Inside the 2022 Rankings - Catchers

Phil Haig
Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - With the 2022 Overall Rankings being released, we are taking a deeper dive with a look into this solid Texas catching class. As it goes with all rankings, we as a staff take great pride in providing you the most accurate rankings we can.

Coming in at No.1 is Rylan Galvan. He brings a physical presence and athleticism behind the plate and also at SS when he plays there. On the day we were able to see him, he was at catcher and showed a solid all around game back there. Galvan seemed to have a natural ability to be in control behind the plate, guiding a young arm to a CG. Galvan is one of the top players in the state in the 2022 class and he continues to show why each time we see him play.

Easton Carmichael lands in the No.2 spot.  Carmichael provides a presence behind the dish and  shows plenty of toughness to go along with his natural tools. He is a high end defender with a strong arm that can control the running game.

Ryan Williams holds the No.3 spot. A Mississippi State recruit, reaffirmed himself as one of the better defensive catchers in the class. His loose hips and soft hands provide the foundation for an advanced receiver. At the plate, the switch hitter's hands flow freely in sync with the lower-half, and he exhibits the ability to cover the plate with gap-to-gap line drive strength present. 

Rashawn Galloway is the No.4 Catcher in the 2022 class. At 6-foot, 200-pounds, he has a natural presence to him behind the dish. Seems to always be in control of the game or the pitcher on the mound. Galloway also has a unique ability to communicate with others on his team. Physically he moves well behind the dish, receiving and blocking well. Will be consistent with his pop time between 1.85 and 2.00 with accurate throws. Does things a little unconventional from a mechanics standpoint behind the dish and in the box, but it works well for him and has continued to produced all summer.

Holding the No.6 spot is Matthew Houston6-foot-2, 200-pounds has the durable frame to stay behind the plate. Houston shows the ability to receive, block, and throw at a high level, with pop times ranging from 1.95- 2.05 consistently. Houston has some thump in the bat and will be able to provide some extra base hits to go along with his defense. Houston also has a natural ability to communicate with others, does a nice job handling multiple pitchers throughout a weekend. 

Dylan Maxcey lands at No.7. Maxcey is going to be a quality addition to some programs roster at the next level, and though he is listed at 5-foot-9, 165-pounds, he plays much bigger and has a positive impact on the game. Behind the dish, the soft-handed backstop does a quality job receiving and blocking pitches, and shines when asked to throw with a strong arm that showcased carry between innings in producing consistent pop-times at 2.0. He is unafraid of throwing behind runners, and his quick footwork and release help to keep runners close. At the plate, the right-handed hitter is short to the ball with quick hands and some sneaky power.

Matthew Whitting occupies the No.9 spot. High end defender behind the plate. Very active with the pitcher and seems to understand the game at a high level. Good catch and throw guy who stays in control of the game defensively. The bat is continuing to come along but overall, he will be a quality addition right away defensively, wherever he ends up at the next level.


top 10 2022 C

1 Rylan Galvan TX Sinton 2022 C Texas
2 Easton Carmichael TX Prosper 2022 C Oklahoma
3 Ryan Williams TX Bridgeland 2022 C Mississippi State
4 Rashawn Galloway TX Boerne 2022 C Texas State
5 Tanner Chelette TX Homeschool 2022 C Rice
6 Matthew Houston TX Hallsville 2022 C Uncommitted
7 Dylan Maxcey TX Friendswood 2022 C Uncommitted
8 Bryson Dudley TX Cedar Ridge 2022 C Texas A&M
9 Matthew Whitting TX Lamar 2022 C Uncommitted
10 Kain Sanchez TX Caldwell 2022 C McNeese State




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