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Hunter Pence Baseball Workout - Underclass Pitchers

By Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report Texas is working to cover the entire state of Texas and the baseball prospects that are striving for their goal of moving to the next level. Part of our coverage is to cover teams and team workouts. On Saturday, PBR Texas was invited to the Houston area to cover and evaluate Hunter Pence Baseball's Workout.

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Click here for a complete list of statistics from this workout.

Below is a list of the top freshman and sophomore arms from this event. Click the link attached to each name to view video.

Reed Smith, RHP/C, Cy-Fair HS, 2019
5-foot-9, 155-pound frame. Works mostly from high-¾ slot but will occasionally drop down to a side-arm slot. From the high-¾ slot his fastball ranges from 82-85 mph, topping out at 86 mph with some arm side run and sink. His breaking ball ranges from 71-73 mph with good 11-5 shape. From the side-arm slot the fastball velocity stays in the 82-83 mph range, while the slider turns to a slurve with lateral break away from right-handed hitters at 68-69 mph. Good all around feel for pitching, throws strikes, commands two pitches and holds runners. Smith topped out at 87 mph during the outfield portion of the workout and posted 88 mph on his exit velo.

Jayden Combs, SS/RHP, Cy-Ranch HS, 2019
6-foot, 170-pound wiry strong frame. Projectable, athletic frame with long limbs. Works from low-¾ slot with good arm-side run, heavy life on his fastball 80-83 mph, topping out at 84 mph. Slider has slurve-type action at 65 mph. Very projectable all around athlete that showed advanced actions during the infield workout with quick exchange and great footwork. Ran a 7.2 60-yard dash.

Evan Godwin, LHP/1B, Cy-Fair HS, 2019
6-foot, 165-pound strong frame. Projectable frame with broad shoulders and long arms. Fastball sits 81-82 mph with some two-seam, arm-side run. The changeup was his best offspeed pitch at 74 mph with good arm-side fade and depth. Throws a larger shape curveball that has good depth at 69-72 mph. The left-handed hitter was on the barrel during games with a big double off the wall to right-center field. He has a tall open stance with relaxed rhythm and very natural left handed swing with pop. His defensive actions at first base are advanced for his age showing solid footwork around the bag, plays low on ground balls and has a good quick exchange with clean arm stroke registering 82 mph. He registered a top velocity of 86 mph from the outfield workout. Ran a 7.52 60-yard dash.

Justin Barnes, RHP/OF, Klein Oak HS, 2019
6-foot-1, 180-pound frame. Works from ¾ slot with long, quick arm action. Athletic delivery with good hip turn as he gets down the mound, solid ability to repeat this move from windup and stretch. Fastball ranged from 81-84 with some arm-side run and sink. Threw one slider at 75 mph with 10-4 slurve-type action. Barnes also threw well from the outfield posting 86, 89 and 90 mph during the workout. He ran a 7.3 60-yard dash.

Rhett McCaffety, OF/LHP, Cy-Fair HS, 2020
5-foot-10, 167-pound wiry, strong frame. Works from a high-¾ slot with short arm action. Fastball was 79-81 mph, topping out at 82 mph. Showed good arm-speed on his changeup which was his best offspeed pitch at 67 mph. All around athlete and two-way player, ran 7.1 60-yard dash.

Michael Cervantes, SS/RHP, Clear Springs HS, 2019
5-foot-10, 170 pound strong frame. Has advanced defensive actions for his class. The arm works quick at 79 mph across the diamond. Displayed excellent footwork, quick feet, and the ability to throw on the run. Offensively has a balanced set-up, slightly crouched stance, loose finish. Hit two balls on the barrel during game, a fly ball to left and a line-out to shortstop. Ran a 7.14 60-yard dash, scored 79 mph exit velo. Cervantes also got on the mound for an inning. Working from a high-¾ slot with short, clean arm action, his fastball ranged from 79-81 mph. Repeats delivery and shows good feel for the strike zone locating down and away from right-handed hitters. Slider has 11-5 shape with good depth at 70 mph.

Mitchell Andrews, IF/OF/RHP, Cy-Fair HS, 2020
5-foot-10, 145-pound athletic frame. All around talented player with a high ceiling. Started the day with a 6.9 60-yard dash, then threw 80 mph from the outfield with an above-average exchange and arm action. Registered an 84 exit velo, has a balanced set-up in the box, good barrel awareness and strong hands. The freshman went to the mound at the end of the day, working from a high-¾ arm slot with long, loose arm action. His fastball sat 72-75 mph. Curveball ranged from 65-67 mph with tight break. Locates both pitches in the zone. Tons of room for added strength and development. High-end talent for his class.

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