curveball that showed depth, and he showed the ability to throw it for a strike.  As it gets more power behind it, it should continue to improve and become a real weapon for him.  He also showed feel for a changeup, which at his age and size is impressive. He threw it in the low 70’s and killed the spin on it.  Stewart is going to be fun to watch over the next 4 HS seasons, as he has a chance to become one of the elite arms in his class.  



Carson Timmons SS / 3B / Clear Falls, TX / 2024

Timmons was a standout on Sunday in all facets.  The Jr. from Clear Falls really opened some eyes when he took the mound.  Listed as a primary infielder, Timmons showed some arm strength and the ability to really spin the baseball. His fastball topped out at 83.6, and he showed pretty good command of the pitch.  There is more velocity there as he gains more strength. What really stood out was the secondary offerings. He showed an above average change up that he threw with great conviction and arm speed. The pitch had good sinking action with some ASR.  He then threw a slider that he spun over 2700 rpm’s.  He threw it in the 73-74 range and it showed a good two plane break.  It has a chance to be a swing and miss pitch. At the plate, Timmons showed some pop as well. He had a max exit velocity of 92.2 and showed some power potential with a repeatable swing that had some loft to it.  Simmons has a projectable frame and some feel on the mound.  He will be one to watch this spring.  



Billy Theroux 3B / RHP / St. Thomas, TX / 2024

One of the standouts on Sunday was Theroux.  He is a good athlete with some twitch and explosion in his movements.  He ran a 7.16 60 to start the day.  Then on the infield portion, he looked smooth fielding ground balls going any direction.  He has plenty of arm for the left side of the infield, as he topped out at 85 across the diamond.  Then during BP, Theroux had the top Exit Velo of the event, with a max of 96.2. He also averaged an impressive 91.2 mph during his round.  He had the farthest ball hit as well, measuring in at 370 ft. He hit multiple balls out during his round. He also shows above average bat speed at 74.3, measured by Blast Motion. Theroux is a good athlete who has some power potential as well.  He continues to make jumps every time we see him, and we are excited to see him this spring.  





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