North Texas Prospect Games: 2019 & 2020 IF Analysis

By Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

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On Saturday, January 21, Prep Baseball Report and its staff converged on Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, to evaluate players from all over the state at The North Texas Prospect Games.

The day began with each player going through a full pro-style workout, then continued with a game between two teams. The PBR staff was able to record stats and video on each player in attendance. PBR will continue to work to be the #1 news source for all of high school baseball across Texas.

Below is a complete breakdown of the 2019 & 2020 infielders. Each one has an updated profile with stats, a player write-up, and video from the event.

top performers

 + Cole Foster, SS, Plano Senior HS, 2020
5-foot-11, 165-pound, strong, athletic, advanced frame for his class. Foster, just a freshman, has an advanced all-around skill set for his class. Offensively, the switch hitter has excellent presence and strength at contact from both sides of the plate. Foster has a fluid swing with rhythm, balance and good extension both right and left-handed. Off the tee, his exit velocity was 82 mph from the left side and 81 mph from the right side. At shortstop, Foster throws from an athletic, high-¾ arm slot with excellent carry at 85 mph across the diamond. He can field and throw on the run and has a clean exchange with good footwork. Ran a 7.65 second 60-yard dash.


+ Weston Symes, SS/2B, Frisco Centennial HS, 2019
5-foot-10, 150-pound, athletic, lean frame. The sophomore shortstop has fluid actions with soft hands and good overall feel for his position. Symes can field and throw on the run with athleticism. He throws from a ¾ slot with some carry and good accuracy. He threw 72 mph across the infield. The right-handed hitter has an athletic swing, fluid rhythm with a lower leg-kick, line-drive power and a solid approach. Good lower-half weight transfer with a loose finish of the barrel through extension. Symes put together a solid day, showing an all-around skill set that should improve with added strength and natural maturation. Exit velocity of 76 mph off the tee. Ran a 7.5 second 60-yard dash.


+ Joshua Dyer, SS/OF, Albany HS, 2019
5-foot-11, 170-pound, strong frame. The switch hitter has good hands and advanced feel for the barrel from both sides of the plate. From the right side, he starts from a slightly crouched stance with a flat bat. Easy rhythm to get started with a short stride. Slight hip-slide as he transfers his weight to his front side. Dyer has a short hand path to attack the inside part of the ball, good extension and loose finish through contact. From the left side, Dyer has a slightly different hand position with a more open stance. He still has a similar crouch set-up with good flex in his knees and fluid rhythm. He has a repeatable swing with a short path and the barrel stays in the zone a long time. Line-drive approach during batting practice from both sides. Exit velocity off the tee from the left side was 86 mph. From the right side, his exit velocity was 82 mph. At shortstop, Dyer shows solid rhythm playing through the baseball with fluid footwork and a mid-line exchange. Has a feel for playing on the run and does a nice job of gaining ground before and during his throws, with a velocity of 77 mph across the infield. Dyer ran a 7.56 60-yard dash.


+ Michael DiFiore, 1B/LHP, Lovejoy HS, 2019
6-foot-3, 215-pound frame. The left-handed hitter starts from a wide, athletic stance with relaxed rhythm. Loads with a quick toe-tap as his hands slide back with good separation. DiFiore has good energy in his swing, creating leverage and strength at contact. He drove the ball from gap-to-gap during batting practice and took good swings during the game. His exit velocity off the tee was 85 mph. In the outfield, DiFiore has fluid footwork through the ball, throwing 76 mph. At first base, he shows the ability to play low with good footwork around the bag. Plays thru the ball with some rhythm and threw 78 mph across the diamond. He ran a 7.76 60-yard dash.


+ Jack Walton, 2B/SS, Prestonwood Christian Academy, 2020
5-foot-8, 130-pound frame. In the box, Walton shows off a smooth left-handed swing with good rhythm. Starts with a wide base with good flex in his lower half. Loads down and back, creating natural tilt as he brings his hands into a launch position. Short stride with an aggressive lower half as he attacks the inside of the ball. Approach was good during batting practice with a lot of hard contact in the middle of the field. Exit velocity was 71 mph off the tee. Defensively, Walton flashes good hands and shows the ability to play through the ball. He threw 69 mph across the diamond. Walton ran an 8.7 second 60-yard dash.

