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Trackman Sessions: High Ranked Prospects

PBR Staff
PBR Texas

DALLAS, TX- On Tuesday, our staff held a Trackman Session to offer some of the state top prospects a chance to participate in a some what live setting. Today we take a look at some of the highly ranked prospects in attendance, and some of the data collected during their session. 


Jayson Jones 3B / SS / Braswell , TX / 2022

Max Exit Velo: 98.9 mph
Longest: Exit Velo 94.4 Launch Angle: 29.3 Estimated Carry: 368' 

One of the best pure hitters in the country. Jones continues to develop each and every time the PBR staff has been able to watch him. Showed no rust against a couple of really talented arms. 

Trenton Shaw LHP / 1B / DeSoto, TX / 2022

FB: Avg 87.1 mph Top 88.7 IVB: 14.8 HB: -2.0
CB: Avg 66.7 mph Top 68.2 IVB: -9.3 HB: 12.3 
CH: Avg 73.1 mph Top 73.8 IVB: 13.9 HB -10.4

A bright future is ahead of Shaw. Showed a FB with natural cut that caused some hitting issues when it was located. Still refining the off speed right now but does show glimpses of his high ceiling. 

Derrick Mitchell OF / RHP / Prestonwood Christian Academy, TX / 2023

Max Exit velo: 85.4 mph Launch Angle: 19.1 Carry: 277'

The top ranked player in the 2023 class in Texas was able to show off his natural tools from both sides of the plate on the day. Mitchell has a lean athletic frame that will continue to physically mature and only get better and better. 

Caden Mitchell C / 3B / Celina, TX / 2023

Max Exit Velo: 92.2 mph Launch Angle : 19.3 

Showed well both at the plate and defensively on the day. Quick transfer with an accurate arm while throwing, and made some quality blocks on tough pitches throughout the day. At the dish showed his natural raw power driving a ball deep to RF as well as being able to stay inside the ball on a couple tough pitches and hitting line drives over SS. 

Brydan Hernandez C / OF / Corsicana, TX / 2023

Max Exit Velo: 94.4 Launch Angle: 5.5

Physically built like a catcher and showed his best tool is his quick transfer with a strong throw that had carry all the way to the bag. There is some stiffness in the actions but showed the ability to handle the low pitch as well as make a couple nice blocks and keep the ball in front of him on the day. At the plate, he showed a simple swing out of his wide setup and generated easy line drives with the ability to drive the ball with back spin.