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STORY: 2019 SS Michael Cervantes (Clear Springs)

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Texas Writer

LEAGUE CITY, TX - A little setback was not about to effect Michael Cervantes.

“Last spring I tore my meniscus and was out the whole summer,” the Clear Springs junior reflected. “I thought that was going to be a big time (recruiting) for me, but then the whole meniscus thing.”

By late July Cervantes was rehabbing. He was not given the green light to be full go until October.

“I missed a lot,” Cervantes noted. “We (summer team) went to Georgia and there were a lot of colleges watching. It was hard to go through that. But I just had to move on from it.”

Upon healthy, the 85th-ranked player in the state’s 2019 class went to showcases for exposure, including the PBR All-State Games invitational.

“I talked to Lamar there,” Cervantes said. “I got compliments about my fielding and a little on my hitting.”

More interest has followed with UTSA, Rice and Hendrix College among the schools with Cervantes on the radar.

“I’m a hard worker,” Cervantes said about what he feels is attractive to colleges. “If anything needs done I’ll try to get it done. I’m not the greatest player there ever was, but I definitely give 110 percent. And school-wise I’m doing well.”

A 4.6 student on a 6.0 scale, Cervantes has worked hard to better his game since returning from surgery nearly a year ago.

“I’ve definitely improved my hitting,” the right-handed swinger said. “Last year I didn’t hit the ball well, it was my first year of varsity, But during districts I had hits in every game. Now I’m seeing the ball better and making more contact. I’m sitting back on certain pitches and recognizing pitches.”

But it is fielding that stands out when it comes to the Clear Springs’ shortstop, who also plays second base and third base along with a little pitching on the Hunter Pence Baseball Academy summer team.

“It really doesn’t matter where I play, but I’ve been at shortstop most of my career,” the 5-11 172-pounder said. “I can play anywhere coach needs me. My fielding, I feel, is great and my arm is good. I did a program over the fall that really improved my arm.

“Where I’d like to get better is improving my speed. I’ve been clocked at 6.9 and I want to get to 6.7 or 6.8.”

That could bring even more schools into the picture.

“I understand colleges are in their season now and it’s hard to communicate a lot, but I’m glad I’ve at least been communicating with some of them,” Cervantes said. “The schools I’ve talked with are really good schools, but right now I’m still open to any option that are out there.”

After all, Cervantes understands the idea that change is part of the game, something well understood since dealing with his injury.

“Once I realized things can be taken away, I’ve learned not to take anything for granted,” Cervantes said. “At first I was afraid I might not ever play. It was a big challenge for me mentally. But now it’s become fun again. I’m glad I got myself out of it.”

To that, Cervantes credits his family.

“My parents helped me out a lot to keep me motivated after surgery,” Cervantes explained. “When nothing was going right they said to keep working, keep working. Everything went uphill from there.

“My high school coaches also helped. We had a lot of talks in baseball class about adversity and getting closer to each other. That helped give me the perspective that I’m not the only one that’s gone through problems.”

And Cervantes now has a better outlook about the future .. much better.

“I feel good the position I’m in right now,” Cervantes said. “I feel confident I’m going to go to a good college.”




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