Best of the Rest (Alphabetical)

+ Adrian Gonzalez, 3B/RHP, North Side HS, 2020
6-foot-2, 240-pound frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall stance with his weight slightly shifted back. He has a simple load into a short stride. Even though he has a longer bat path, Gonzalez did a good job of squaring up balls in batting practice, showing some strength at contact for a freshman and posting an exit velocity of 81 mph off the tee. Defensively, the infielder throws from a short, high-¾ slot with some accuracy at 70 mph. Clean exchange with a feel for good glove action, though his range is limited.

+ Sam Hart, 2B/SS, Coppell HS, 2020
5-foot-4, 120-pound, still developing frame. Offensively, the right-handed hitter has balance setup with a smooth load, short stride and good balance. He had a line drive approach during batting practice with a short hand path. He posted an exit velocity of 69 mph off the tee. On defense, Hart has good glove action, transitioning the ball into his throwing hand quickly. He flashed decent footwork and arm strength for his age, throwing 65 mph across the diamond. Hart ran a 7.88 second 60-yard dash.

+ Davis Moye, 1B/RHP, Prestonwood Christian Academy, 2019
6-foot-2, 180-pound, projectable, long-limbed frame. Hitting from the right side of the plate, Moye starts from a semi-crouched stance with good balance and flex in his lower half. He starts with a choppy load into a short stride, slight arm bar in his hand path with some lift producing decent bat speed and line drive power to the pull side. At first base, Moye has fluid footwork with good lower half mobility allowing him to play low even though he has a longer frame. Exchanges the ball cleanly into a long, loose arm swing at 72 mph across the diamond. Moye ran an 8.02 second 60-yard dash.

+ Sunny Patel, 2B/RHP, Nacogdoches HS, 2019
5-foot-9, 155-pound, still-developing frame with broad shoulders. At shortstop, Patel flashes fluid footwork with average hands and a quick exchange. Plays through the ball well and throws with good arm action at 75 mph across the diamond. Offensively, the right-handed hitter starts from a tall, neutral stance with his hands above his back shoulder. Quick load into a short stride, lands open and tends to drag the barrel through the zone cutting off extension. He had an exit velocity of 68 mph off the tee. Ran an 8.2 second 60-yard dash.

+ Ryan Patterson, OF/1B, Prestonwood Christian Academy, 2020
6-foot-2, 170-pound, projectable, long-limbed frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, neutral stance his hands away from his body. Triggers his hands back and down with a slight arm bar. Short stride to land in his launch position, flat path through contact. Showed good barrell awareness and an opposite gap approach during batting practice. Registered an exit velocity of 83 mph off the tee. In the outfield, Patterson threw 76 mph, flashed fluid footwork, clean exchange and played through the ball well. At first base, Patterson plays through the ball well with a clean exchange, has somewhat fluid footwork, and throws with accuracy at 63 mph. He ran a 7.56 second 60-yard dash.

+ Shane Reynolds, SS/2B, Prestonwood Christian Academy, 2020
5-foot-10, 150-pound, long-limbed, still developing frame. Defensively, Reynolds has soft hands with fluid footwork and a clean exchange. Does a nice job of creating momentum into a strong throwing motion with a clean, high-¾, elbow dominant arm action with his feet in line and good follow through at 75 mph across the diamond. Reynolds, a right-handed hitter, starts from a tall, balanced set-up. Smooth load with a balanced leg-kick and an exaggerated trigger in his hands. Reynolds had a good approach during batting practice with a level path and fluid rhythm, producing line-drive power. Exit velocity was 76 mph off the tee. Ran an 8.14 second 60-yard dash.

+ Alex Torrez, SS, North Side HS, 2019
5-foot-8, 175-pound frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall stance, has a slight load into a short stride and posted an exit velocity of 80 mph off the tee. Torrez uses very little rhythm in his lower half producing a stiffer swing. At shortstop, Torrez has some bounce in his step even though his footwork is rigid as he field the ball and transition into a his throwing motion at 73 mph.

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