I-10 Border Battle: Outfield Analysis

By Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

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On Monday, January 16, Prep Baseball Report and its staff converged on Lamar University in Beaumont to evaluate players from all over the states of Texas and Louisiana in the first annual I-10 Border Battle. The day began with each player going through a full pro-style workout, then continued with a game between Team Texas and Team Louisiana. The PBR staff was able to record stats and video on each player in attendance. PBR will continue to work to be the #1 news source for all of high school baseball across Texas. Continue to check back for updated reports, video, and events.

Below is a complete breakdown of all outfielders. Each player has an updated profile with stats, a player write-up, and video from the event. Listed below are the top performing outfielders from the event.

Top performers

+ John Tyler Mounce, OF, Cypress Christian, 2019
5-foot-10, 145-pound, wiry-strong, athletic frame. After experiencing travel delays the day before, and working on very little sleep, Mounce was impressive all around, and started the day with a 60-yard dash time of 6.85. The sophomore threw 86 mph from the outfield with good carry, accuracy and clean arm action. The left-handed hitter starts from a tall, neutral stance with good rhythm, relaxed hands and a slight bat wrap. Gets started with a short stride, lands balanced with his weight slightly forward, then uses a short path to create good bat speed with barrel awareness. Mounce showed the ability to hit the ball to all fields with decent power to the pull side. Registered an exit velocity of 80 mph.


+ Sam Olayinka, OF, North Garland HS, 2017
6-foot-3, 190-pound, long, wiry-strong frame. The unsigned senior put together a solid all around day, throwing 91 mph from the outfield with a long, loose arm-stroke, and running a 6.9 60-yard dash. Olayinka has long strides and shows athleticism in the outfield. Offensively, the right-handed hitter starts with a tall, athletic set-up with his knees slightly bent. He gets started with a smooth, slightly exaggerated load. Lands square with his hands moving back and down, slight lift in his hand path with raw power to the pull side. With his frame and athleticism, Olayinka is likely to draw the attention of college recruiters during his upcoming senior season.


+ Jacob Wilson, OF, George Ranch HS, 2019
5-foot-6, 135-pound frame. Wilson began the day by posting a 6.93 60-yard dash. The right-handed hitter starts from an athletic, balanced, tall, slightly open stance. Smooth load to get started, rocks inward, then slides his hands back and lifts his front leg with a balanced leg-kick. Lands in an athletic launch position, fires his lower half with good weight transfer, and shows a short, fluid hand path with strength in the barrel. Wilson showed the ability to drive the ball from gap-to-gap, keeping his barrel in the zone a long time with a loose finish and an exit velocity of 82 mph. In the outfield, Wilson has fluid footwork and clean exchanges. He throws from a short, high-¾ slot with good accuracy at 84 mph. Wilson showed off his athleticism with a somersault after several of his throws during the workout and made two diving catches during the game.


+ Reed Smith, RHP/OF, Cy-Fair HS, 2019
5-foot-10, 170-pound frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, balance, slightly open stance. He starts his load bringing his hands back and down, rocking his front knee-to-back knee in a low, hover-like, short stride. Lands square with his hands back with a slight arm bar. Good lower-half transfer as his weight shifts into his front side, hands glide behind his back shoulder before he throws the barrel through contact. Showed pull-side power during batting practice with an exit velocity of 88 mph. In the outfield, Smith throws with athleticism from a long, high-¾ arm-stroke showing accuracy to bases with carry at 87 mph. Ran a 7.59 60-yard dash.


+ Kyle Reece, SS/OF, Cy-Fair HS, 2019
6-foot, 160-pound, long limbed, projectable frame. Offensively, the right-handed hitter starts from a tall, slightly open set-up. He rocks back to load with rhythm, cocking the barrel back and upward, then makes an aggressive move after foot-strike to engage his lower half. Flashes a short, flat path with strength in the barrel as he transfers his weight. Registered an exit velocity of 82 mph. In the outfield, Reece has good rhythm through the ball with clean exchanges and carry on his throws with accuracy at 85 mph. At shortstop, Reece shows quick footwork and the ability to play low with soft hands, good glove action and a clean exchange. Gathers with rhythm and quick feet create momentum into his throwing motion. Shows the ability to play through the ball and throws with accuracy and carry at 80 mph. Ran a 7.44 60-yard dash.


Best Of The Rest (Alphabetical)

+ Matthew Boase, RHP/OF, Tomball Memorial HS, 2018
6-foot-1, 165-pound, long limbed frame. The right-handed hitter starts from an athletic, slightly crouched stance. He gets started with a smooth load, into a slower leg-kick, landing aggressively with his hands back. Shows good rhythm in his hands with the ability to drive the ball to the pull side with back-spin. Finishes with good leverage and weight transfer in his lower half. Boase registered an exit velocity of 86 mph. In the outfield, Boase shows fluid actions and clean exchange, playing through the ball with good rhythm. Throws from an over the top slot with a long arm-stroke at 84 mph. The ball has good carry and solid accuracy. Ran a 7.86 60-yard dash.

+ Blake Smith, OF/RHP, Spring HS, 2018
6-foot, 150-pound frame. The right-handed hitter starts from wide, slightly crouched stance. He has an exaggerated load, shifting his weight back with an early toe-tap then landing balanced. Smith shows stiff rhythm in his hands with a slightly uphill hand path, pull side approach and weight transfer through contact. Her registered an exit velocity of 73 mph. In the outfield, Smith flashes average hands, longer exchange and a long, high-¾ arm slot throwing 70 mph. Ran a 7.34 60-yard dash.

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