Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hits: Hunter Pence Scout Day Underclassmen

Phil Haig
Texas Scouting Director

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THE WOODLANDS, TX - Last Sunday, we were in attendance for the Hunter Pence Scout Day at The Woodlands Christian Academy. As usual the organization has no shortage of talent on display from the 2020-2024 classes. Over the week, a rundown of some the standouts from the event will be released in our Quick Hits Notebook. Today we look at some of the top underclassman and for college recruiters this is a group that you will need to see sooner rather than later. 

Carson Queck, 6-foot-1, 205-pounds with broad shoulders and some natural athleticism showed well on the day. Form the mound he threw from a ¾ slot and was up to 85 on the day. Still new to pitching and raw but showed some ability to pay attention to down the road. In the box, he stood with a presence, showed solid bat speed and feel for barrel when he drove a triple over the center fielders head.

Blake Binderup, RHP, 6-foot-6, 185-pounds. Was up to 87 on the day. High waist and long limbed frame, has a long arm path out of the glove with some rigidness. Throws from a high ¾ slot and falls off to the first base side of the mound. The fastball plays true and the breaking balls comes up out of the hand.

Chase Mora, Tomball, SS/RHP, showed natural athletic actions both on the mound and in the box on the day. Sets up in the box athletically and with a quiet rhythm in his hands and showed a quality path to the ball. On the mound, Mora throws form a  ¾ arm slot which helps create a ton of arm side run on his fastball. Fastball was really tough to right handed hitters with it boring in on their hands.

Holden Rook and Arrington Eason also were able to show off natural athleticism throughout the day. Both ran sub 6.7- 60-yard dash times as well as flash natural tools in the field and in the box. Plenty of room to grow for both as their continue to physically mature.