Metro Scout League: Underclass Arms Shine In Week 2

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

WEATHERFORD, TX - Throughout the fall, PBR's staff will be on the road covering baseball across Texas. Games, workouts, practices, camps and more.  The "boots on the ground" philosophy of PBR is well represented with the coverage throughout the Fall of 2017. Here is some of our coverage from Week 2 of the Metro Scout League.


+ Grant Golomb, RHP/C, Southlake Carroll HS, 2020
6-foot-165-pound frame. We saw last week that Golomb has great arm action from behind the plate and at third base, but on Sunday, we were able to bear-down when he jumped on the mound. The right-hander works from a high-¾ slot with a long, loose, clean arm stroke. His fastball has life on it, bumping 86-87 multiple times, and working from 83-87. Although he still needs to improve his off speed pitches as he slows his arm down on both his curveball (63 mph) and changeup (67-69 mph), the delivery and arm work in sync and there is more velocity to come in the future.

+ Ryan Bogusz, RHP/SS, Lone Star HS, 2019
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 155-pound, lean, athletic, high-waisted frame. The right-hander works from a ¾ slot with an easy arm stroke and athletic delivery. His fastball was 82-84 mph with heavy sink to his arm side, right-handed hitters really struggle to barrel up his fastball. Spun curveball 73-74 with 10/4 action. A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Bogusz was 5-for-6 in QAB’s, and collected two hits and an RBI. Bogusz will be an exciting player to watch this year, and with his athleticism and clean arm stroke, it’s easy to dream that his velocity will continue to climb.

+ Travis Belz, RHP, Midlothian Heritage HS, 2020
Belz is a pitcher to remember for college recruiters, with an lean-athletic frame at approximately 6-foot-2. Works from a high-¾ slot with a loose arm swing and athletic delivery. Fastball comes out clean at 82-84 mph with more velocity to come in the future. Slider has good bite and 11/5 shape at 73-74 mph. His changeup came in at 75-76 mph. Look for big things in the future from Belz.

+ Cameron Loy, 3B/RHP, Mansfield HS, 2020
Loy is a two-way player with a strong, sturdy frame, and played well at third base. The left-handed hitter destroyed a double to deep centerfield and ran a 4.68 on the turn. But then he got on the mound and showed fastball command and presence on the mound. He works from a ¾ slot with a short, quick arm stroke. Smooth delivery, lands slightly across his body. Fastball sat consistently 84-86 mph, and he dotted up the outer half of the plate to hitters. Slider is above average for his class, and shows signs of becoming a plus pitch at 69-71 mph. Also throws what looks like a cutter at 75-77 mph.

Luke Savage, RHP/IF, Prestonwood HS, 2020
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 175-pound frame. Works from a high slot with a quick, clean, effortless arm swing and repeatable delivery. Last week, Savage’s fastball sat mostly 84 mph, flashing one at 85. This week was more of the same, with his velocity in the 83-85 mph range, still with a loose quick arm stroke allowing his hand to work well from back to front. Adding to his upside for the future, he showed a sharp swing-and-miss curveball at 74-75 mph.

+ Tyler Hamilton, RHP/OF, Parish Episcopal HS, 2019
Texas Tech recruit. 6-foot-1, 187-pounds. Once again this week, Hamilton ran his fastball up to 87 mph, sitting 84-87 from the windup and 82-84 mph from the stretch. Athletic lower half in his delivery. Good hip turn and drive down the mound with a strong front side. Threw one slider at 71 mph.

+ Mason Brandenberger, LHP, Clifton HS, 2020
Uncommitted. 5-foot-9, 150-pounds, lean, athletic frame. For the second week in a row, Brandenberger showed solid pitchability with good feel for both his fastball and curveball. He works from a ¾ slot with a loose arm swing and repeatable delivery. Although his velocity had dipped a bit from week one, his fastball command and depth on his curveball were still there, allowing him to work an efficient three innings.

+ Gunner Morris, RHP, Winnsboro HS, 2019
Texas Tech recruit. The right-hander has an impressive pitcher’s frame at 6-foot-5 with long limbs. He works from a ¾ slot with a short arm stroke. His fastball sat 82-84 mph with some arm side life. His slider shows signs of becoming a plus pitch at 71-73 mph. He threw one changeup at 76.

+ Caleb Putnam, RHP, Prosper HS, 2019
The right-hander showed great fastball command at 80-84 mph, flashing arm side run. Works from a ¾ slot with a tall and fall delivery and a limited front side. His slider pops up out of his hand on release, but still shows decent 10-4 shape with average depth at 68-71 mph.

+ Harrison Key, RHP, Sherman HS, 2018
Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, projectable, lanky, long-limbed frame. The right-hander has a lot of upside, working from a high slot with a short arm stroke, funky delivery. His delivery and release point are inconsistent right now with a late hand separation, but when he has good rhythm and gets to his release point, the ball has good life on it and jumps out of his hand. Fastball was only 80-85 mph, but there is certainly more in the tank. His slider is more of a lateral spinner with 10/4 shape, but when he stays on top, the pitch flashes late downward bite. We saw one curveball at 68 mph with 12/6 shape, and one change at 78 mph.

+ Mason Meeks, RHP, Lake Dallas HS, 2018
The right-hander works high-¾ slot with a max effort delivery. Fastball ranged from 79-84 mph. Curveball has gradual break at 72-73 mph. Flashes a decent slider at 76 mph but was not able to command it.

+ Jack Hattrup, LHP, Plano West HS, 2019
6-foot-4, 170-pound, lanky, long limbed frame. The left-hander ran his fastball up to 83 mph, settling into the 80-82 mph range. He works from a high slot with a deceptive delivery. Shows good feel for his changeup at 70-71 mph. Only threw a couple of curveballs, one for a strikeout in the dirt.

+ Cade Maclin, RHP, Liberty Christian HS, 2020
6-foot-1, 150-pound, athletic-lean, projectable frame. Once again this week, Maclin flashed a heavy fastball at 80-83 mph. Works from a high-¾ slot with effort in his delivery. Curveball flashed better depth this week at 70-71 mph.

+ Tyler McShane, RHP/SS, South Grand Prairie HS, 2020
The right-hander works from a high slot with a loose arm swing and fairly athletic delivery. His fastball ranged from 79-82 mph. Loose spin on a 61-63 mph curveball. Was not very efficient in his first inning of work, but in his second inning he showed much better intent, energy down the mound and fastball command.

+ Hunter Reid, RHP/3B, Plano Senior HS, 2020
6-foot-2, 218-pound frame. The right-hander continues to throw strikes, commanding his fastball from ¾ slot at 79-81 mph with arm side run. His slider shows good 10/4 shape at 67-71 mph.

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